Prepositions after "charge"

"charge with" or "charge for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases charge with is used

I was charged with drink-driving.

Baio will be charged with anything.

Waqas was charged with obstruction.

He was also accused of acting as a spy, and eventually he was charged with perjury.

The juvenile also was charged with a curfew violation, according to a police report.

Then Ewen MacDonald, Guy's brother-in-law, was arrested and charged with his murder.

He was dragged off to the police station and charged with raping numerous children under the age of 10 years old.

A 22-year-old and a 16-year-old were charged with the killing, while a 23-year-old was reported released on bail.

The women charged with assault was herself assaulted and was left bleeding as a result of the way she was treated.

The group charged with decorating the historic property for the past 12 years has been the Garden Club of Niagara.

In 17% of cases charge for is used

I don't think they charge for that.

How to be charged for drunk driving.

Trustee may not charge for services 50.

The two, who were charged for causing harm and abetment of crime, pleaded not guilty.

He said the CNG sector should be charged for gas as other sectors were being charged.

I can see charging for the other records, but this information isn't even > theirs.

YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS To prevent this, call the following number from your cell phone: 888-382-1222.

Profit is not simply the difference between the costs of the product or service and the price being charged for it.

Every wealthy hotels of Delhi will allow the Wi-Fi service and only few hotels will charge for the Internet service.

You have to remember that besides a local plumber need to charge for labor, but they must charge for parts you need.

In 7% of cases charge by is used

BABYSITTERS charge by the hour.

Rates of Commission to be charged by Banks.

Do not bargain as it is charged by third party drivers.

There may also be a service fee for fingerprints charged by the fingerprinting agency.

This is because that the rate of interest of the finance is hugely charged by the lender.

Consular fees may change without notice -- you will pay actual cost charged by the consulate.

Purchase price does not include application or filing fees that may be charged by the USCIS or by any other agency.

Home care in Waterloo for seniors is charged by the hour and thus, they only provide the assistance that clients need.

I had been charged by Police with Assault and there was an Apprehended Violence Order also being applied for against me.

All they have to do is pay the fees charged by the municipal government which I presume they also charge to their guests.

In 6% of cases charge in is used

A lone bull charging in the field eh.

Payments to be charged in your local currency.

He has also been charged in court in the Fiji Islands.

They are expected to either be charged in court tomorrow or have their remand extended.

His 40-year-old brother, who has not been named, has been charged in the case, it said.

So, thats nowhere near what you said it was - but it's still half what they charge in the UK.

This ' otherwise ' gets proved only in movies, and therefore all men remain guilty as charged in real life offices.

However I think some proprietors also are using the fact that they can charge in USD to exploit consumers,? he said.

Three cops are charged in Sessions Court today with raping 25-year old Indonesian restaurant worker and committing carnal.

You will probably find you may get a greater offer on the net due to charge in the middleman remaining slice out and about.

In 4% of cases charge at is used

The victim charged at Gutierrez,.

These were previously charged at 13.

Currently, stamp duty is charged at 5.

Hyperion G3 LiPo can be charged at up to 6C rates, but Hyperion recommends 5C maximum.

Rhinos love to charge at things and to be paid to do this was a dream come true for Russell.

Any envelopes not meeting these requirements will be charged at the non-approved format price.

Re-delivery will be charged at the appropriate rate for the original delivery service chosen when the order was placed.

Robert Lee was charged at the Chesterfield Sessions, on Saturday, with stealing 20lbs of coal, value 3d, the property of Messrs.

The tax is charged at different rates and has different thresholds for different types of property and different values of transaction.

The hospital charges its patients based on their ability to pay, with wealthier clients charged at a normal rate and the poor at subsidized.

In 4% of cases charge on is used

The USC is charged on before-tax incomes.

As with litigation, we charge on an hourly basis.

The rate of interest charged on these loans is bit higher.

No problem place a charge on the property, and next time it is sold the Property Tax is paid.

A A Will there be Tax due? A Capital Acquisitions Tax is the tax charged on gifts and inheritances.

To put this into perspective, we have decided to charge on a sliding scale for obtaining these links.

But in due course, inflation in the PIIGS economies became higher than the rate of interest being charged on loans.

Motor tax is charged on engine size for 2008 cars and before, with all cars 1st July 2008 onwards charged based Co2 emissions.

Later that year confirmor transactions for units under construction was banned and a 10% levy was charged on all cancelled transactions.

Therefore, no interest is charged on overnight positions allowing individuals of different faiths, especially Islam, to trade with the platform.

In 3% of cases charge to is used

His legal fees are being charged to the tax payers.

I don; t apperceiveI charge to proassessment Jessica; s reactivitys.

Government-provided meals (yum) are charged to employees at about $2.

This is in part due to the high interest rates and fees that are often charged to customers.

The final miles charged to your account will depend on your itinerary and the airline flown.

Plans could copy Idaho by using Reward$ for the CHIP to offset any monthly premiums charged to families.

All they have to do is pay the fees charged by the municipal government which I presume they also charge to their guests.

Filing a Tax Return Tax is charged to the property owner or landlord on the actual rent received in the year of assessment.

The law states that when you are caught violating the so called prohibited routes, prohibited, you will be charged to court.

Credit card information can be taken in advance and orders can be taken online and charged to the credit card number on file.

In 3% of cases charge under is used

He was charged under his real name, Andrew Watkinson.

Related crimes include perjury, which is charged under a separate perjury statute.

Just like the 9/11 terrorist who is a civilien going to be charged under Martial Law in the US.

He ignores the problems of nearly all the senior Congress Misnisters, who are charged under corruptions.

Department of Justice, charged under the RICO statute with criminal conspiracy to defraud the American people.

He was investigated for seditious content and charged under Section 233 (1) (b) of the Communications and Multimedia Act.

They were charged under Section 376 (1) of the Penal Code which provides for a maximum 20-year jail term and whipping upon conviction.

Casburn was charged under Operation Elveden, a British police investigation into inappropriate payments to police and public officials.

If you allow your passengers to drink, you can be charged under the Liquor Licence Act, pay a hefty fine and maybe have your car searched.

They were charged under Section 376 of the Penal Code which carries a maximum 20-year jail term and whipping and Section 377C of the Penal Code.

In 2% of cases charge per is used

Shipping fee is charged per order, not per passport.

How much does an accountant charge per hour or an electrician? Around $80.

For others (as indicated in the list) printing is charged per side printed.

You should also keep labour costs in mind, which is charged per running foot.

For example caravans on holiday parks or lodges are usually charged per unit of accommodation e.

The cost of downloading data has been capped at 70 cents per Megabyte (MB) (charged per Kilobyte used ), plus VAT.

While regular stock brokers charge per transaction, penny stock brokers can set a fixed fee for a specific number of transactions.

And this has been possible through standardizing the required weights of sacks and we have introduced a system of charging per kilo.

Developers never build build truly low income housing because even with government assistance they can't charge what they want to charge per unit.

In 1% of cases charge as is used

So it was investigated and charged as such.

If you use other videos you'll be charged as the copyright rules breaker.

Money paid into both reduces the interest you are charged as the balance is lower.

There is a limit to how much you can charge as an independent consultant on a T &M; basis.

If they do, the group scheme is charged as a whole, as the meter monitors the water use of the whole scheme.

It is often charged as a percentage on the annual turnover of the business seeking the facility and is charged as a flat fee on a monthly basis.

The offence may still be charged as an incident of perversion of justice, but the statutory provision eases the prosecution's burden of proof and allows for more stringent sentencing.

In 1% of cases charge from is used

However, an electric car can be recharged from electricity generated by ANY means.

These reserved funds are then charged from your account when we send out your order.

In addition to charging from the network, can also be recharged in sync with your computer.

I have already held 4 free teleseminars - now I shall be charging from next year as per Bernadette's information.

So if you add a large electric car fleet to be charged from those plants, of course they will generate more pollution.

In the Moto2 category, champion Marc Marquez, who will replace Stoner at Honda next season, charged from last on the grid to win.

Charging from behind Charging from behind is permissible only if the opponent is intentionally impeding while shielding the ball.

We offer the Freeplay Sherpa which has quite a good light output, and also the capability to charge from a USB output on a computer.

Its expenses plus various other expenses, which are not payable by the government, are charged from candidates on arrival day at the rate of Rs.

In 1% of cases charge into is used

If you charge into the field, you're gon na die.

With that, the side from Sydney charged into the final.

On Bangla Nabobarsho, Rony charged into Rumi's house with his accomplices.

John's Church, at 8th and G a gunman tried to charge into the offices of the Family Research Council.

These were battle hardened fighters that wouldn't think twice of charging into the den of werewolves.

Sobieski also introduced the firing of salvos only after the enemy had fired theirs and then charging into contact.

Gamely mounting our white steeds we charged into a deployment of Ushahidi in the troubled North Kivu region of the DR Congo.

He turned around and look at me, a vertical shaft collar, and then charged into the sky where rain was immediately engulfed the vast black.

Then he forgot Leora, war, night, weariness, success, everything, as he charged into preparations for an experiment, his first great experiment.

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