Prepositions after "complain"

"complain about", "complain of" or "complain to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 63% of cases complain about is used

Or you can't complain about it.

But I shouldn't complain about it.

Nobody used to complain about that.

They complained about the wildly unbalanced partisan makeup of the other polls.

Another former employee has also complained about his treatment at the 8th Ave.

And I get reviews complaining about errors as if the book is filled with them.

So, you see, sir, our leaders would be right to think that Nigerians that complain about hard lives are insane.

Many Directors complain about managers not communicating or even recognising the need for increased efficiency.

I've never seen anyone complain about the funds raised for children, because we do tend to see age as a factor.

That's why no-one's complaining about hijab, turbans, monk's robes, nun's veils, pagan oak-leaf wreaths etc.

In 15% of cases complain to is used

Somebody complain to the Mayor.

Instead, complain to your company about it.

We complained to the manager, got free dessert.

For those complaining about CARRIERS ripping you off, COMPLAIN TO THE CARRIERS about it.

It is not permitted to complain to someone who is not capable of getting justice for you.

Emailed Marks &; Spenser twice, no response, so now I have been looking to complain to HDNand came across all this.

MIC leaders, especially at the grassroots have been constantly complaining to the former president about Palanivel.

Today in the gym I complained to a guy that in a civilised, European country like England there are three sharia zones.

Rarnsbottom, Quite rightly, when all's said and done, Complained to the Animal Keeper, That the Lion had eaten their son.

In 14% of cases complain of is used

Both of them complain of being washed out.

People are complaining of poor delivery.

He complained of muscle cramps or growing pains.

You complain of God's laws, and worship Him according to the commandments of people.

People complain of money being made at the expense of the socially weak by the strong.

I have heard of pet owners complaining of losing gerbil after gerbil to the local fox.

The truck driver was taken to the hospital complaining of chest pain and numbness but nothing life-threatening.

He was able, however to attend to farm work, and was about till Friday last when he complained of feeling unwell.

My friends complain of the old buildings of the public university, I envy them! I loved the pictures, and the words.

Week 30 -34 The last ten weeks of pregnancy can be trying, with most women complaining of fatigue due to lack of sleep.

In 2% of cases complain in is used

Despite many complaining in the past their voices were not heard.

Those who complained in the days of Moses, they were destroyed by the Destroyer.

His wife Marion complained in her diary that photography had become as much an obsession as a hobby.

He complained in this second trial of the great injustice which had been done him on the first trial.

Let us do it and not wait for complaining in future as the policy is very vital for the current and future generations.

But a funny thing was that he was skipping the breifing about Benghzai that he chairs to complain in front of the cameras.

So we complain in Montreal that we can never snag a big name star cause our Habs ownership committee is too cheap to bribe players like those nasty Americans.

Press Council: people with a complaint against a newspaper should first complain in writing to the Editor and then, if not satisfied with the response, complain to the Press Council.

In 1% of cases complain against is used

Many firms had complained against rejections and visa delays.

To complain against inhuman behaviour first you should know what humanity is.

There were 8,781 complaints in 2011 compared to 7,153 in 2010, with older male doctors being the most complained against.

In 1% of cases complain at is used

Distinguished American visitors sometimes complained at the food served to them at No.

If someone is spouting racist nonsense then it IS just to point this out and complain at them.

He complains at the silence of the Arab world about the Iraqi resistance as it slaughters Muslims.

I am not complaining at all as if I had been seriously ill, I would have been in the best place.

Nor should we be distracted by ad hominem attacks on Eltahawy herself, or complain at the idea of airing of dirty laundry.

London residents don't complain at the one night a year a ton of extremely loud music and fireworks are set off for new years I bet.

In 1% of cases complain for is used

You can get someone else, such as a friend, relative, or advice agency to complain for you.

Some customers are never happy, i've recently had a customer complain for getting an item a day early.

I guess I couldn't complain for one night because the view alone was worth the $3500 we handed the dude.

At our end, as manufacturers, we crib and complain for being covered in such frequency; as human beings, we burn in shame.

That's right; stop bitching about the price of a service, just blame the people complaining for getting themselves into the situation where they need it.

Also the ending seemed pretty gurren lagann esque, so I really can't complain for a finale since he actually included all of his forms in this battle except for fusion states.

For it's price, there are really no complains for you got to have your preferred style of eggs, strips of bacons, some potatoes and mushrooms complete with sausages and buttery toasts.

They used to help and be nice back in the day, but now all they do is complain for having a job, well guess what, other people would love to be a flight attendant so they can pay their bills.

In 1% of cases complain from is used

Receiving any complain from the students concerning the meals 3.

Ensuring that all the complains from prefects are handled well and solved.

But that may be too hard, better leave it to the government and complain from anonymity hey? St.

Receiving complains from the students that leads to their failure which I address to the teachers on concern.

I also receive the complains from both the students and my assistants and forward them to the office if I can not solve them.

What u did was unethical and if you had a complain from their parents you should take this matter to them personally not publicly.

In 1% of cases complain on is used

I complain on Symphony customer care on dated 18-10-2012.

Before we complain on the burglers, we should retrospect if we gave them an offer to burgle our home.

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