Prepositions after "clog"

clog with, by, from, in or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 73% of cases clog with is used

Apparently they are clogged with uninsured people.

What to do about whistles clogging with moisture.

The roads out of the city were clogged with bewildered people, clutching a few belongiongs.

Does your router constantly need resetting? Make sure it isn't overheating or clogged with traffic.

When the brains are clogged with rubbish from young what do you expect? When a simple act of honesty is highly praised.

However, different points of roads clogged with parked vehicles interrupting traffic movements is an everyday spectacle.

Imagine my dismay then (and yes, out comes the soapbox again, sorry) to see the street clogged with traffic due to a motor survey.

But when crews discover that the dome's opening is becoming clogged with an icy mix of gas and water, it is set aside on the seabed.

News Feed Now Clogged With Complaints About Facebook Perhaps the most annoying new feature is the prolific amounts of status updates threatening to go back to MySpace or Friendster.

In 9% of cases clog by is used

A protective guard or screen installed on your gutters can avoid them becoming clogged by leaves and save you the arduous process of frequent cleaning.

Pre-filters also prevent the reverse osmosis membrane from being fouled or clogged by sediment, chlorine, and other contaminants, thereby enhancing its effectiveness and lifespan.

In 5% of cases clog in is used

There was no contamination of the magnetic plugs and no sign of clogging in the oil filter.

In 5% of cases clog of is used

A section ahead, deals with a case study which shows that how people's refusal to accept bad relief goods have resulted in clogging of warehouses, railway godowns etc.

In 5% of cases clog up is used

But as for defense, it's going to be killer with Pau and Bynum clogging up the lane with their length.

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