Prepositions after "compete"

"compete with" or "compete in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases compete with is used

Difficult to compete with those.

MSNBC could never compete with that.

You had only yourself to compete with.

What happens to the money? Do we really start to to try to compete with our rivals.

Google has repeatedly failed at building a social network to compete with Facebook.

We have to compete with Safeway and Wal-Mart and Kroger and Wegmans and Trader Joe's.

Whatever I say to my dad he takes it as if I'd competing with him or I don't like him and doesn't listen to me.

The service will be competing with Nation Hela, a service launched by Nation Media Group and Diamond Trust Bank.

Kizashi is going to compete with the already established cars in luxury segment like Honda Accord and Toyota Camry.

In 25% of cases compete in is used

To compete in the global economy, the U.

Also competed in the Golden Gloves I believe.

The assembled idiot tards compete in Thailand.

I was particularly impressed with his dish competing in Dish Duel -- Ricotta Gnudi.

Microsoft seems to be willing to compete in time frames of decades rather than years.

He used to compete in Fin weight but has since moved up to Fly weight quite recently.

Applicants must be athletically eligible and compete in at least one BCSS-approved sport during their grade 12 year.

A lifelong dancer and yoga devotee, McMillan has competed in gymnastics, swimming, volleyball, softball and soccer.

For the relay event this consists of 16 teams of three athletes competing in a continuous relay completed in one day.

Putere School students Micha Jordi, 11, Lily Manson, 11, and Molly Brickell, 12, formed a team to compete in the event.

In 17% of cases compete for is used

Force them to compete for business! 4.

Actors are competing for the spotlight.

He's also competing for Comeback Player.

The Academy Awardsr accept only One Picture per Country to compete for this category.

Likewise, political parties, NGOs, community and religious groups compete for members.

As more Americans become covered, insurance companies will compete for their business.

Nicks ' absence will give those receivers a chance to blossom, although they are all competing for the Giants ' No.

We have gone from a team that competes for the double every year to a team that thinks coming 4th is a great season.

Since I enjoy replying to comments, I've found that there are too many things that compete for my time and attention.

In 7% of cases compete against is used

Also, we are not competing against other sponsors.

These are the people who compete against Oracle, etc.

We now have a chance to compete against the world's best.

Rather now, we are working within our species -- everyone competing against each other.

And even if they're able to, they certainly can't compete against AMD and t3h great Chipzilla.

In fact, if you or I were to compete against Bolt, our legs would turn over at essentially the same rate as his.

Regulations protect the big corporations from startups, small and mid-size companies who try to compete against them.

We're developing more of a film culture but it's not easy for these films when they have to compete against Hollywood.

But it was amazing just to ride and compete against some of the best boxers in the world in one of the best skate parks.

In 5% of cases compete at is used

The best athletes in Jamaica first compete at this level.

He is ready to compete at that level and show what he is about.

Their cyclists compete at the Olympics under the banner of Chinese Taipei.

Now, there is another rider bearing the family crest who is competing at the top level.

The Blade Runner, as he is known, was also becoming the first double amputee to compete at all.

And worse they believe it's not possible for a Bangladeshi to compete at in international level.

Sixty-five nations refused to compete at the Moscow Olympics in 1980 because of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Apple could easily afford to reduce prices to compete at the lower end, but why? There's no disruption taking place.

Time for Ben to make up his mind if he wants to compete at the highest level in MotoGP or become a development rider.

However, it must be noted that each of these riders is now at a team which is no longer competing at the top level.

In 4% of cases compete on is used

We can not compete on world markets.

We can not compete on price, but we.

It could not compete on a world scale.

A lot of the design facilities and manufacturing are here, we can compete on an equal basis.

Athletes compete on horses provided by the organisers, which are selected from a random draw.

Yearly, we compete on a state level and the project assigned to us is called Business Presentation.

He says he would like to see more restaurants competing on a much higher level such as New York City's West Village.

We should cheer up and be happy!! BTW, Isabella Manjon would compete on Miss Tourism Queen International 2011 in China.

They all wash clothes, but to compete on a shelf at Tesco or Waitrose, a washing powder has to stand out from all the rest.

The couple had been dating for two years after first meeting when One Direction were competing on The X Factor back in 2010.

In 1% of cases compete as is used

The experience of competing as an Pro at the World Championship.

Like Gunner, Stock will compete as an individual in the Team Test.

Of course, classes be competing as the baby climbs up this corporate.

John Isner For the first time, Isner was competing as a top-10 player.

Europe v USA, in a sport in which Scotland competes as a nation in its own right.

Many people liked the fact that Scottish athletes were competing as team GB sportsmen and women.

No you'll find that most of the Pros are competing as a professional because they love the sport.

The use of drugs was so prevalent that Kimmage knew that he could not realistically compete as a clean athlete.

Back in the day, Graham and Ben Woods would split the class and compete as to who could deliver the biggest beasting.

He has also competed as a driver at many short tracks around the Southeast including one start the USAR Hooter's Pro Cup Series.

In 1% of cases compete to is used

Harvestor map has 3 points that each side competes to controll.

These ability to compete to clubs with bigger spending power, most of you sing about all the time- is becoming very a broken record.

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