Prepositions after "collaborate"

collaborate with, on, in, across or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 73% of cases collaborate with is used

The performer has collaborated with many.

They collaborated with a twelve member Gha.

They had collaborated with the great Satan.

Researchers cleared him of accusations that he collaborated with the Securitate.

In 2009 Kasa collaborated with EPA to train CSOs on EIA, SEA and Climate change.

This February, for instance, the government collaborated with mining companies to finally disclose receipts.

She is collaborating with Madewell once again for a second collection, set to debut on September 22nd, 2011.

Another group you have collaborated with in a live situation are the Philadelphia live hip hop band The Roots.

With language, we can think effectively, communicate interpersonally and collaborate with other people in work.

In 15% of cases collaborate on is used

Perhaps we can collaborate on one.

In my opinion Ozzy and Lemmy both collaborated on writing it.

I have never collaborated on a work, though I would be interested to try.

Mostly, I love to scout with a Director or creatives to collaborate on their vision.

Luciana Duranti, the foremost authority in Archival Science, to collaborate on an essay.

Ella was a ceramicist and maker of exquisite jewellery, and the two women collaborated on enamelling projects.

If I were collaborating on this post, I would add to it the whole Grover Norquist / no taxes at all position.

Students run the organization, plan fundraisers, and collaborate on new ways to best serve the global community.

The two have collaborated on Lepage's staging of the opera of The Tempest, currently on at the Met in New York.

In 2008, Kate Sweeney and Sarah Simon got together to play some Jimmie Rodgers covers and quickly began collaborating on original songs.

In 8% of cases collaborate in is used

Often, especially in the early years, we collaborated in many areas.

After Israel, Britain and France collaborated in the 1956 Sinai campaign, ties remained strong.

However, Kat Bjelland, lead singer and guitarist of Babes in Toyland, collaborated in writing this song.

An avid improviser, Edwin can be found collaborating in many different genres in the artistic community.

As fellow East Anglian MPs they have collaborated in scrutinising local health service issues such as ambulance delays.

Jazz Performance: US-SL Fulbright Commission and Harpo's Entertainment group collaborated in hosting a jazz evening by Dr.

So far, Pakistan and Afghanistan are collaborating in persuading the insurgents to accept peace through reconciliatory process.

Each House offers its own training programme, and together Houses may choose to collaborate in shared projects, research and joint events.

First an approach was made to all 164 HEIs in the UK by named letter (and email) asking them to collaborate in distributing the questionnaire.

The PIC program allows people suffering from depression to collaborate in their care with their providers and has been shown to improve outcomes.

In 1% of cases collaborate across is used

There are major technological and demographic transitions occurring today that are fundamentally changing the way we communicate, work and collaborate across the globe.

In 1% of cases collaborate as is used

We are now also collaborating as part of the Mosaic Network to provide improved IT internships.

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