Prepositions after "check"

"check for", "check on" or "check with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases check for is used

Check for ongoing and new offerings.

Check for food and wine events here.

You can check for more in this address.

I think Teletalk did not do any of this test and PSC did not bother to check for this.

This will make it a lot easier to check for updates without seeking them all over again.

Before stripping off and going into the water, I double checked for other dog walkers.

The foreign content is initially checked for suitability in relation to any potential civil or criminal liability.

I created a quick and nasty collision system where all game objects were checked for collisions against each other.

Are you been monitored with Day 21 bloods to check for ovulation? Sorry just saw your reply!! No side effects for me.

Yet the assurance is given on page 23 of the Report that its contents had been checked for accuracy and consistency.

In 24% of cases check with is used

Please check with your employer.

Do check with us for more details.

We recommend you check with the U.

How? By checking with Travelocity and your airline 24 hours before your departure.

You may need to check with your host to see if you have the ability to edit your php.

Check with your tourist information desk upon arrival in Freeport (airport or harbour.

Each has their own symptoms and treatments, so it is best to check with a doctor if you suspect you have vaginitis.

I checked with a top legal expert and, while surrogacy is taking place, it is not reflected anywhere in Irish law.

You are strongly advised to check with your broker or investment adviser before activating any investment decisions.

In 18% of cases check on is used

If not check on it again tomorrow.

Until my girlfriend came to check on me.

Orevic is due to check on us in two days.

They can check on their phones when they are having their recess time and on dismissal.

We have seen applicants denied the visa because they did not check on this ruling first.

There are historical places and notes along the trail which you can also check on s1942.

Project Progress On Friday 15th February SGG returned to Upendo Children's Home to check on any progress made so far.

Being so worried, alvira called Amante's phone to check on him but she failed since Amante was rushed to the hospital.

A few hours later his mother checked on her son, she saw his mouth filled with foamy spit and his eyes red and gory.

Check prices After you have determined what you want, you need to check on the prices by doing some comparative shopping.

In 7% of cases check in is used

He checked in a great big suitcase.

Warning: The last team to check in here.

Arrive at the hotel, check in and relax.

Events fill up quick, so be sure to check in daily for new invitations! Thank you Match.

No luggage tag and I realized the Tiger Airway staff counter did not check in my luggage.

Then I realized Win's program notes had to be checked in time for auditions on Thursday.

Will be checking in here from time to time now:) That is so great to hear! I am so glad to connect with you at WDS.

Check In For Kenya Airways international flights from Dar es Salaam, check in opens two and a half hours before departure.

Information you should Check in Advance before you hire a Mover: Inquire about the moving company's on time record and check references.

You can download skeletons of such programs on some ftp sites that keep IRC related stuff (check in the Frequently Asked Questions part).

In 7% of cases check into is used

Check into Banana Benders Hostel c.

Check into it and it will make sense.

We would check into the hotel Colombee.

The first thing I did after arriving in Manly and checking into the Manly Backpackers.

And some nights he checks into the Regency in New York, where three of his children live.

If you're a fan of Underoath, old or new, I'd recommend checking into this release immediately.

Whenever I check into a hotel, I get really fascinated by just how crazy expensive some of the items in the minibar are.

From there, they drove more than two hours to reach Purnea where I checked into a hotel and had my lunch at about 3 pm.

So, for instance, if you're single and want a church with a single's ministry, be sure to check into this before joining.

Jimmy Wales, the co-founder of Wikipedia, banned and closed the Wiki page to check into further exploitation of the issue.

In 4% of cases check by is used

I got checked by the DSS doctor who agreed.

The immediate threat was checked by the fire support ships.

This is meant to be rigorously checked by staff at the job centre.

And yes, these are the most earlier posts that are not checked by any of my team member.

These exceptions are called unchecked exceptions because they are not checked by the compiler.

What they claim is that the Report was drafted over months and carefully checked by each of them.

If your card is damaged, please take it into a store and have it checked by one of our Customer Service team members.

These exceptions are not checked by the compiler, and hence, need not be caught or declared to be thrown in your program.

Note that RuntimeException and its subclasses are not checked by the compiler and need not be declared in the method's signature.

It can be viewed and checked by all airline and cruise operators around the world through an electronic travel reservation system.

In 3% of cases check at is used

Check at any local meat markets.

Check at Mirage for the latest show timings.

Check at Bally's for the latest show timings.

For Casino Games you can check at the given link in the post.

So I checked at another price comparison website here in Australia.

Never got the notification and checked at 11:30 and 2:00, too early and too late.

The car in front of him had swerved away so he didn't have time to check at the scene.

Goods must be checked at the time of delivery to make sure they correspond to the items ordered.

In 2% of cases check against is used

Please check against it before mailing.

Files should be checked against the database.

Email addresses are checked against the database of Akismet.

CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY Get involved Sign up to stay updated on the issues.

The details of all citizens crossing the border at the checkpoints are carefully checked against wanted person databases.

Where an insurance policy quote is not incepted, the quote can only be kept for 15 months to check against fraudulent applications.

Biometric information is currently stored in a central government database in the UK and is checked against UK government records.

The MAL Checking System When passport details are entered into the booking system, they are checked against the Australian Government Migrant Alert List (MAL).

The first night, he was able to check against pyrophobia, for at the vaudeville with Leora, when on the stage a dancer lighted a brazier, he sat waiting for the theater to take fire.

In 1% of cases check before is used

The item was fully checked before sending out &; was working fine.

Good thing some of my friends called me to check before sending money over.

Either way he didn't bother to check before posting an assertion about Grog.

Where it falls down is speed -- everything seems to be checked before downloading then again before installing.

It's the first thing some dieters check before choosing a food, but many take an over-simplified view of the figure.

Passengers need to go through immigration and customs as well as luggage checks before getting to their connecting flight.

Out of all the other systems I checked before arriving here, Dan is the only one who actually shows proof of concept before you have to buy anything.

In 1% of cases check from is used

They are: aspell interface to allow spell checking from scripts.

He still gets BONUS checks from GM each year even though he is retired.

DNA checks from the scene later identified the 15-year-old boy as one of the offenders.

You can check from these, what are the additional routes of entering these places without A/Ls.

Ceara's Story The Breast Cancer Foundation recommends women start regular self exams/breast checks from the age of 20.

The government is not on site as in the past, but will check from the results of our regular tests whether we are mastering our complete process.

What person would take a job, even if it paid more, if someone told you that the minute you get hired you won't receive the last couple pay checks from your old job.

If you have discovered Custom Bears Jersey oneself experiencing discouraged and may not figure out why, it is a good idea to have your thyroid checked from your medical doctor.

In 1% of cases check off is used

I don't have long until 30, but there are a few things on the list that I would like to check off myself.

If not, too often it becomes another box to check off the list of things to do and the reflection/thinking part is lost.

There the lady would give you a pencil and a list and you could walk around for what seemed like hours checking off what you discovered.

If you are judging grant or promotion applications and find yourself scanning the applicant's publications, checking off the impact factors, you are statistically illiterate.

As many as 5,000 names were furnished to the Indonesian Army, and the Americans later checked off the names of those who had been killed or captured, according to US officials.

In 1% of cases check out is used

Check out of the resort and in for your flight and check your bags AT the resort.

That we do check in and check out of relationships, or log in or log out, if you like.

After checking out of the hotel it was straight down to Slack Space to bag up books.

On checking out of the cottage we got word that highway 6, the main highway, is closed in both directions.

What did you say Yes to, this weekend? Don't forget to check out Friday's post to see if you won the giveaway! Love the salads book.

As I was checking out of the Acadian Motel, the friendly owner apologized profusely for the weather and assured me that Dunedin is actually a wonderful city, which I assured her it seemed to be.

In 1% of cases check through is used

You might also be able to get Local Police Records Checks through the mail.

It is easier that way if you check through the track record of people who are swinging both ways.

Each police service has its own rules about whether it will send records checks through the mail.

I have checked through the little bit of literature I know of these animals and can't find any reference to albino forms like this.

One small piece of hand luggage will be permitted to be carried with you -- the rest will be checked through our luggage handling facility.

I think it has gotten better because I stopped finding papers without inserts, but I still check through the whole thing whenever I get a paper.

Reality checking through a team-based approach Including accountants in transdisciplinary teams ensures an accounting perspective is included in sustainability solutions.

But a secret channel user still can not be found except by brute-force checking through all channels, a hopeless proposition in the face of the huge number of possible channel names.

In 1% of cases check to is used

Donors can bring non-perishable food, cash, and checks to either of the two public drop-offs: North Court Square in Newnan and downtown Senoia on Main Street.

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