Prepositions after "comb"

comb through, at, before, in or out?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 83% of cases comb through is used

The police combed through the debris in search of clues.

Non-professionals like you and I can comb through data at http: //www.

He spent hours secretly combing through phrase books and dictionaries.

We spend our day combing through the news from a wide variety of sources so you don't have to.

Hip-hop artists, our cultural magpies, comb through prog's greatest hits to sample its stranger riffs and lost organ bleats.

I may have fleetingly caught him by copying his own tricks, but even now, combing through the pictures, he gives nothing away.

Her fingers relentlessly engaged in movements that precisely combed through every detail of the toy's surface area, picking up information.

After their bodies got carried out of what was left of their home, detectives combed through the shambles in a search of contact information for next of kin.

Categories After combing through a couple biographies, various online articles and digging around his blog I still felt unprepared to interview Mike Edwards.

Geoff Toovey Comb through the headlines between the end of the 2011 season and the start of 2012 and it would be hard to find anything positive being said about Manly.

In 4% of cases comb at is used

Peek Jill Scott throwing afro combs at Nicki Minaj and her Barbz! The Lady Gaga fans wanted a piece of the action.

In 4% of cases comb out is used

Wool roving is a single ply wool that has been combed out of sheep fleece, drawn out into a clump and slightly twisted into a yarn to keep the fibers together.

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