Prepositions after "complete"

"complete in" or "complete by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases complete in is used

It is a complete incarnation - perfect man.

IFS Phase II was completed in December 2011.

The Marangu Route can be completed in five days.

So that 's, for the first time, available, complete in audio version - two cassettes.

Before the Causeway was completed in 1923, people used to cross the strait by ferry.

The record is reportedly due to be completed in the next month or so (if it happens).

The study, set to be completed in 18 months, will cover the states of Kerala, Karnataka, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

According to Peter Bunting, Minister of National Security, the audit has been completed in three parishes to date.

Progress Work started in March 2010 and was completed in September 2010, more than two years ahead of the timetable.

For the relay event this consists of 16 teams of three athletes competing in a continuous relay completed in one day.

In 20% of cases complete by is used

The work is expected completed by 31 March.

The works are due to be completed by 5 June 2011.

The rest of job will be completed by the company.

The online survey was completed by a total of 3000 students over seven time periods.

Okada's group wil invest $2 billion in a casino-hotel that will be completed by 2014.

The Top 10 was completed by Belgium, Germany, Norway, Croatia, Iceland, Azerbaijan, Sweden, Belarus and Slovakia.

COMPLETION: The development is scheduled to be completed by December 2013 PRICING: The apartments are priced at Rs.

Although its construction required 99 bridges and 22 tunnels, it was completed by the time of the Russo-Japanese War.

This must be completed by all the employers you have done specified work for during your first 12 months in Australia.

In 7% of cases complete with is used

The 3rd bedroom is on the ground floor complete with ensuite.

The sound of work being completed with intense concentration.

These could be completed with further agricultural areas or allow for future expansion.

Programs or courses completed with specific grades or averages are eligible for transfer credit.

You are greeted at the welcome desk that is completed with a sofa and the latest glossy magazines.

The pier was completed with rings and capstans and a grain hoist to facilitate the discharge of cargo.

Forms are distributed to each household to complete with questions relating to housing, health, education etc.

The call completes with MQCCWARNING, with the IntAttrs array filled in with as many integer attributes as there is room for.

The duct cleaning approach is completed with any holes that had been produced getting cautiously plugged to keep them airtight.

Obedience is perfected and completed with seeking forgiveness, and certainty in the Promise is perfected and completed with patience.

In 7% of cases complete within is used

All of which were completed within a few hours.

This work would need to be completed within 24 hours.

The project should be completed within the hour or so, A good chance.

For example, a student enrolled in a Bachelor of Commerce is expected to complete within 3yrs.

Its web version has interactive lessons which you can participate and complete within your browser.

Eve can also die if the side mission to disarm the bomb on Tuchanka is not completed within the time limit.

Modification and upgrading of the present plant will begin in November and will be completed within 18 months.

In the sale deed it was mentioned that the Villa will be completed within 2 years, but this was not registered.

Excellent teamwork and communication is essential in getting the project completed within the minimum timeframe.

Challenge events are normally between 20 and 100 miles and must generally be completed within a defined time limit.

In 5% of cases complete on is used

To-do lists should be completed on time.

However the job for his client was completed on time.

This will be completed on medium difficulty to unlock ' nightmare difficulty '.

Construction of the Dam started on September 1991 and was completed on December 26, 1999.

Developer Choose a reputable developer who can deliver good quality houses and complete on time.

These alterations and additions were completed on February 20, 1909 at a cost of 2901 pounds 6s.

Cape Town to Auckland Amazingly, all the repairs were completed on time and the restart went ahead on the due date.

Howevwer I agree the sharp practice of still offering a property completed on moths ago is something to be outlawed.

This ensures that your home university will give you credit for the course(s) you completed on a letter of permission.

The closure from Seloux Bridge to Ravine Trestle is due to the remediation work being completed on the Ravine Trestle.

In 4% of cases complete at is used

The work is due to be completed at the end of March.

The private placement was completed at a price of CAD 0.

This is an actual copy of a registration completed at the time of the event.

Other benefits include no need of travel, completed at any internet connected computer.

The supervisor must arrange for the last 10 minutes of every ride to be completed at a walk.

Ideally this process is completed at the same time as the appointee takes up the position; 14.

Apparently after all the plumbing and sewer work completed at 26th Street, the building is still taking on water.

The balance transfer must be completed at the time of applying for or, at the time of activating your new ANZ Platinum.

Work on Unit 1 was completed at the end of March 1984 and on Unit 2, in July 1985 to create installed capacity of 1800 MW.

Guru Gobind Singh prepared the second edition, which he completed at Damdama, a town in the State of Punjab in India in 1705.

In 3% of cases complete before is used

But the question remains whether the sealing is completed before or after the persecution.

The maturation that other mammals complete before birth, the human has to complete after birth.

If your Project has a hard deadline, schedule all the tasks to be completed before the deadline.

That album should be completed before Allison relocates -- not moves, she said -- to Nova Scotia next year.

If catheterisation is inevitable, a thorough risk assessment should be completed before inserting the catheter.

An election to fill a vacancy caused by the expiry of the term of office of Vice-President is completed before the expiry of the term.

However, if these tasks are ignored, they will snowball into an overwhelming amount of work to be completed before a house can be sold.

There are a few tasks to complete before starting, but once you have done these then the entire audit process can be done in just a few minutes.

If it was, the Registry Agent will contact Vital Statistics and an affidavit will be sent to the client to be completed before another certificate can be issued.

Give it back and pick up your Bible- it? s much lighter! In this context the Bible is given to us as a gift to feast on, rather than a project to complete before judgment day.

In 3% of cases complete for is used

This allowed the walls to be completed for a much smaller budget.

It is planned to be completed for use in the autumn semester of 2013.

Later, destruction was to be successfully completed for only a few bridges.

His first feature film, TABLE 5 was shot on 35mm and completed for a total of 278.

They will provide the ' power of attorney ' form to complete for that service next week.

You are able to repaint or even give a brand new coating or even completing for many kinds.

We therefore wish to appeal to His Excellency to find a way of having these important projects completed for us.

I had the Radio Frequency completed for my right and left side and since that time I have not suffered with back pain.

If you decide to go ahead, ask the Small Claims Court registry for the forms to complete for an Order for Seizure and Sale.

Once a student withdraws the course unit, all continuous evaluation(s) completed for the course unit will also become null and void.

In 2% of cases complete after is used

They are marked as completed after their Output Resources lose their Status of Draft.

The maturation that other mammals complete before birth, the human has to complete after birth.

Geomatics Engineering could be completed after the Geomatics degree by doing the additional courses.

Nodes are designated only as Stopped and not as Completed after being processed for an iterative cycle.

The Greek Prime Minister Samaras announced yesterday that talks with the Troika had been completed after months of negotiations.

In 2% of cases complete as is used

It also uses Google's auto complete as a drop down which is nice.

It was completed as part of the New York Midnight Madness Film festival.

You can wait until she's ready and it will take a few weeks to complete as opposed to several months if she's not ready.

The sets of papers concerned with Autism and ASD by the present writer (MJC) within the overall set completed as part of the Information and Research role.

In 2% of cases complete from is used

It could be completed from your shore of your lake or away the rear of an expensive fishing boat.

I hope there is no conspiracy sir, please i completed from a public school with aggregate 10 making 4ones and a 3 in science.

In 2% of cases complete without is used

Few transactions are completed without black money.

Extension 2 can not be completed without completing Extension 1.

In one of the datacenters, the transfer completed without incident.

In most cases, the manual work could be completed without EBS recovery taking place.

N) will never be completed without sincerely including the good, the bad and the ugly.

But thank god the clouds held on and the match was completed without any interruptions.

All of these experiments completed without noticable performance bottlenecks or LAN congestion.

The story of Mawuli School can not be completed without mentioning the late Emeritus Professor Reverend C.

The contingent would not be completed without 29-year-old Faustin Musa who has already been very active this year.

The exception is Mathematics where Extension 1 and Extension 2 can be completed without completing 2-unit Mathematics.

In 1% of cases complete along is used

We had 7 tasks to complete along with a bonus sheet filled with almost 30 more items we could look for to gain points.

They are often of a shorter duration than a degree, ranging from two to three semesters and can be completed along with a degree or after completing a degree.

In 1% of cases complete during is used

Please check with your home university to determine how many courses they expect you to complete during your exchange.

The first expansion was completed during the era of King Saud in 1956 and it focused on the western and northern sides of the Prophet's Mosque.

A study to assess the business case for addressing climate change, including the physical, regulatory, investor and other risks related to climate change, was completed during 2009.

When evaluating each govt, there should be a lag time because construction of power plant started during the middle or end of the term is likely to be completed during the next term.

In 1% of cases complete over is used

For balance and accuracy, there's some value in pointing out the various Windows releases that did get completed over the past 5 years.

This innovation is particularly good news for plaintiffs who are in urgent need of relief from an infringer and can not wait for full litigation to be completed over one or two instances.

In 1% of cases complete to is used

Arrange for the repairs to be completed to your satisfaction.

After all, we had seen refurbishments in George Town that had been completed to satisfaction within 6-8 months.

Valdron has compiled the Lexx Time Line, complete to the end of Series Three, but with no information from Series Four.

Note-The Night clubs software referred to has got to complete to the popular guest program we tend to benefit from in many of our hotel.

As users begin to employ the mail-logging system it may be found useful to add this data category, thus bringing the fields to be completed to 15.

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