Prepositions after "clip"

"clip on", "clip from" or "clip by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases clip on is used

As I did the lad on the front, decked in Strada shorts and tri clip on bars looked agog.

Just to give an example, CNN has uploaded more than 30,000 video clips on YouTube in the last several years.

Instead of a potty chair, I used one of those deluxe, padded seats that clips on to the toilet seat and can, should you desire it, be placed in the dishwasher.

In 14% of cases clip by is used

I've since quit altogether after being clipped by a truck.

A close friend of mine was clipped by a truck while riding at about 60kph down a hill in Bulgaria.

Towards the end of a practice run on the eve of his first novice race, his kart was clipped by another driver, sending him into the tyre wall.

The overflow trait controls how much of the underlying region-reference-area is visible; that is, whether the region-reference-area is clipped by its parent region-viewport-area.

In 14% of cases clip from is used

You can find more information and clips from the songs on DR's website on the selection here.

Watch video clips from past programmes to have an up-to-date version of Flash installed and Javascript turned on.

If I watched anything more than the Four Corners clip from the Footy Show, I'd be expecting to see not a pat on your back from Fatty Vautin, but an empty chair next to him.

Video clips from the film appeared specifically intended to provoke a violent reaction, and when they first popped up in Egypt last week, they inevitably spread fast across the Arabic internet.

The use of archival clips from certain events works well to illustrate the points being made as well as showing the interconnectedness of parts of The Shining to other events, times and places.

In 8% of cases clip onto is used

Get yourself a cheap mic to clip onto your shirt.

The bassinet clips onto the base in a manner that is less complicated than previously.

There is a safety wire that climbers can clip onto as they make the journey, but not everybody uses this.

Also make sure your airfilter is new and replace the rubber O-ring where the turbo intake clips onto the breather.

She then made shoeclips for me to clip onto a pair of plain black shoes, then she decorated another pair with diamonds and feathers.

Included detachable hand and shoulder straps securely clip onto reinforced points on the frame but can be quickly removed for cleaning.

In 7% of cases clip to is used

A little shimmy down the wicket and the ball is clipped to the leg side.

Or you could sew them to a little clip and then you could make lots of different coloured flowers which you could clip to a neutral hairband depending on what wrap or blanket you were using.

Due to their relatively low cost, ease of manufacture, versatility, and imperviousness to water, plastics are used in an enormous and expanding range of products, from paper clips to spaceships.

In 6% of cases clip into is used

Animoto turns your photos and video clips into a professional looking slideshow.

Magisto Magisto is an application on Android and iOS that automatically turns raw unedited clips into an edited and produced movie, ready to be shared on your social networks.

Five minutes later, the visitors countered through the right, Fatos Be? iraj drilled in a cross inside the penalty area that, for the puzzlement of all, Rafinha clipped into his own net.

In 4% of cases clip with is used

Now remember that a bra is clipped with hooks, as opposed to buttons or snaps.

Routing and cutting window frame strips The windows are held to the back of the walls and doors behind the beveled opening using small canvas clips with felt backing on them.

In 2% of cases clip off is used

Over dinner and photos of planes, Hoover admitted he'd had 20 crashes, including one where he clipped off the wings flying between two trees.

The average winning time of Derby winners in the period 1851-1860, was 2 minutes 55 seconds, fifty years later (1901 - 1910) fourteen seconds had been clipped off that average.

In 1% of cases clip for is used

Watched the crow clip for the first time.

In 1% of cases clip considering is used

I'd not surprised that Mike Brown was clipped considering the public pressure from fans who feel the sky is falling and have the desire to win now.

In 1% of cases clip behind is used

GSP made no excuses for being clipped behind the ear.

In 1% of cases clip of is used

I just watched a video clip of Dem commentator/pollster Larry Sabato.

In 1% of cases clip around is used

A pair of J-clip pliers will need to be purchased; these pliers clamp the metal clips around the edges of two sheets of wire to hold the cage together.

In 1% of cases clip over is used

Mark O'Treasaigh kept his scoring average up and clipped over a fine long-range effort as the match entered the final quarter.

Conceding frees was now the only way to stop the red-and-white onslaught! Murphy punished every misdemeanor and clipped over three frees in short succession.

A few minutes later Emmet Murphy, who didn't miss a free all day, clipped over the first of his fine tally of 1-5 after Myers was again up-ended by the clumsy Plunkets rear-guard.

In 1% of cases clip past is used

In fairness to the Italian, the goal came as a direct result of Jack Rodwell's poor pass, which allowed Marco Reus to storm through and clip past Hart.

In 1% of cases clip regarding is used

Definitions, video clips regarding interference on the forecheck, slashing -- but as far as major changes, there was nothing along those lines.

In 1% of cases clip since is used

Porgy does fly but it is actually time for his wings to get clipped since Winter is coming and he is inside.

In 1% of cases clip about is used

Articles and TV clips about the plight of cleaners appear from time to time, people briefly look, say that's a shame, shrug and then go back to what they were doing.

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