Prepositions after "circulate"

circulate in, to, on, by or among?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases circulate in is used

It is widely been circulated in the streets that Mr.

The magazine circulated in Guinea and was covered on national TV there.

Most money that circulates in the rural areas comes from teachers ' pay i.

If at all possible, the written reports should be circulated in advance of the meeting.

Much of the blood circulating in animals is loaded with what we don't want in our bodies.

Good chi must be allowed to circulate in a house and not come into a house and exit immediately.

They live for 4-6 years, producing millions of immature microfilariae (minute larvae) that circulate in the blood.

Market sentiment seems to be quite strong while rumors of revisiting the CGT are also circulating in the market.

When the news of Chen Guangchen's escape circulated in the village a few days later, many also could not believe it either.

Contemporary visual images circulate in virtual space not only on the Web but also as elements of video games, CD-Roms, and DVDs.

In 9% of cases circulate to is used

It is recommended that the minutes be circulated to committee.

The report has been circulated to relevant agencies to ensure that.

Speaker to the fact that at the head of the Bill, as circulated to hon.

The Notice of Annual Meeting, including all resolutions to be considered, has been circulated to all unit holders.

Minutes of meetings are generally circulated to all committee members after approval by both health and safety committee co-chairpersons.

While the Minute Secretary takes the Minutes, it is the Secretary's job to make sure that they are accurate, copied and circulated to members.

The Annual Report including the Financial Statements for the year end 30 June 2012 have been circulated to all unitholders and are now formally tabled at the meeting.

In 2003, She was invited to write an article for Ministry of Education - Art Unit, Curriculum Planning and Development Division and it was circulated to all schools in Singapore.

The order, circulated to police chiefs last month as France began expelling nearly 1000 Roma Gypsies to Romania and Bulgaria, appeared to confirm the ethnic minority was being singled out.

In 8% of cases circulate on is used

Rumours are circulating on singer Grace Jones and former.

Details of meetings, rides planned and other announcements are circulated on the email group as.

Here is just a sample of the variations circulating on the Net: That is a rule up with which I will not put.

The following message began circulating on the Internet around 21 November 1997: Hello everybody, My name is Bill Gates.

Stories circulate on the Upper East Side whisper circuit of a $5 million check to one school, a $10 million one to another.

Obviously, this regulation is very large if not too large, since it lets certain insufficiently stable vehicles circulate on public roads.

These iconic frames, circulating on the Internet, are frozen, compressed and repeatedly re-sampled, each time decaying the image a little further.

We outlined the events of the day, key points of the three-page report circulating on email and text, and -- most importantly -- the denials of Fr.

Last night (July 1 ), false claims begin to circulate on Twitter that the ' Somebody That I Used To Know ' singer that shot himself in the head, which made it onto CNN's iReport.

At the time, an open letter was circulated on the internet to be sent to Vivian Wineman asking the Board to reconsider its decision, and it attracted more than 1,000 signatories.

In 7% of cases circulate by is used

Cotton is breathable fabric, allows air to circulate by way of skin and remains cool in summers and warm in winters thus they are favored for all seasons.

Cotton is breathable fabric, allows air to circulate by way of skin and remains awesome in summers and warm in winters hence they are favored for all seasons.

Radiant HVAC methods transfer high temperature from drinking water or steam, which is then circulated by your household by high temperature exchangers or radiators.

Code exploiting the vulnerability has already been circulated by Immunity, a company that provides intelligence to security providers, according to Immunity's CTO, Dave Aitel.

In 6% of cases circulate among is used

I have heard some rumors circulating among NYC-area clergy from my parish priest.

So there's an unofficial blacklist of actors circulating among directors? Oh, yes.

Stories had been circulating among the fur traders since the 1850s that there was gold in the tributaries of the Yukon River.

Qur'an as a bwas already completed by the Holy Prophet, many copies were made and circulated among the muslim communities all over the Islamic world.

All through the early 1870s tantalizing traces of gold appeared in the Yukon Valley, and stories about finds of gold circulated among the men in the region.

In 6% of cases circulate around is used

As the air circulates around this point, the cloud system becomes distorted.

The unit could be taken as a series of sessions with the whole class or the students could circulate around the stations over the five days.

Rainfall in Beijing China will enter the Yangtze River, and drain into the East China Sea, to the Pacific, and within days, that same water will circulate around the world.

In 5% of cases circulate for is used

Owuor is simply teaching false doctrines that have been circulated for many years.

The bulletin had been circulated for a while and I doubted if there were many who would turn up.

The text was published in April 2010, but only after there had been leaked versions circulating for nearly two years.

Sources of funding need to be created and properly circulated for better usage and results, especially when the education is increasingly becoming costly.

In 4% of cases circulate about is used

Rumours Circulated about Heidi Slimane and The Rolling Stones.

Shortly after 9/11, strange stories began circulating about the lucky few who had escaped the outrage.

Whether this is true or not, a story circulating about Khan, who like Dudus also bore the nickname ' Shortman ', suggests otherwise.

There are so many false assumptions and even prejudices still circulating about the similarities and the differences between the sectors.

When you start going through such strain, you could possibly start letting your feelings circulate about it, exponentially fueling your stress levels.

In 4% of cases circulate through is used

In older, draftier properties, air was able to circulate through the property and moisture could escape.

A part of the problem with this model is that people do not inhabit space statically; rather they circulate through it.

If we use the human body as the metaphor: a bank is the heart and capital is the blood that circulates through various organs.

The recycled water will be circulated through the laboratory's cooling towers to help cool the super-computers housed in the laboratory's Strategic Computer Complex.

In 3% of cases circulate via is used

Partisan graphics circulating via email and Facebook are both incorrect.

And -- despite being corrected later -- it has continued to circulate via email.

The video clip, circulated via mobile phone, shows a woman with long black hair and clad in a white cloth floating in midair while whimpering.

In 2% of cases circulate within is used

This happens to be achieved by having water and coffee staying circulated within each appliance and cooked various times.

If there are any victims and villains, they all circulate within the unified cosmos in which fable and the real are conflated.

RUMS was designed to build upon existing staff strengths and interests in how media audiences, industries and texts are produced and circulate within contemporary culture and society.

In 2% of cases circulate as is used

Heated air, steam or h2o is then circulated as a result of duct function or pipes in the course of your dwelling, and these solutions can be either compelled air or radiant high temperature.

In 1% of cases circulate of is used

With rumours circulating of artist Visa quibbles, Respect Jamaica needed something special to recover its momentum.

There was still one more plenary left and rumors circulated of a last ditch flurry of negotiations behind closed doors.

In 1% of cases circulate since is used

The number of outbreaks caused by DENV-1 serotype, which is circulating since 1940s, is increasing, though the number is less than that for DENV-2.

In 1% of cases circulate into is used

Note that a portable fume hood is not sufficient if the gas is circulated into a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter or equivalent.

In 1% of cases circulate throughout is used

Rent a fog machine to keep the mists circulating throughout your party.

A transcript of the Minister's speech was circulated throughout the Department.

In 1% of cases circulate between is used

The heat reservoir was drilled into at two locations almost 100m apart and water circulated between them, passing through the hot rocks.

In 1% of cases circulate at is used

Even printed leaflets with such information were also circulated at such meetings.

As overall case counts slow, it's important to remember that whooping cough will always circulate at some level in our communities.

The money system will be based on gold and silver with silver as the basic medium of exchange and gold circulating at free market value.

The journey underground is probably Rusty Lemorande? s material as several stills from these scenes were circulating at the time of the shooting of his version.

In 1% of cases circulate amongst is used

Origin In horse racing circles tips on which horse is a likely winner circulate amongst punters.

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