Prepositions after "click"

click on, for, through, to or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 87% of cases click on is used

Click on it to see your answer.

Click on the ' Links ' tabs on.

Click on Links to see a list of.

You set it up, connect it to the beamer and click on the button to open your slideshow.

You hide all the answers and set up event handlers for users to click on the questions.

REG files can be viewed in Notepad by right clicking on the file and selecting Edit.

We suggest that you visit the Ministry of Law website at and click on ' Admission to the Singapore Bar ' for details.

The object allows for traversal to the destination resource, typically by clicking on any of the containing areas.

Have a look at the Fact Sheets for both those species by clicking on the underlined names for further information.

To do so, go to your Basic Information section, click on the dropdown next to your phone number, and select No Phone.

In 3% of cases click for is used

Anonymous I clicked for one reason.

Who is going to bother to click for 0.

Click for IASB Press Release (PDF 101k).

Click for Home Chic from the comfort of your armchair.

Click for our > Cross Cultural Training < services.

We covered the story here and here; click for fast background.

You write in a interesting way, making me finish the article and click for more.

Some pictures of the Celebrity Solstice (click for larger views) Like this? Please.

Click For More You Can Try Here Browse This Site weblink You Could try these out You Can Try This.

Like you, it didn't really click for me, and I think I only gave it about 3 listens before deciding it wasn't all that.

In 2% of cases click through is used

Click through our gallery to see.

Click through the pieces below to shop now.

Click through the tabs above to see the work.

When you browse on eBay, you click through categories and lists of items -- exploring as.

On dull summer days we laboriously clicked through every stop on the dial, hoping for something new.

Think this is strange real estate? Oh, you ain't seen nothin ' yet! Click through the gallery below to.

Click through the slideshow below for some of the biggest workplace health challenges -- and what you can do about them.

We followed slowly like a pair of kerb crawlers, watching its every move with camera clicking through the car window.

Continuous Reading With Safari Reader, you don't have to click through multiple web pages to reach the end of a long article.

This test will show you exactly how it works whenever someone visits my site through you! Click through my site to the order page.

In 2% of cases click to is used

Click to cycle through all the types of tab stops.

WARNING/ When you click to another area of the DCM i.

Car advertising can not be turned off, turned to the next page or clicked to the next website.

When do we want it? After Dinner! - Just Jules, Uk, 22/3/2012 17:12 Click to rate Rating 10Report abuse.

Dear me! -5 Click to rate Report miserablemoaninggit - 21-Feb-11 11:12 Well in Chris, a calm positive approach is always the best way.

The adventurous might try clicking to other columns to find out about kinds of poetry whose existence is rarely hinted at on the pages of Poetry.

This will raise the CTR or Click To Rate of the page, therefore, which makes it simple for the customers to visit the same page via different sources.

A little about what the creator says about the rub: (you will notice when you click to the article that Midyett is cooking on a Big Green Egg) ' The secret ingredient, Midyett says, is sumac.

In 2% of cases click with is used

On OS X, hold down the Control key and click with a mouse.

So I right clicked with my mouse to get a few definitions for extremism up.

Let's hope ' Raaz 3 ' doesn't bite the dust and manages to click with the audience.

Just click with the mouse right button on the root tree item and choose the dump menu.

Oz and I were meant to be but Barcelona? It's the one place I've been that just didn't click with me.

He then said that the Prseident had a Vision for Pakistan which clicked with what he was advocating.

There are tons of stories of iconic movie moments that happened just because an actor clicked with the person in front of him.

It doesn't matter how great your interview was, or how much you clicked with your interviewer, or how perfect the job seems for you.

Yeah sure I got more dates overall (both with different women and with the same women ), but I wasn't finding people I clicked with.

Its spirit of direct democracy has clicked with the Quebec student union's history of grassroots organizing through decentralized general assemblies.

In 1% of cases click in is used

If you click in the middle of the bar the whole thing can be moved.

It's only in the past 3-4 years that the language really started to click in my head.

If you click in a corner you drag the frame and crop horizontal and vertical at the same time.

That normally should be in a plus in my book, but for whatever reason Adelaide just didn't click in the least.

After coming you need to click in the third link to confirm that the html code has been added to the proper site.

I just made these fritters, clicked in hurry and now started writing by munching these crispy n yummy fritters.

The anchor (or link) text is the text between the HTML tags A and /A and is displayed as the text that you click in a browser to go to a new page.

When I opened up your initial refactoring, it instantly clicked in my head what you did, why, and how the effort up front makes further expansion of the program easier.

After being given a rude wake-up call by a resurgent West Indies, who chased down 118 quite easily in its opening game, the batting clicked in a pressure game against South Africa.

In 1% of cases click into is used

We know we're better and it's time we start clicking into gear.

The wheels clicked into position and everything else that needed attachment did so with the aid of velcro straps.

And that something, if we can swallow our fear and stomach the process of dating until (or if) casual turns into concrete, the maybe, that click will click into an actual something.

For example the report on the megavalanche was entertaining enough but I wasn't bothered about seeing much more, while I might click into the full length version of the Merckx interview.

This is no doubt due to the three hard years it has taken to create the piece with Alasdair, from the sketching of local people on Byres Road to the last segment of tile work that clicked into place.

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