Prepositions after "climb"

climb to, into, in, on or out?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 20% of cases climb to is used

Was I going to be able to climb to 19k+ ft.

Can not let us climbed to the 19 floor it.

The poverty rate among women climbed to 14.

The WaveRider is expected to accelerate to about Mach 6 as it climbs to nearly 70,000 feet.

Ryback whips Punk into the Cell but Punk leaps onto it and climbs to the very top of the Cell.

For example, they may run across the road without looking or climb to the top of very tall trees.

Following a decade of economic restructuring and a recession, this ratio had climbed to 80-to-one in the year 2000.

It is a matter of regret that we do not even care to know when the day dons, when the sun climbs to the middle of the sky.

This sensitivity decreases to as low as 30% in the immunocompromised (which means the error rate can climb to 70% in these people).

In 11% of cases climb into is used

He built a trebuchet and climbed into the sling.

Now climbing into our bed just riles her up more.

The witch used the hair as a rope to climb into the tower.

Several times this week I've had to stop myself from climbing into my pajamas at 7 p.

When we removed sugar Cian stopped climbing into the windows and on top of furniture.

Norbert Reithofer, Chairman of the Board of the BMW Group, climbs into the passenger seat.

Mine was the Chippendale sofa, until I had found the last piece of butter- nut meat; then I climbed into Father's lap.

Because of Bob Lipoff and his nightly workout on my husband, I was always the last of the Adams family to climb into bed.

He zipped up his Tyvek suit, put on white rubber gloves, then climbed into the hole in the tree to check out the skeleton.

The road gradually climbs into the mountains and drops down into Glendalough Valley where you will meet a T-junction (26km).

In 9% of cases climb in is used

They have a mountain to climb in any event.

I was supposed to begin climbing in Africa.

Sales are also climbing in Europe, especially in extra-EU markets.

Rain was forecast for our climb, and we'd been prepared to climb in mist without views.

Implementations I've used precedence climbing in a JavaCC parser for a subset of C++.

Half an hour or so of messing around and regaining our breath (climbing in sand is hard.

First Impressions We opted out of a half day of climbing in favor of the float plane shuttle to a high alpine lake.

Economic confidence in the bloc fell to its lowest since 2009 last month and unemployment climbed in September to a record 11.

Terrence Parr has implemented the idea of precedence climbing into the most recent version version of the ANTLR parser generator.

Forget just checking out the Taj -- what about a trip to the north? Go climbing in Ladakh, where the peaks are huge and the air is cool.

In 9% of cases climb on is used

I settled on one and climbed on the back of a grainer.

When I climbed on the back of the truck, I waved at Ben.

No standing or climbing on chairs, benches or any other furniture.

A 9-year-old girl was seen climbing on top of the limbs much to her father's disapproval.

We chased up the track and climbed onto an open carriage that was made to carry panes of glass.

With a friend, he simply packs a few things and climbs on his horse, which can take him anywhere.

Chayton has started to scream and grunt in frustration when he can not climb onto the fireplace the way that he wants to.

If this involved climbing on the console and pressing my face against the window and making faces, that's what I'd do.

Here is an excerpt from the book: I watched as Denim paid her $500, took off her jogging pants and climbed on the massage table.

Climb on Top The majority of the dudes we polled in our most recent sex survey picked woman-on-top as their number-one nooky style.

In 7% of cases climb out is used

She also refused to climb out of the car.

But this time they couldn't climb out of it, losing 100-96.

You'd be silly to climb out of bed and go work somewhere else.

Because when *I* am in there, it sounds like General Patton climbed out of the grave.

It feels a lot like climbing out of a manhole while a semi-trailer is parked on the cover.

She climbed out of the ditch in her pink robe and hard soled moccasin slippers, brushed herself off.

I pray that you think about your direction and you are able to climb out of the abyss of lies before it is too late.

Far from climbing out of the hole they have dug for themselves, Western economies are sinking ever deeper into it.

His co-driver David Whitby climbed out of the diesel engine to ring the signalman, but found that the line-side phone cables had been cut.

As Julia begins to climb out of her months-long hibernation from life, there are two people who reach out in an effort to help her: Evan and Reece.

In 6% of cases climb up is used

And I've only ever climbed up Snowdon.

You have been telling me that I need to climb up to the mountain.

This weekend, I climbed up to the mesa again in my imagination.

Would you please let down your hair so that I can climb up to you? J: You are a nut case.

As I climbed up the stairs towards my temporary bedroom, I felt something running down my face.

It will also not have to climb up the hill anymore, but will get cut down into the side of the hill as it heads towards the Whau.

I loved his celebration, especially where he put his hands up in the air and his fingers are moving like spider climbing up a wall.

Sure, the terrain was a bit ragged at times, but it was climbing up the paved steps during the hike that was actually more challenging.

It was only a short hike, but if you got to the bottom of the mesa, you were able to slip between some rocks and climb up on top of the mesa.

In 5% of cases climb through is used

Of the extra 10 several climbed through the windows.

If consent was given why did some climb through the window? 4.

Climb through the rain forest to Mandara Hut (2,700m) about 3 hours.

The trail climbs through the lush forest to Mandara Hut, at 2,700 metres.

If physically fit, climb through the crater wall straight to Uhuru Peak (5,895m).

Going uphill and climbing through the mountain trails was too much for my heart.

The Essex girl and Ed are pals after climbing through the pop ranks at the same time.

Perhaps he has already climbed through an open window in the hotel and is already waiting for his new team-mates.

Climbing through the Southern Alps, State Highway 94 is one of the highest and most scenic state highways in New Zealand.

In 4% of cases climb over is used

Valentine had to climb over the dead bodies of people he knew, even loved, just to get free again.

So I climbed over the seat and got into the back with her while her husband Austin drove the jeep.

For two further days they scrambled and climbed over the rocks and glaciers, awe-struck with beauty.

The city was protected by a strong, tall wall and the attackers were forced to use siege towers to try and climb over it.

A huge door at each end helps too, and makes it super easy for both of us to get in and out without having to climb over gear or each other.

He awkwardly climbed over the small stone wall separating our carpark from a natural piece of garden on the right hand side of the entrance path.

A spokesman at the embassy in Khartoum said guards on the roof fired warning shots after hundreds of protesters breached the embassy's security perimeter and some tried to climb over the wall.

In 4% of cases climb from is used

In total, non-hydro renewables could climb from 12.

As a proportion of TV sets, this percentage will climb from 1.

Austria's Chen Weixing climbed from the 29th to the 24th spot.

While income for the top 20 clubs has risen, overall debt has gone up faster, climbing from 2.

Kenta Matsudaira is coming back to old positions as he climbed from the 56th to the 39th place.

During the last three decades, the percentage of children living with a step-parent has climbed from 6.

I learnt styles of climbing from watching him brace, stretch and sometimes jump across the indoor climbing wall.

In the next thirty years, New York's prison population sextupled, climbing from 13,400 prisoners in 1973 to 71,500 prisoners in 2000.

Its foreign trade volume also climbed from sixth to second place, and China's foreign exchange reserves have now exceeded three trillion U.

In 3% of cases climb onto is used

Try to climb onto a speedboat from the river and find out how difficult it is.

The waters rose so high that one man was forced to climb onto the roof of his house.

One possibility, and it is only a guess, is that he climbed onto a cleaning platform.

We chased up the track and climbed onto an open carriage that was made to carry panes of glass.

He was banned from the bar soon afterwards after climbing onto the roof and re-entering via the chimney.

The officers then climbed onto the roof of the house and started to throw stones and fire balls inside the house.

Chayton has started to scream and grunt in frustration when he can not climb onto the fireplace the way that he wants to.

Instead, he gets to climb onto the saddle Saturday afternoon, when the Als conclude the regular season?? and close out Canad Inns Stadium?? against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (3 p.

In 2% of cases climb with is used

Mr Down reached the summit in September of this year, having climbed with the African Walking Company.

The money will keep climbing with officials stating an estimated record jackpot in the 425 million dollar range.

He had climbed with Ginsberg in the High Cascades, travelled with him in India, and together they had bought this land.

I learnt to climb with an acquaintance; all roped up and in my harness, he held the rope that would stop me falling if I slipped.

Their Green Jersey is as good as over if he makes it into the break as I can not see Goss being able to get over the climbs with a moving breakaway.

What is almost certain is that none of the sprinters will make it over the climbs with the early breakaway even though there is 100 miles of rolling road left after.

Going rock climbing with alcohol in your system is therefore a good way to increase your chances of having an accident and bringing serious harm to you and/or those you are climbing with.

In 2% of cases climb aboard is used

Then I climbed aboard a Dublin bus and was saved from myself.

When Alec climbed aboard Halifax MZ 806 DT-R for what would be his final flight on November 21, little could have prepared him for the horror to come.

After evening drinks at the Sunset Terrace, climb aboard a boat to Jag Mandir for a romantic dinner! Jag Mandir was the first palace to be constructed in the middle of famous Lake Pichola.

In 2% of cases climb for is used

Satisfaction with the NHS has been climbing for years.

We will have climbed for 5-6 hours and up to 4700m that day.

Climb for Generosity Water Posted by Henry at 11:07 am, March 20th 2010.

A mountain that I have dreamed about climbing for more than twenty years.

Lunch is usually had here, and then the path climbs for about 3 hours to Barafu camp at 4600 metres.

The next day we climbed for two hours up to a refugio, which is a mountaineer's hut staffed year-round.

I thought the Newtonian mechanics is very clear; it has to be one way or another; no apple tree climbing for the Heisenberg's kitten in the Newton's orchard.

Our safari to Ngorongoro Crater/Olduvai Gorge was also great - the Sopa Lodge was a great stop post - climb for some R &; R, Modest, a careful and friendly driver.

In the foreground a ' chief mourner ' in ceremonial dress; young coconuts planted out, a mature coconut with a boy climbing for the nuts, and a tree (Erythrina?) with a man sitting at its base.

In 2% of cases climb by is used

Adding to their worries is the claim by Diabetes Ireland this week that the HSE is presiding over a health disaster as diabetes amputations have climbed by 20 per cent.

The burning of greenhouse-gas producing fossil fuels, which had plateaued at about six billion tonnes of oil equivalent annually, climbed by half as much again in 20 years.

In 2% of cases climb at is used

Do a lot of sports climbing at home.

Hua Shan is very steep and difficult, not to mention dangerous, to climb at some points.

Maestro is best left to do it's thing, as it's plenty efficient even on standing climbs at maintaining rear tire traction.

Affect on performance Not only can drinking make you a less safe climber the next day, it can also mean you will not be climbing at your best.

In 1% of cases climb inside is used

Lucy climbed inside the cabinet.

With just five starts, Havens has managed to climb inside the top 20 in the drivers points standings.

In 1% of cases climb down is used

Now, I'd all dressed and ready to go, and I climb down the stairs to go and alas! The staircase is filled with water.

I drove on to the Blomidon Park (although I was tempted to drop in on Ami McKay) and climbed down the steps to walk along the beach.

After paying the modest entrance fee, we climbed down some stairs into an area where the slaves had been housed before being taken up for trade.

In 1% of cases climb between is used

It would also help on the steep hill I have to climb between work and home.

The grave did look suspicious, climbing between steep hills, seemed to have done nothing more than knock off the yellow and blue hat.

The cruise line asserted that video tapes show she was apparently trying to climb between balconies when she fell overboard near Atlantic City, NJ.

In 1% of cases climb towards is used

Before long, a monkey will go to the stairs and start to climb towards the banana.

However their magnetic stability breaks down as temperatures climb towards everyday room temperature.

At Beaconsfield the proportion of couples where women earn more than men is climbing towards one in three, while in nearby St Peters and Newtown it has reached one in four.

In 1% of cases climb as is used

Even still, the Chilcotins offer a few sustained climbs as well as several quick technical ones.

Mountains can be climbed as the countryside boasts several peaks that are considered to be Britain's highest mountains.

In 1% of cases climb upon is used

If you want to know why I do not fear your tortures, light a fire, and I will climb upon it.

In 1% of cases climb above is used

Above 248, the suit would transform into a close-fitting sauna -- the temperature would climb above 125 and the person would become dehydrated and pass out, eventually dying of heatstroke.

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