Prepositions after "compile"

compile by, from, in, for or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 52% of cases compile by is used

Quotations are compiled by bunpeiris B.

The Superman Timeline, compiled by David T.

Compiled by Economic Research Service, USDA.

Many new members in Kansas Legislature According to figures compiled by Ed Flentje in his column H.

I am looking at a list compiled by Jamdown Records, and three out of the top 10 songs are anti-gay songs.

But over at Transport Blog there is an excellently link rich posting about it all, compiled by Rob Fisher.

We found two data sets that directly address the issue, both compiled by nonpartisan groups that track money in politics.

This fairly comprehensive list has been compiled by various people over the years; I obtained it around 1991 by way of alt.

If you know what you want, you can also choose to go to a list owner or have your own unique list compiled by a list builder.

The Sentinel Timeline, compiled by Kay Lynne Simpson, is similarly embryonic, but it has a bright and promising future ahead of it.

In 10% of cases compile from is used

Its a resin but compiled from all the crystals off the plant.

The facts were compiled from The Daily Star, 8 August 2006 and

As for the metro, total rides are compiled from data taken at the turnstiles.

Figures in the annual reports are compiled from regional or district reports.

Online Names is a searchable database of surnames compiled from public submissions.

Click here for a full account of this case compiled from contemporary news reports.

Fixed costs use a predefined formula while variable costs are compiled from actual resource usage levels.

It purported to be a geography of Timbuktu and the region around it, compiled from travellers ' accounts.

Other News &; Views is compiled from the vernacular newspapers (Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and Tamil dailies).

The prophet Mormon clarifies this among other things in the collection of records that he compiles from the history books of his time.

In 9% of cases compile in is used

The QS World Rankings are in their ninth year since they were first compiled in 2004.

ABC has its origins in manufacturing where the cost of each activity is compiled in a systematic manner.

What Syed Razi could compile in Nehjul Balagha does not contain all the Sermons, letters and sayings of Ali (AS).

The prices were compiled in a price sensitivity study that was conducted before and after the introduction of the VAT.

Kidney failure allows the toxins to compile in the bloodstream that release uremic acids into the skin and induce itching.

The list that we know today was compiled in the Middle Ages -- by which time many of the sites were no longer in existence.

Collected Sermons The original text was compiled in 1201, but was added to and revised several times over the next five years.

For the convenience of the user subsequently, all these Indian standards have been compiled in a Handbook of Building Construction Practices (excluding electrical work).

In 6% of cases compile for is used

This data has been compiled for 18 years, and the I.

If you guys need help with being able to compile for multiple architectures of the same product, let us know.

Below is a new collection that we have compiled for our readers to help bring a little inspiration into their days.

The quartile rankings are usually compiled for the following return periods: 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, 5 years and 10 years.

Skype for Linux (as the other platforms) is compiled for 32bit but with the proper 32bit libraries pulled and installed works just fine on 64bit OS.

Buying airtime is really expensive and most TV stations look for qualitative content programming to be compiled for a given quarter which is 13weeks.

I ported the Waba interpreter to MS-DOS (written in C) and ran successfully Waba programs compiled for Windows CE and Palm OS on a 386 machine with 4M of RAM!

A number of BattleTech Timelines by Dan Grendell, covering the history of each of the Great Houses and other significant groups, was originally compiled for FASA's official game homepage.

In 4% of cases compile on is used

The best responses are compiled on a YouTube video uploaded later that day.

Reports must be compiled on a country-by-country and project-by-project basis.

Applications which depend on those relationships often cease to work properly when compiled on a 64-bit platform.

These posts are a synthesis (albeit not an exhaustive one) of over 70 posts about technology in cricket that I have compiled on this weblog over the last 4 years.

There should be no files which contain the words ' general, ' ' miscellaneous ' or ' various ' in their names, or no files compiled on any of these or similar bases.

Having received some of his Doubleday editions in the post, I realised that most of the online material about him had been compiled on the basis of these brief dust jacket biographies.

In 4% of cases compile with is used

The GLES examples can't compile with my present configuration, whatever target I pick.

In our tests we were able to successfully compile with values of -Xmx128M and -Xmx256M.

In 3% of cases compile into is used

The inner class is compiled into **31;3155;TOOLONG, in the formet of **29;3188;TOOLONG.

There are 300 articles with more than 300 thousand characters compiled into 4 volumes by the order of complexity.

In 2% of cases compile of is used

If you want to read something that is compiled of disturbing instances that we don't see in the mainstream media, this is the book to get.

In 1% of cases compile against is used

Several packages need to be compiled against the Debian's Linux kernel and Xorg.

In 1% of cases compile as is used

This Bibliography was compiled as a by-product of the work of the Locus Project, an ongoing collaboration, based in the Department of Early and Medieval Irish, University College Cork.

In 1% of cases compile during is used

Annex 04
Case studies compiled during data collectionSNName of the Case01Nunu Lal Sardar: Use of indeginous knowledge for relief and rescue.

Just days after her son died, Gladstone found herself sitting in a hotel room, reading a list of 66 thoughtful sayings about life that he had compiled during his year in Israel.

In 1% of cases compile over is used

In responding to this growing demand, NBS is making available online an expansive collection of data compiled over the years.

This collection of hymns of sages like Vasistha, Visvamitra, Agastya, Dirghatmas, and others was compiled over a span of a few hundred years.

In 1% of cases compile to is used

Localised programming languages that all compile to an intermediate language (like msil or java bytecode )? Heck, why not.

In 1% of cases compile under is used

A statically linked Linux binary and source code, which we were able to compile under Ubuntu 12.

In 1% of cases compile without is used

You are forced to handle exceptions while writing the main logic and can not leave them as an afterthought - Your program can not compiled without the exception handling codes.

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