Prepositions after "chase"

"chase after" or "chase by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases chase after is used

Ah, so that's who he started chasing after.

Leon succeeded many years of chasing after Gaile.

Demons chasing after me, every night and ever day.

That counts as an injury as she runs to first base and the boys chase after Suk-jin.

Then the Israelites chased after them, and a lot of Philistines got killed that day.

Tae Hee then spots Jae Hun passing by their common area and quickly chases after him.

She'll first turn you down, then hop on a bus, where then you'll be running all over the city, chasing after her.

There is no way a prison camp commander would be allowed to travel across Russia to chase after an escaped prisoner.

He said that they are going to try him over hurdles to start with to see if he is Champion class if not Chasing after.

In 20% of cases chase by is used

I get chased by a fox a few times.

Scholars used to resemble this case to that of gazelle being chased by hound.

Erring souls are chased by these dogs are eventually drowned in a caldron of boiling water.

I've never seen black or Asian being chased by whites which was very common hundreds of years ago.

A boy I knew in the same school was chased by a number of students each recess and lunch each day.

Worse still, I was being chased by eight angry tribesmen in two dugout canoes -- and they were gaining on me.

Q: Which was the hardest scene to film? Seth Rogen: I would say the industrial zone scene where we get chased by tractors.

When chased by predators a buffalo herd will stick close together and make it hard for the predators to pick off one member.

The man allegedly then pulled a pistol from the front of his pants and threatened the officer, who ran for cover, chased by the man.

Eden Hazard (Chelsea) The Belgium international is one of the most highly-rated young players in Europe and was being chased by a host of top teams.

In 5% of cases chase out is used

Bellini was chased out of town.

So on Thursday I was again chased out of the house, and without my laptop so couldn't solve the net issues.

Chased out of Tripoli by rebel forces, Gaddafi disappeared - some said into the empty desert spaces in the south of his vast country.

Not only was his message routinely rejected, but he was often chased out of town, cursed and physically assaulted on numerous occasions.

After the last members of the al-Shebab terrorist group were chased out of Mogadishu in August 2011, Ankara flooded the city with some five hundred development and aid workers.

In 5% of cases chase for is used

I'd being chased for a debt of several thousand pounds corporation tax for money I haven't received yet.

Moving to new cities is that the apparel requisite for those are forever chasing for better career and life.

But the passage of the 2005 law had been a prize the financial services industry had chased for over a decade.

In 4% of cases chase with is used

A mouse was chased with tongs to no success, and a long expected visite to the resident hairdresser ensued, with equally debatable success on the receiving party.

Where Biryani, Chaat, Haleem and Kababs are topped off with Mithai or chased with Pakola (Green) Ice Cream Soda and Lassi and last but not least Paan, little can go wrong.

In 3% of cases chase into is used

But his accused murderer, 23-year-old Jermaine Joseph, said he acted in self-defence after he was chased into the sportwear shop by Diarrassouba -- known to his peers as ' Nuts '.

This exploitation of the success in the Naktong bulge also accomplished the destruction of six troop-laden trucks, and of two command cars which were chased into a warehouse and there burned.

In 2% of cases chase around is used

Up to the day when he was chased around Kaabah and declared as Imam, he has no prior idea that he is the much awaited Al-Mahdi.

In 2% of cases chase in is used

We have done it pretty well chasing in the last two games and we would look to continue that.

Dhoni wanted to chase too but it may be a good thing to loose the toss because chasing in the tournament so far has been very difficult.

In 2% of cases chase off is used

He thwarts drug deals, breaks up bar fights, rumbles robbers and has chased off gunmen.

Eventually the army came and chased off the bad men but there were still some of them hiding here and there.

In 2% of cases chase through is used

However, some activists did resist, again leading to sprinting chases through the streets.

With the brisk style and that weightless, acrobatic language for which she is renowned, Shields chases through every crack in her own grief-heightened state as she tries to save her daughter's life.

In 1% of cases chase at is used

Last seen beating subsequent Gold Cup winner Long Run to win the RSA chase at the Cheltenham festival in 2010, Weapons Amnesty is a class act.

His victory in the Jewson Novices chase at last years festival was so impressive that many bookmakers made him favourite for this years Cheltenham gold cup.

In 1% of cases chase along is used

We are not going to be chased along the beach by bouncing white balls or made to drive a Caterham Seven.

In 1% of cases chase from is used

Instability returned when James II, chased from England, arrived in Ireland via France in 1689.

In 1% of cases chase to is used

All the wealth creators are being chased to other countries by punitive tax regimes and stupid ideological bureaucracy.

In 1% of cases chase up is used

We chased up the track and climbed onto an open carriage that was made to carry panes of glass.

When he came out of the pub he had been racially abused and chased up the street by an individual.

In 1% of cases chase across is used

And whereas in the 19th blacks were chased across the underground railroad, in the 20th century they were chased across the actual railroad.

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