Prepositions after "cheer"

"cheer for" or "cheer on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases cheer for is used

Now we cheer for them at political rallies.

You sit on your bench and really cheer for your team.

It's a sport where we, as fans, cheer for the hardest of hits.

We cheer for the vintage and get nostalgic when NGOs speak about the rickshaw pullers.

Maybe, just maybe, you are cheering for the slaughter of the real people chosen by God.

I don't know, there just seems to be something about him that makes it easy to cheer for him.

It was beautiful to see the fans run with the truck and cheering for Wayne made his journey to light the cauldron.

TheRealDave says: 11:49am 09/07/12 Maybe they should have been cheering for Allah to provide far better shooting accuracy.

But at the end of the day, very many fans don't necessarily cheer for the name on the jersey, but rather for the jersey itself.

I didn't care much for Stephen Harper's accusation, earlier in the campaign, that the opposition were cheering for a recession.

In 37% of cases cheer on is used

All good Bobbies should be cheering on the rights of self defence.

It's time to quit cheering on Reid and get off this particular bus.

So if you've got some time this weekend, walk over to the Charles and cheer on your college crew buddies.

But that's no reason why we need to cheer on the austerity that's been shoved down our throats by the Coalition.

There were similar scenes in Jaffna as supporters in the north cheered on the team in a sign of national unity.

Whether it's away at Wigan or hosting Manchester United, I'd there, up at some unholy time, cheering on the Arsenal.

Millions of people lined the streets and stadiums to cheer on their respective athletes and a carnival feel gripped the capital.

Then the media horse race can do the rest, argue that the govt ain't winning so it's losing, and cheer on the electoral collapse.

In a suburb of Washington, girls have cast down their pompons and are refusing to cheer on (or entertain ') their high-school sports stars.

I grew up a Notre Dame football fan because I was Irish Catholic, and my dad and uncle had been cheering on the blue &; gold since they were kids.

In 5% of cases cheer at is used

With thousands of people cheering at the same time, the feeling of joy was manifest.

File: Supporters cheer at the end of President Barack Obama remarks during an election in Chicago.

You can have all the close games you want, but nothing is going to hide those blowouts or the sheer monotony of seeing Kilkenny half-heartedly cheer at yet another All-Ireland.

In 4% of cases cheer by is used

Cheered by my stars, supported by the omens of my soul, we will penetrate to those vast and glorious worlds which my wisdom tells me lie yet un-tracked in the recesses of the circling sea.

In 2% of cases cheer from is used

As a man, my level of participation is slightly limited; yet I vow to always cheer from the sidelines, and I promise to do my best to educate myself and others.

In 2% of cases cheer in is used

Padres fan and Giants fan were cheering in unison.

An excluded group must definitely feel cheered in a gathering, where the members of that group form the majority.

There are many methods for you to, all your family members can make ice cubes environmentally friendly tea, this is always an all in one to cheer in mid-air beverage most people.

In 1% of cases cheer about is used

That there are problems with approach is self-evident: Bank Of America has 58 million customers, whereas the campaigns were cheering about the defection of hundreds of thousands.

In 1% of cases cheer upon is used

Cheer upon cheer went out by the spectators.

In 1% of cases cheer to is used

Like a street performer, Wanamaker brought hope and cheer to all around him.

In 1% of cases cheer of is used

The crowd appreciated the fight scenes gripped initially by silence, to cheering of support.

In 1% of cases cheer instead is used

It was impressive to see them sitting out there in the pouring rain and lots of them cheering instead of letting the weather get them down.

In 1% of cases cheer because is used

People were cheering because of baseball.

In 1% of cases cheer as is used

The people cheered as the man took a couple of very shaky, small steps.

The crowd of nearly 70,000 at the stadium cheered as the chief minister called co-owner Juhi Chawla and team captain Gautam Gambhir for cutting the cake.

In 1% of cases cheer along is used

She has a great rapport with a crowd and had everyone cheering along with her.

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