Prepositions after "come"

"come to" or "come from"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases come to is used

But it may soon come to an end.

That is why I have come to you.

Everything must come to an end.

Whatever happens, it seems he will be coming to the Premier League in the coming days.

Read: Romans 1:15-17 Jesus Christ agreed to come to this world for the salvation of all.

He does not come to any of my meeting but he shares dais with some other senior leaders.

Anyway, one rule should suffice when it comes to shoes: spend as much as you like but only buy shoes you can walk in.

Another reason they told if my sister got divorce and she will come to our house only and it will increase our burden.

When it comes to the use of violence to resist and deter violence, that notion may just be making a British comeback.

In 22% of cases come from is used

Came from nothing to something.

It does not come from yourself.

Where do insights come from? 4.

Everyone old enough to engage in reproductive actions knows where a child comes from.

And for some, it comes from the hard work of low-paid workers at businesses they own.

Essential amino acids must come from food because the body can't make them on its own.

The ladies all come from a local women's grass organization and are experienced in handling fish for other purposes.

It is even more likely when this man has traced the portrait back to a location where he knows his family came from.

Google's money comes from having hundreds of millions of customers, not from making a lot of money on each of them.

Where do these things, this safety and these opportunities, come from? How do we get them? It's quite simple really.

In 7% of cases come into is used

That left side comes into play.

But comparison must come into it.

Quniney's 9 doesn't come into it.

Everything comes into the cortex or conscious part of the brain with equal intensity.

This is where the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) comes into play.

The beta portion is bought as cheaply as possible, which is where ETFs come into play.

Corruption, on the other hand is more difficult to control as it seems that whoever comes into power engages in it.

Even though the United States came into existence in resistance to British imperial rule, no animosity exists today.

Just that whoever we threw in, somehow got thrown out one way or the other This is where mentoring comes into play.

Around the Second World War, there was money coming into the country and suddenly there was scope for development.

In 6% of cases come with is used

Most computers (99%) come with.

That will come with experience.

The problem comes with overuse.

Each egg capsule comes with a sticky thread that is carefully wound around the stick.

Write down what benefits each has, and write down what comes with different packages.

It supports the OWL-API and the DIG interface and comes with numerous other features.

If people find out their status, they have to accept it, go to the doctor and live the new life that comes with it.

Camera The iPhone 5 comes with a built-in rear facing 8MB iSight camera, as well as a front-facing FaceTime camera.

LG Optimus G features review by the experts LG Optimus G comes with the latest Qualcomm quad core processor with 1.

We can't really cut the chatter down; the chatter is simply something that comes with the territory of being human.

In 6% of cases come in is used

Price came in second, with 85%.

Syringes come in various sizes.

That's where the agents come in.

The soldiers came in the middle of the night and burned my house with all my belongings.

The bad will come in the form of increased inflation and probably higher interest rates.

Power comes in diverse shapes and packages; physical, financial, spiritual and sensual.

Because they are so small and come in such a variety of styles, clutch purses are often used to personalize an outfit.

He himself said only that he was the humble servant of God and pleased and furthered all who came in contact with him.

It was a therapist, who on the final day of my stay, came into my room and said she knew I was holding something back.

The reaction, the blow-back came in 1979, it's been going on and on because we just plain don't mind our own business.

In 4% of cases come out is used

It didn't come out of the blue.

It all comes out of Wellington.

I still came out of there happy.

Then two female bears came out of the woods and tore up forty-two lads of their number.

After this two other people, Muzahim bin Harees and Yazid bin Sufyan came out to fight.

What did he find? Firstly, the Dutch-Belgians come out of things in a far better light.

Whatever it was, a set of twins (which is blessing indeed) came out of the affair, even though we did not plan it so.

The only winner to come out of last night's program, for better or worse, was the Labor government and the PM himself.

The white flag story is real, and there are many witnesses who at the present moment are unable to come out in public.

The members, who had been filled with tiredness from their busy schedules, smiled as soon as they came out of the car.

In 3% of cases come across is used

One comes across it continually.

Romney came across as a raving maniac.

Hi, Just came across this awesome blog.

Please feel free to send me interesting / fabulous / amazing things you come across.

I'd not sure what I would've done if I had not come across such a subject like this.

I am very happy to come across the content that you share on social media marketing.

In a lot of cases the Sea Dragon will come across one of its own and begin to eat it head first, slug cannibalism.

Till date i came across many people who claim to do spiritual healing but when contacted wanted huge sum of money.

Then I came across Kurayoshi Ramen, a Japanese style Ramen house in the small shopping mall in Chung King Mansion.

So when you say that they're excellent and that's that, it kind of comes across like you didn't read the article.

In 2% of cases come at is used

Paul come at the end of the age.

It comes at a time when around.

Equality always comes at a price.

Mr Wong, then 58 years old came at the insistence of his son and was accompanied by him.

Conclusion The scrutiny from regulators has come at a very difficult time for HFT firms.

However, it seemed that the international break came at a perfect time for the home team.

The turning point came at the eighth shot, at which point Bogacka, who was leading, decisively fluffed her big moment.

It's as important to understand that she often comes at her scholarly work from a different angle than most academics.

Infact, this topic couldnt have come at a better time than now with all the money that manchester city has spent so far.

CATHARINES -- Advocates calling for the local humane society to lower its kill rate say change needs to come at the top.

In 2% of cases come as is used

It does not come as a surprise.

So it didn't come as a surprise.

Those visages come as no balm, though.

That fame and admiration came as a result of his combination with Colm ' Gooch ' Cooper.

We did not mind how they came as the process was organized by the ministry GEP 2 Project.

His first ' fifteen minutes of fame ' came as a dancer in Accra, Ghana in the early 80? s.

It comes as no surprise to learn this is another frequent Open qualifying course, when Turnberry or Royal Troon host.

It's a mark of his modesty that those standing ovations came as a huge surprise to him (though not to the rest of us).

This comes as no great surprise, but the amount of money being spent at the very end of people's lives probably will.

It always comes as a bit of a surprise that musicians have any spare time to be anywhere outside of their own bubble.

In 2% of cases come on is used

My antipollution light came on.

The historic change came on Nov.

It used to come on Sundays on Star Plus.

Hence the prince of doom and his ilk always come on board with their extreme negativity.

It never gave me any trouble apart from the airbag warning light which kept coming on!

The workers of Shabab-i-Mili after Friday prayers at the bazaar mosque came on the road.

It was hard for me to understand how so many people could, apparently, live only for the time when the lights came on.

OVER 4: ENG 2/0 (Cook 2* Compton 0*) Looooooong delay while a groundsman comes on to fix the footholes at Ojha's end.

But coming on the thread to attack someone claiming they are a troll without provocation is in fact trolling itself.

David, Hertfordshire Peugeot 207 CC 2008 Same problem as everyone else - depollution light comes on, car loses power.

In 1% of cases come by is used

The wickets were hard to come by.

They aren't exactly easy to come by.

The success didn't come by accident.

Now ready to be shipped worldwide, discover this unique brand that's often hard to come by.

Wagner was put out for years to come by the lack of any encouraging word from the philosopher.

Propane is far more cost-effective than many other sources of fuel, and it is easy to come by.

The question has to occur whether one can not come by some simpler way to such general and sweeping formal assertions.

In certain regions of Africa it's difficult to come by an adult who hasn't cought malaria at least once in their lives.

Let's all support the work to come by Secretary LaHood, FAA Administrator Babbitt, and the future members of the Committee.

If you are looking for a Bangkok tailor, please come by the shop or give us a call and we will do our very best to help you.

In 1% of cases come for is used

He will come for His own people.

I didn't come for paparazzi drama.

Some experiences just come for free.

A nurse comes for me, takes me to a changing room, I get changed and wait for my turn.

They came for nurture during a country holiday and to allow respite for their families.

Come for the spectacle alone or take the time to learn about age-old healing practices.

The time has come for us to take off our blinders and accept reality, for the time of national reckoning has arrived.

Pray unceasingly that we will grow in love of Him, be obedient and faithful and be found ready when He comes for us.

The time has come for the Committee of Ministers to accept, acknowledge and allow to codify such a Right to (a clean.

In 1% of cases come before is used

One does not come before the other.

The baby comes before the damn dog.

The genitive comes before the agent e.

All who came before me are thieves and bandits; but the sheep did not listen to them.

His own acute cultural awareness was amplified by what, or rather, who, came before him.

We seek your presence to come before us as we head for this epic derby with our in-laws.

The future has to be the peoples, and not the big society dream of Cameron, where profit comes before the people.

It is a sad, sad commentary that big money comes before the loyalty from the hosts as well as from the listeners.

There is often no additional check to the right to re-evaluate the speed of whatever's coming before moving the car.

Sweating in an air-conditioned room and looking utterly embarrassed, the man came before an array of video and still cameras.

In 1% of cases come of is used

Let's see what will come of it.

Evidently nothing came of this.

We have come of age as a country.

This is what comes of losing 15 lbs in 87(ish) days and 4 inches off your waist so far.

From the mainstream's perspective, dynamically typed languages have finally come of age.

A whole new generation has come of age that has no memory of the Babri Masjid agitation.

Millenials are not even an entire generation -- it's just used to refer to people who came of age in the 21st century.

Horizontal splitting Vertical splitting As apposed to the out come of classification, estimation deal with valued outcome.

My guess is that when she found out nothing serious would ever come of what ye had together, she started looking elsewhere.

But would Jeter move positions? There's been talk of switching him to the outfield for years now, and nothing's ever come of it.

In 1% of cases come off is used

What the judges will say: Come off it.

He can come off the ball and engage them.

These whackos are coming off the rails.

In this case, Marchisio would offer an excellent tactical option coming off the bench.

Running back Bill Symons was coming off the Schenley Award as the league's top player.

Even Brandon Perry came off the bench for a double-double, with 19 points and 12 boards.

Still a young player, his coaches say that the most impressive display from him is seen when he comes off the pitch.

Coming off alcohol quickly can result in delirium tremens, which can be a fatal condition and must be treated carefully.

I'd put in an amazing position where I came off of a show for eight years and I don't have to work for the sake of working.

Replacement GRIGORAS DIACONESCU will make his first Test appearance for Romania if he comes off the bench against the USA.

In 1% of cases come through is used

Meaning comes through experience.

They came through the dubstep scene.

Something is coming through the haze.

Not much sunlight was coming through the thick covering on both my left and right.

But they harbour no delusions that this will come through the destruction of Israel.

Photo: Courtesy His entry into the world of literature also came through a challenge.

God's essence, or the core of goodness inherent in God, will come through you as an axis to turn the whole worl d.

Murrow's questions came through the monitor on top of the buf- fet, a rather small box containing the loudspeaker.

We are in a crunch period at the moment: we've just come through alpha and we're getting into the bug-fixing stage.

What are they going to teach our national cricketers who have come through the mill from their junior playing days.

In 1% of cases come after is used

Love is expected to come after.

Our order came after half an hour.

Follow Through comes after ownership.

The demand for federalism came after independence when the minorities felt marginalized.

Jimmer Fredette scored a team-high 18, most coming after the outcome was long decided.

The alleged abuse came after Ferdinand knocked Terry down during the game, the jury heard.

But yes, that comes after my main purpose of raising my kids into well groomed ladies and looking after my family.

McGloin had a career high passing yardage performance, but a lot of the yards came after the game had been decided.

When a quotation comprises several sentences, the end quotation mark comes after completion of the last sentence, i.

The move came after the Government was almost forced to close motorways in previous years because of a grit shortage.

In 1% of cases come under is used

Then the Nepalese came under attack.

All of sudden we came under heavy return fire.

Upward-only rents have come under pressure before.

Wow! That's a lot of money for someone who has come under fire for being incompetent.

The actions of Paret at the weigh in before his final fight have come under scrutiny.

I'd glad the likes of Sky and Garmin come under this level of scrutiny and questioning.

A beggar comes under a campaign from Grameen Bank which is designed to persuade him/her to join Grameen programme.

I get the impression they ignore the Equality act they did ask the doctor if I came under this and he did say I did.

It's coming under scrutiny because thousands of priests sexually abused innocent children - that we know of so far.

Some came under their own resources, others with assistance from one of the public or private schemes then available.

In 1% of cases come up is used

Please come up to the top deck.

Come up to the mountaintop with Me.

I always like to come up to the task.

If we were to do it on different genetic traits, we would come up with new racial groups.

I thought Shortis would come up to me now but still he didn't come ever as the k's tick by.

Outside another stray couple had come up and were experimenting on the piano in the next room.

The very first one I did about 10 years ago a woman came up and picked up a beaded bracelet that was priced about $30.

Jan and noticed that the clutch pedal was coming up from the floorboard a long way before engaging; indicating wear.

I came up to the corner of the busy road I have to cross to get to the community centre where my fitness class is held.

It was a deliberate offer to me of Twenty-Five Dollars a week to come up to Virginia and be city editor of the Enterprise.

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