Prepositions after "claim"

"claim by", "claim in" or "claim for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases claim by is used

It was claimed by the family of J.

Vandervelde was claimed by the Bucs.

Keenan Clayton was claimed by the Raiders.

Related Videos Reader Comments (36) No boots on Pakistani soil, as claimed by Pakistani generals.

The uninhabited islands abound with mineral resources and are claimed by Japan, China and Taiwan.

As much of this land was now claimed by other European settlers, such talk was not well received.

The Protectorate of Northern Nigeria, proclaimed in 1900, was also just a sphere of influence claimed by the British.

Deciding not to fight a legal battle is definitively NOT proof of guilt or tantanount to confession as claimed by FFC.

Slave trade was not a principal element in the Arab-African transactions, as is sometimes claimed by European writers.

The manifestation of material nature is temporary and occasional, but not false as claimed by the mayavadi philosophers.

In 14% of cases claim for is used

There are three claim forms: Stand-alone houses.

For example, in 2010 you can claim for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

It will be noted that this was an action for the price, rather than a claim for damages.

The failure to prevail on some damages claims for late delivery doesn't change anything.

The one great result which I claim for my paper of 1858 is that it compelled Darwin to write.

A full refund can be claimed for cancellations made more than two hours prior to departure on a Flexible Fare only.

You have to remember (despite what the YECs say ), Christianity is not based on reason -- it never makes that claim for itself.

If the nikh has been performed but she has not gone to live with her husband as yet, she can still claim for the food and clothing.

In 14% of cases claim in is used

This is what he claims in his message.

Sadek never claimed in his e-mail promoting Mr.

An adverse EU decision may spark damages claims in other jurisdictions worldwide.

The Post even claimed in a 2007 editorial that Mexico's GDP had quadrupled since 1988.

Is it not even better than claiming schools or results that some leaders claimed in the years past.

Brekke claimed in February that the company rose to second position in Tamil Nadu circle as it added 3.

It is therefore possible to make an assessment of whether they did what they claimed in relation to these two citizens.

There are 3 sorts of individual injury claims in which one could file negligence, strict liability and intentional wrong.

Andrews claimed in his book, Dublin Made Me, that the Dublin United Tram Company had a policy of recruiting non-Dubliners.

There is no more powerfull ally one can claim in a debate than Jesus, God, or Allah, or whatever one calls the supreme being.

In 9% of cases claim to is used

It is not what it claims to be-democratic.

The hadith that u claim to b questionable, is not questionable.

The Bible does not claim to be a scientific book in many areas.

Of course, I don't know if Debbie really did overhear the conversation she claimed to.

The credit union claimed to have everything in order and pushed for us to close very quickly.

I don't know the answer to that question and won't claim to (I am not religious and am agnostic about God).

Alec Maclaren Claims To Start Young A lot of people are likely to begin with financial planning on a poor side of 40s.

I didn't think the GOP could claim to be the more fiscally conservative party after the spending of the Bush Administration.

Globally, Khan is considered to be one of the biggest movie stars, 4 with a fan following claimed to number in the billions.

But what I'd getting at is that anyone can make a claim to greater expertise in a field, and anyone can simply refer to a book.

In 8% of cases claim on is used

Miles can be claimed online for JetAirways and JetKonnect flights 7.

These can be claimed online through the ' Claim Missing Miles ' page.

Some residents claimed on Friday that the majority of victims were Christians.

Then in desperation he had thought to claim on insurance for a small fire that he had orchestrated.

WeatherAction claims on its website that between March and September 2008, it had an 85 per cent accuracy rate.

There is nothing ethical about selling your members PPI in the knowledge that many of them can never claim on it.

Apple's software claims on the home screen and other touch actions were also big winners today, as was its trade dress.

This is certainly not the ' satisfactory response ' by a theologian to Dawkins that Polkinghorne claims on the back cover.

These are varied between different criteria that could mean that you were unable to claim on the insurance should you need to.

They urge us to claim on behalf of all those who have gone before, our full divinity, our wisdom and power to dream a new world into being.

In 5% of cases claim at is used

BUT she uphold the Obama Administrations claims at the same time.

Honestly, none of these designers sell as much as they claim at exhibitions.

Dr Owuor claims at (Video 7, from 7:15 to 7:35 minute marks) that the upcoming war with Iran is post-rapture.

Dr Owuor claims at (Video 7, 9:45 minute mark) that God makes him announce these things, and then they take place.

The Evidence Act says this privilege applies whether or not it was claimed at the time the person refused to provide the information.

Video 6: Dr Owuor claims at the (2:00) minute mark that the rapture will occur and then the second coming of the Lord will occur 7 years later.

None of this information is with support and no rings or watch fobs, except for the one claimed at the National Historic Site has ever surfaced.

Public interest Another key issue for consideration is the effect on the public interest of seeking to resolve workplace bullying claims at mediation.

Martin Heinrich rolled over Heather Wilson--51 to 45 and 4 for independent Jon Barrie--in a US Senate race that her pollster claimed at the end was tied, but was never really close.

Islam also preaches LOVE and forbids HATRED among the mankind Recommend Well the blog was a total unbiased stuff and cleared many things which, both urdu and sindhi media, were aimlessly claiming at.

In 3% of cases claim against is used

Instead, the Bundesbank receives a TARGET2 claim against the Bank of Spain.

Assessor: Then I can't see how you could claim against him for radiation poisoning.

This deduction can be claimed against business income and not against interest or any other income.

The old currency gold/pyramid has been replaced by a little understood labyrinth of paper claims against gold.

However expenses which can be directly attributable to earning of this income can be claimed against this income on a proportionate basis.

Federal MPs have dismissed the response of NSW Liberal Premier Barry O'Farrell who has launched an inquiry into police handling of abuse claims against priests in the Hunter region.

In 3% of cases claim as is used

Sturt was claimed as a hero and given a gold medal.

Henderson was free to continue to prospect and stake mining claims as an ordinary citizen.

The former British Somaliland became independent on June 26 1960, within the borders that it now claims as an independent state.

If I saw this description without knowing it had been claimed as a mollusc I would have little doubt in thinking it was a polychaete.

John the Evangelist) claimed as a Patron Saint by the fraternal society of Free and Accepted Masons (better known as the Freemasons).

An impoverished neighbourhood, Abu Salim was always claimed as the most loyal segment of the capital by Gaddafi, lying just south of his Bab al-Aziziyah compound on the road to the airport.

Ordinarily any concession shown in the price of goods for any commercial reason would be a trade discount which can legitimately be claimed as a deduction under clause (a) of Rule 9 of the Rules.

In 3% of cases claim from is used

Some employers operate in-house medical plans under which employees contribute to and claim from the plan.

However if it is for medical reasons talk to your travel insurance company, you may be able to claim from them.

Can I file a claim to any company? I read on borderlinx web it say insurance can claim from axa, wonder if you know.

On her return to part-time work the employee found her workload remained excessive and claimed from that time onwards she was subjected to unreasonable and bullying treatment from her managers.

In 3% of cases claim under is used

Principal repayment on a housing loan taken by the HUF can also be claimed under this section.

Illustrations (a) A, an executor, buys at an undervalue from B, a legatee, his claim under the will.

It is also paid when you are classed as terminally ill and are claiming under the ' special rules '.

Enesa, the Brazilian insured, claimed under insurance policies issued by a Brazilian insurer, Sulamerica.

Forfeiture 184(9) A dissenting shareholder who fails to comply with subsection (8) has no right to make a claim under this section.

Q What amounts to a course of conduct? After this decision, there was some worry that the floodgates would open with employee harassment claims under the Act.

Your contribution to the EPF is eligible for tax deduction of up to Rs 1 lakh under Section 80C (total tax deduction claimed under Section 80C for eligible investments can not exceed Rs 1 lakh.

In 3% of cases claim with is used

Change that claim with seam on the third or fourth day, and Dhoni is on to something.

Donate through Global Giving Donors as gift aid is claimed with each eligible donation.

It's that time of year already, where we claim with great authority that it's that time of the year already.

All three were convicted, but the latter two claimed with Hayer's support that they weren't even in the Audubon Ballroom that afternoon.

A tax authority would not be a third party because it would have no rights to claim with respect to the rectification of a written instrument.

He sometimes played teasing games, claiming with a sad face that the latest issue was going to be delayed and then unveiling it just as I had turned away balefully.

The helmet law supporters now have to claim with a straight face that helmet laws won't decrease cycling by more than 1 or 2 percent in order to justify them on public health grounds.

In 2% of cases claim about is used

They have made claims about fishing laws, the M? ori language, and education.

M? ori have made claims about the Government allowing pollution of the sea, rivers, air, and land.

Get a life and explore and read more before you make knowledge claims about psychology and physiology etc.

When we examine Bible claims about Jesus ' supposed resurrection we find very good reasons why we should not believe them (see page).

Ok, credible academic caution here but even so, this is a disturbingly modest thing to be able to claim about mobiles after 15 years of their existence.

However if we know Dhamma well it will be quite easy to refute this claim because, like most Christian claims about Buddhism, it is based upon misunderstandings.

In 2% of cases claim through is used

If you wish to claim through insurance, it is very likely that the insurance company will want to pay you out and keep the car.

Ehsanullah makes all his responsibility claims through wireless phone and the last such claim was about the assassination attempt on Hamid Mir.

In 1% of cases claim within is used

Refunds must be claimed within 31 days of the date of cancellation.

Prizes not claimed within 60 days will be forfeited with prior approval to the DTI.

If the prize is not claimed within this time period, or if the winner can not be reached within fourteen (14) calendar days, a new draw will take place until a winner is confirmed.

In 1% of cases claim up is used

Some bishops are claiming up to the maximum fixed allowance for attending sessions in the second chamber while having full-time jobs in their dioceses.

In 1% of cases claim of is used

The claim of deduction under section 80-IA was in respect of eligible unit 4.

After about 20 minutes the jury found a verdict for the plaintiff, James Pearson for the amount claimed of 15 2shilllings; &; for the defendant on the counter claim for 5.

In 1% of cases claim during is used

The report claims during the first 6 months of the year roughly 7.

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