Prepositions after "commence"

"commence in" or "commence on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases commence in is used

Recruitment will commence in 2009.

It will commence in the year 2000 AD.

This trial commenced in November 2008.

As already mentioned above, the revelations of the Holy Quran commenced in this month.

The new schedule commences in Kolkota from July 20 and will last for more than 10 days.

The southwest monsoon, commencing in early June, soon reduces the ground to a soft sea of mud.

Prospective students applying in these programs commencing in Fall 2012 will be attending at the Langley Campus.

We have to be prepared for the winning to commence in our lives, even when there is not the slightest sign of winning in our sights.

An international Inter-religious and Cultural Conference on World Peace is to commence in Colombo today (Nov 3) and to continue till Nov 10.

The project commenced in two districts of Northern Indian state Uttar Pradesh and has benefitted more than 1000 pregnant and lactating women.

In 21% of cases commence on is used

Lambing last year commenced on March 18th.

Playtesting is now commencing on initial starts, etc.

Work will commence on Monday 14 March and continue for three weeks.

Bombardment would commence on D minus 2, and would be repeated the next day if necessary.

There are a number of us who prior to even commencing on a journey are afraid of failure.

The reappointment of John Stewart is for a three year term commencing on 1 December 2012.

Emergency work has already commenced on the Hannan Ward Block to bring its strength up to just above earthquake prone.

Before production commenced on series two of THE ALMIGHTY JOHNSONS, Emmett appeared in the films Last Strike and Packed.

He said no police weapon was taken away from any of the police stations and that investigation had commenced on the incident.

You need to take into account various different facts before you commence on a volunteer project whether its at home or abroad.

In 12% of cases commence with is used

As far as possible, do not commence with any conversation.

Our tasting menu then commenced with Roast Scallops, asparagus, flowers, shoots.

Millions of manufacturing companies abstain from commencing with their sales and m.

My presentation, outlining our journey with blogging, commencing with our classroom.

The development process will commence with the identification of important biosecurity issues.

To commence with, the main factors is size, the size should be in relation to the expected number of guests.

The concert commenced with a very lively CNBLUE, clearly wanting to show their playful side to the audience.

George's Lodge style, 2010-2011is a busy year, commencing with the arrival of our Brothers from spirit of St.

When you are banking online, ensure that the website commences with ' https ' or has the ' closed padlock ' symbol displayed.

The evening will commence with an official conference opening by Executive Dean of the Creative Industries Faculty, Professor Rod Wissler.

In 11% of cases commence from is used

The usance should commence from the date of issue of Bill of Lading/Air Way Bill etc.

Is virtuous second to love most what? Gamble! We commence from the on the gamble, also don't manage him take a.

The Supreme People's Court issued a notice on 24 January 2000 to give effect to the Agreement commencing from 1 February 2000.

In a similar way to you I envisage our single ' classical ' universe as a tree of information commencing from a single variable to a description that describes the now point.

The first phase of production which would be about 5 lakh units would commence from 2014 and would further see expansion in a phased manner to take the production capacity to 2 million units.

In 10% of cases commence at is used

Live performances commenced at 8 p.

In the 1990s drilling commenced at Soultz in France.

The start of the event commenced at two in the morning.

The tour will commence at the Galle Face Hotel premises at 8.

The event will take place on Tuesday, September 11th, commencing at 5.

Day 2 An early morning departure for birding on Mine Road commences at 5.

I'd scheduled to be the first speaker on Saturday morning, commencing at 9 am.

The one day games were played at night commencing at 6pm to avoid the oppressive heat during the day.

Hence, preventive testing should commence at an earlier age in persons with a family history of these conditions, particularly if.

It is used for 6 days only during the annual Urs for religious ' Mahfils ' in which Qawwali is the chief item of programme commencing at 11 P.

In 5% of cases commence by is used

The first priority was drainage and work commenced by laying some 135 miles of pipes.

Sparing no pains or fatigue, sometimes walking twenty miles through the woods to Gay Head, to carry on the noble work commenced by his son.

The first is the Basic Ice Skills course which commences by teaching Cadets the basics of skating and getting them comfortable on their skates.

When potential buyers begin their search for content, they usually commence by examining the entire landscape through search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

How to apply for a Judical Seperation? Proceedings in the Circuit Court are commenced by lodging an original family law civil bill along with two copies to the Circuit Court office.

In 3% of cases commence after is used

Counting of postal votes commences after 4.

If this mode of payment is chosen, the annuity payments can only commence after all the payments (of the purchase price) have been made.

Limitation 36(5) An action to enforce a liability imposed by this section may not be commenced after two years from the date of the action complained of.

Limitation 113(7) An action to enforce a liability imposed by this section may not be commenced after two years from the date of the resolution authorizing the action complained of.

Her whole presentation consisted of two general parts: the first one was more of a theory, while the second (which commenced after a short coffee-break) was more practical by nature.

In 3% of cases commence before is used

That the under 14 leagues commence before File na n-Gael.

In 2% of cases commence within is used

Any harm that causes the person harmed to be hospitalised for a period of 48 hours or more commencing within 7 days of the harm's occurrence.

Any action concerning any dispute you may have with respect to this Site(s) must be commenced within one year after the cause of the dispute arises, or the cause of action is barred.

In 1% of cases commence between is used

Roshan manages to return to the fore, and a tug of war commences between him and Zia over matters of influence.

Now that the Migration Act has been amended to overturn that decision, further negotiations have commenced between Australia and PNG which may result in changes to the existing MOU.

In 1% of cases commence for is used

And it was also at Olympic that, in early 1968, sessions commenced for Hendrix's third and arguably best effort, Electric Ladyland.

Initial groundworks have commenced for construction and Phase 1, the West circuit, is scheduled for completion in 2012, with full construction and operation anticipated in 2013.

In 1% of cases commence as is used

Hmmm, the palongo dance commenced as the plane started wrestling with the stubborn clouds and ravenous winds.

In 1% of cases commence against is used

Following the winding-up order no action or proceeding shall be proceeded with or commenced against the company except by leave of the court.

In 1% of cases commence over is used

The introduction of these screening packages is one in a series of initiatives we have commenced over the last number of years with the specific aim of becoming a healthcare partner to our customers.

In 1% of cases commence to is used

Other vehicle-producers are also commencing to current incentives on leasing, called leasing subventions.

So while I have listed only simple ideas I felt that a lot more time and knowledge is needed before commencing to more difficult stages! Look out for upcoming parts soon.

In 1% of cases commence upon is used

If acceptance was agreed, the statute of limitation shall commence upon acceptance.

Your Account Term These Terms of Service commence upon your acceptance of these Terms and continues until terminated.

In 1% of cases commence about is used

On the same side, but an inch below, and commencing about 1 in.

In 1% of cases commence without is used

Secondly no prosecution can be commenced without the Attorney General's sanction.

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