Prepositions after "chat"

"chat with" or "chat to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases chat with is used

Don't chat with your neighbour.

Pull up a chair and chat with us.

Just chat with pretty much anyone.

I had an opportunity to chat with these escorts; I can even view them through live cams.

There, he is a bit stiff (pardon the pun ), and doesn't mingle or chat with those waiting.

Don't forget that at least one Russian on MIR had regular radio chats with his astrologer.

And to have someone to chat with in my own mother tongue, when I'd 3000 miles from my own mother country? Priceless.

Waitresses -- not bar girls -- would smile warmly and chat with the customers in English with a casual Canto-accent.

Even chatting with the people who serve you at restaurants or convenience stores is beneficial for both parties.

Along the journey, I tried not to sleep because I wanted to chat with my father so that he would not feel sleepy too.

In 25% of cases chat to is used

Going to IOD lets you chat to other users.

There were a few folk to chat to along the way.

They have expanded, or moved, that chatting to online.

I did manage to chat to my friends Taran and Ronald though, even if it was only briefly.

It was great to chat to you all and we hope that we provided you with some useful information.

I met Jozef in Arianna 's, and he chatted to the girls and then leaned in and told me dark things about his brother.

BUT, I chatted to the charming lady who was frying eggs to order, and she made me cream cheese pancakes and crispy bacon.

Brenda and I later chatted to the Campbells: If we took him we would have to take their other dog, the ginger villagey Batty.

An ex who had taken everything including the house and car from him a couple he was chatting to online the list was endless.

In 12% of cases chat about is used

He also chatted about other stuff, e.

Chat about the situation with friends or family.

But I'd still like to chat about it, see where others stand.

We caught up with the busy duo to chat about their favorite apps, gadgets, playlists, and more.

We caught up with her to chat about the new record, the difference in sound and what lies ahead for her.

We sat down with Lead Designer Jake Solomon to chat about accessibility, multiculturalism, and toy boxes.

So when Hannah called to chat about the exhibition I was thrilled to hear the opening night was an overwhelming success.

It all sounds so noir and romantic that you'd never know you were chatting about pure white canvasses and steel boxes.

She looked through her file for my card, all the while chatting about how excited she was to have started this new job.

You asked Dustin to chat about it, so does that mean your primary customer is the publisher or blog network? I doubt you'd say yes.

In 4% of cases chat for is used

We'll chat for about 45 minutes with the Hangout to start at 10.

After the meal, we chatted for a while with various people there to greet us.

We chatted for a while with Pastor Luhwa before having a short discussion amongst ourselves.

They didn't know how important it was to chat for hours on the phone, or to have the right hairstyle.

We like to chat for a little bit and I'll talk about the movie and what I'd doing, what I'd thinking or whatever.

We chatted for a few moments and then the aides gently urged us into position according to our husbands ' rank.

If you want to really know about a person's sexual attractions, you should be prepared to sit and chat for a while.

My Dad followed me in where we chatted for a minute or 2, leaving my 2 year old daughter pottering about on her own.

In 4% of cases chat on is used

He wanted to chat on Skype so I agreed.

During the presidential media chat on Sunday, Mr.

The person in front of you is chatting on a cell phone.

Chat on the phone A phone call can reveal much about a person's communication and social skills.

The evening before a nurse had come into her room and given mum a foot massage whilst she chatted on her phone.

In it a young man standing at a bus stop chats on his mobile phone, a sight one sees all the time on London's busy streets.

A month ago I was visiting, and was chatting on my bb so I did not pay attention to what their mother was discussing with Banke.

It was dark when we landed, but the streets were busy with people cycling along, chatting on corners, sugar cane growing in the fields.

Osokogu said it was stupid for somebody to travel to meet friends that he or she had not known because they have been chatting on social media network.

Maybe a forum section on Skype 4 for Linux? Is there one? My two pence is this: Skype as a phone application Needs to be able to ring on one sound card and chat on another.

In 3% of cases chat in is used

In addition, you can chat in chat Google Talk.

People chat in the tea rooms, in the corridors even in the bathroom.

Chatting in chat rooms poses more threat than talking on the phone.

Just think of the stigma's of women chatting in bathrooms and at the hairdressers.

Like chatting in a room and trying to create bots or boot anyone all at the same time.

Mr Higgins chatted in Irish with the Bronx-born Gaeilge group instructor Naomi McCooe and her students.

At one point in the lead-up negotiations I got chatting in a general way with the guy who owns the firm, a fortyish white American.

IRC IS NOT A SECURE WAY OF COMMUNICATION! How to establish direct communications between clients will be explained later, (see DCC CHAT in section 2.

Messaging Messaging Threads switch seamlessly between text and chat in the same conversation, and you can attach photos, voice notes, your location and more.

So what's the difference between chatting in chat rooms and talking on the phone? Consider the following: Chatting online is impersonal whereas talking on the phone is not.

In 1% of cases chat amongst is used

Thanks to Jeremy Schneider for doing all the hard work, while we all just chat amongst ourselves and take the credit for it all.

Sometimes, when it's very busy, we also have to block people if they are constantly chatting amongst themselves, so that the people who DO want to talk to the scientists get a chance.

In 1% of cases chat at is used

If you would like to join this click on the link above or on the link Chatting at the sky.

While chatting at the finish line Ray and Iain suggested Aoife and Dee accompany Mick on one of his laps in Clifden.

In 1% of cases chat before is used

If I'd not the only person there, then there's a chance to chat before and/or after the prayer/liturgy/silence.

In 1% of cases chat like is used

Usage online chats like Skype to link with your down line and they can easily link with each additional.

Such a waste of time *sigh* I love bbm only for the purpose of group chats like once every 6months with my highschool friends from Qatar and the weekly confrence gist with my siblings.

In 1% of cases chat via is used

Chat via cialis for daily use reviews cialis an IRC protocol, even an IRC chat integration afraid.

About a month ago, when we were chatting via whatsapp, she asked me all of a sudden if I ever think of her as a friend.

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