Prepositions after "compensate"

compensate for, by, with, in or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 80% of cases compensate for is used

The technology is not compensating for that.

Disclaimer - I was not compensated for this post.

They compensated for mistakes, many as they were.

Instead, they ramp up the marketing, as though that's going to compensate for it.

You may want to look for a new partner that compensates for what you might lack.

The Tab 2, however, compensates for this by allowing microSD addition up to 32GB.

But if someone has spent years building a reputation, they want to be compensated for that, which makes sense.

Husband hasn't complained about having to watch the TV on loud to compensate for the whir of the sewing machine.

My biggest concern: would resentment against voterfraudfraud efforts compensate for successful voter suppression.

Second, it offered an easy means of compensating for the inevitably unequal burdens imposed by a climate policy.

In 8% of cases compensate by is used

First, perhaps blind echolocators have compensated by developing especially acute ability to hear.

You should be standing straight, but may try to compensate by sticking out a hip or arching the back.

The loss of 2 mmbpd from Iraq was compensated by a rise in production in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Kuwait.

Needless to say I missed my connecting flight, though I promptly and generously compensated by Frontier Airlines.

He was compensated by the courts against the club owners as they were judged to have not advised him of the dangers.

Loss of Iraqi production during the 2003 war was largely compensated by a rise in Saudi, UAE and Kuwaiti production.

So I had to compensate by using my now bulging quadriceps to slightly unload myself from the seat and provide some pressure relief.

He is a slightly below average defender who compensates by possessing an innate ability to move the puck and direct the power play.

They can try to compensate by easing credit standards, effectively encouraging the non-rich to sustain purchasing power by borrowing.

If you start with a larger kite and try to compensate by waiting for a lighter breeze, it will work, but will be more difficult to learn.

In 3% of cases compensate with is used

He was later compensated with the post of a Special ADVISER by Obasanjo.

However timid and shy she was, it was more than compensated with her work for our school magazine.

Even on youtube I find him very rusty, with a very poor touch sometimes that he compensates with pace.

It was a bumpy ride but we were compensated with cool evening air and beautiful temple views along the way.

Arrow: While episode four was possibly the most Smallville -like of the series so far, episode five more than compensated with thrills galore.

The Italian market has had a severe downturn in the first eight months of this year and we have been able to compensate with some strength in other markets.

Should one of your favourite shows leave this world all too soon, we sure hope other programs on TVJ's schedule compensate with many hours of viewing pleasure.

In 2% of cases compensate in is used

The incident is horrible which can not be compensated in any way.

Any debts must compensated in the estate -- marketing the household and automobile and some other property.

Nevertheless the government argues the energy-saving policies and the reduction of costly fossil fuel power will compensate in bringing down the price.

I've experienced a higher CTR (click through rate) with text only units but I will run more tests to see if a text &; image with a lower CTR could compensate in earnings with a higher CPC.

In 1% of cases compensate as is used

It was in January this year that Zhang's father realized, after receiving his son's work injury certification, that his son would only be compensated as a Huizhou employee.

In 1% of cases compensate at is used

I think only those who are not highly paid would explore and exploit other revenues to be compensated at the expenses of the people.

In 1% of cases compensate through is used

United became rigid in both tempo and movement and so attempted to compensate through pushing higher.

In 1% of cases compensate to is used

The body compensates to anything one throws at it to make up for the temporary gains.

The average PPI claim is compensated to the tune of 3000 with many customers being able to claim much much more, a recent settlement amounted to over 23,000 for one single claim on a credit card.

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