Prepositions after "clarify"

clarify in, on, by, for or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases clarify in is used

As soon as it is clarified in this way, your comment is revealed to be ridiculous.

Please bear with me and if I am not clear enough just ask and I will clarify in the comments.

Dilan corrects One Shot Nov 29 (Island) Minister Dilan Perera clarified in Parliament yesterday that he was married twice and not thrice as claimed by an opposition MP.

In 20% of cases clarify on is used

Several ministers are also here to clarify on some of these issues and concerns.

On the basis of what have been clarified on allegations in paragraph 7(c), event No.

Collins sought to clarify on Thursday that she was not criticizing McCain for his absence but simply noting that he and Graham would both play an important role in the Benghazi investigation.

In 14% of cases clarify by is used

This has been clarified by the Central Information Commission in one of its orders on 31st Jan 2006.

Either the law needs to be clarified by the Philippine legislature or someone to file a case here in the Philippines and let the Philippine court system interpret the law.

Should the authority of the Episcopacy Committee to do what was necessary for the health of the church be clarified by the highest law body of The United Methodist Church? Yes, it should.

In 10% of cases clarify for is used

I shall urge you to get the things clarified for this matter is really of utmost importance.

Government has not clarified for the electorate that seeking asylum is legal and the perception that they are illegal persists - and not only in the western suburbs of Sydney.

Their achievement has been to begin to clarify for a broad swath of society that a tuition hike is not a matter of isolated accounting, but the goal of a neoliberal austerity agenda the world over.

In 9% of cases clarify to is used

TRT has also clarified to Esctoday.

I think this is a very serious question that PG &E; needs to clarify to all it's customers.

I was merely attempting to clarify to an earlier poster in the thread who seemed convinced that Mitt's kids were independant/didn't need their father's money.

In 9% of cases clarify with is used

Remember to clarify with the tenant and the new landlord the liability for refunding the deposit to the tenant.

Most of the airports charges airport departure tax in the tickets that the tourists need to clarify with their travel agent.

If you choose to engage an agent, you should clarify with him or her details of the engagement such as the amount of commission and the time of payment before signing the estate agency agreement.

If you choose to appoint an agent, you should clarify with him or her details of the engagement such as the amount of commission and the time of payment before signing the estate agency agreement.

In 4% of cases clarify at is used

This should be clarified at the time of acceptance of employment.

Should we treat all women as though their decisions do nt count or are the moral police going to be there to clarify at the time.

I am proposing that we put labels to various types of microcredit so that we can clarify at the beginning of our discussion which microcredit we are talking about.

In 1% of cases clarify about is used

It wants to clarify about getting out of the consumer market.

In 1% of cases clarify before is used

One thing to be clarified before address the issue.

In 1% of cases clarify during is used

Toh Kia Hing, 53, used to work with Sony Music, and he clarified during his interview with inSing News that he is Hainanese and not Hokkien.

In 1% of cases clarify of is used

Other accessories such as the remote comes in handy to adjust the screen or the specifications while the lenses help in enhancing the colors and clarify of the images that appear on the screen.

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