Prepositions after "chant"

"chant in" or "chant for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases chant in is used

Then comes the question of how to chant in this language.

These nine passages, in different contexts, are frequently chanted in Theravada countries even today.

Yoruba people have oriki (panegyrics) that when they chant in Owo will link you farther to Egba, or Ijebu or Ekiti.

Something like Blade Brave mixed with WBX, but with a card shuffling sound effect with a spell being chanted in the background.

Besides the established traditions of Pali chanting, there are also, in countries like Thailand, ways of chanting in the language of the people.

Sit for a few minutes and chant in the same way as I told you, with a sonorous sound, beautifully, calmly, creating an equilibrated vibration in your personality.

An LP record of Pali chanting in Sinhalese style may be had from the Buddhist Missionary Society, Brickfields Buddhist Temple, Jalan Berhala, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In 20% of cases chant for is used

I'll chant for you if you chant for me! Sorry to hear about the injury.

As the Gregorio Manzano era started to crumble, he was one of the bright lights, and fans started to chant for him to be included in the senior Spanish squad.

Chanting for Ronaldo (who is at his peak now) when we were trailing at home came across as if some fans were pining for him rather than remembering recent history.

In 9% of cases chant by is used

When I listen to the Heart Sutra chanted by Deva Premal I can feel my heart begin to open.

Ghana, the last one, requires rendition in a complicated combination set to a rhythmic tone and is believed to possess high potency when chanted by Ghanapatins.

In 9% of cases chant with is used

Conversely, there are special slokas which when chanted with precision and in the right spirit can actually make the rains cease when there is too much of it.

In 8% of cases chant at is used

The mind is often distracted and if words are spoken or chanted at that time then it is as though they have not been spoken at all.

In 5% of cases chant about is used

Once a player in this current team does something that's worth chanting about, then I'd sure we will.

Nothing wrong with chanting about Ronaldo, he's a club legend, would you be equally underwhelmed if Cantona had been the most chanted name this season? Cantona is retired, and gave us his best years.

In 5% of cases chant of is used

According to Patanjali, in one of his Sutras, Svadhyaya includes even chanting of Om, recitation of a Divine Name.

After morning rituals, worshippers offered ' pushpanjali ' (floral libations) to the Goddess amid chanting of mantras later in the day.

In 5% of cases chant to is used

It includes several essential texts that are chanted to this day by laypeople and monastics around the world of Theravada Buddhism.

The entire piece is controlled by MacMathuna's spell binding singing which ranged from low chanting to full throated and powerful vocals that echoed through the Cathedral.

In 3% of cases chant as is used

I know of individuals who have used chanting as a form of avoidance of the work of the lower chakras.

In 2% of cases chant like is used

As for the old chestnut of finding no remains, give me a break, that rubbish is chanted like a skeptic mantra every time mystery animals are mentioned.

In 2% of cases chant on is used

His son, and Bob's grandson, Jo Mersa, showed his own rough and tough chanting on Bad So, and the next generation in action.

In 2% of cases chant through is used

They didn't chant through any rituals about the 10 precepts or the 227 precepts.

In 2% of cases chant vs is used

Rooney's only back a couple of games, van Persie has largely been the hero this season, the chanting vs.

In 2% of cases chant without is used

The Mantra is not supposed to be suddenly taken into chanting without an obeisance offered to the great master who envisioned this Mantra in his meditations.

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