Prepositions after "change"

change in, to, from, for or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 22% of cases change in is used

All that changed in August 1975.

But it all changed in March 2007.

It may change in another 50 years.

The chess table has changed in the last five years and it is an unrecognisable world.

That will either be a change in direction or a change in distance travelled over time.

Thresholds, percentage rates and tax legislation may change in subsequent Finance Acts.

I think a lot of people in the West are miserable for reasons they could change in 20 minutes if they really wanted.

Caution too is required by all those starting to dream of what might be achieved and changed in the next five years.

But you're wrong, education is the very first step to social, economic, and ultimately political change in a country.

They're still a good read today, if only for the sake of seeing what has changed and what hasn't changed in 10 years.

In 15% of cases change to is used

This has been changed to type sizet.

Then I have changed to another company.

Now, it's been changed to a 40mph limit.

Abortion laws are unlikely to change to a large degree, and they don't impact everyone.

He tells me I need to change to another room because they want to do repairs in this one.

The light changed to green and we said bye and sped off leaving him there again, while we were off about our lives.

The elements fblocks, fbfree, and fbavail of the structure statvfs were changed to the new abstract fsblkcntt type.

I changed to the NEX system (NEX 5 initially) after my main DSLR lens and my backup APS-C sensor compact both broke.

When he migrated to Madinah, he prayed towards Jerusalem for 16 months, but he hoped it would be changed to the Ka'bah.

In 10% of cases change from is used

He will change from antichrist.

The temperature changed from 25.

You'll be changed from the inside out.

In the 1660's they changed from their nine or ten rank formation to a six rank one.

It's usually a couple of weeks after opening, although can change from film to film.

Where I live, we have changed from a zone 4 to a zone 5 in the matter of a few years.

But what happened in the meanwhile? ? Jobs? management style had radically changed from what it had been in 1985.

Posted by: John Blair 29 Nov 2009 I 'M CHANGING FROM AVG Days wasted trying to download avg9 and uninstalling avg8.

At midnight on New Year's Eve, the Clock chimed twice, the cuckoo came out, and the time changed from 01999 to 02000.

Edited excerpts: What's changed from the time you joined Yahoo!? I joined Yahoo a few CEOs ago, or about 18 months ago.

In 8% of cases change for is used

Times have changed for the better.

Change for the year stood still at -29.

Things had better change for the better.

But as my knowledge on money matters improved, the situation changed for the better.

However, with the progression of time, conditions gradually changed for the Tinkers.

Nor can it be changed for any one, including some ill-informed Government Officials.

US Dollars or (preferably) Euros can be changed for Ouguiyas at banks, some hotels and official Bureaux de Change.

And you continue to wave it away by suggesting that we're in transition, that things will change for the better etc.

My only income now is social welfare and then my savings to fall back to, this isn't going to change for a long time.

In 6% of cases change with is used

But now, that's changed with the Wii.

I was hoping this would change with BB10.

It has all changed with bewildering speed.

What changed with the advent of language is that concepts became independent of time, i.

Humanist Christians -- they see Christianity as a book of moral codes that change with time.

It will be interesting to see if this changes with the coming weeks of heavy advertising and presidential debates.

But all that could change with just a few changes to shake up the format and inject some uncertainty into the ritual.

English was further changed with the spread of a standardized London-based dialect in government and administration.

In 5% of cases change over is used

Concepts also change over time.

That was changed over the years.

Votes will not be changed over this.

It is a wordless picture book, where we watch an area/neighborhood change over time.

One of their main bugbears is how Amsterdam's vice trade has changed over the years.

The reasons may have changed over the years and the time may have come for a change.

It's also interesting to look at how the response of consumer sentiment to gasoline prices has changed over time.

One way I enjoy learning about the past is by reading about the foods we eat and how they have changed over time.

The priorities of requirements will typically change over time because: The business environment and needs change.

Has it changed over time? Has that scene kind of moved to Brasserie 19? Brasserie and I share the same clientelle.

In 5% of cases change into is used

From here the mountains change into arid desert.

It was fast changing into a meadow during our visit.

Tina sighed, nodding and changing into her bathing suit.

It was too hot, sweaty weather and i've changed into new shirt before get into Taj Mahal.

He wished that the ocean's water would change into beer, and then he would dive in with Sarita.

I had 2 minutes to go to the bathroom, change into my bathing suit, gather my things for the day.

Music doesn't typically MAKE someone change into a demonic murderer, if it happens then it was there to begin with.

It doesn't matter, the 4 of Hearts didn't get changed, now I rub it and it's already changed into the Jack of Spades.

So just like any other night, my husband came in, greeted the children, and went up stairs to change into house clothes.

Friday my roommate told me the pants I'd just put on to wear to work were too big for me, and I should change into jeans.

In 4% of cases change at is used

It was last little changed at 81.

Segment boundaries may change at any time.

Microsoft's shares were little changed at $29.

But much has changed at Wigan Athletic since then, and Mauro is delighted to be back.

And the total global sea ice has barely changed at all over the period of the record.

That would most assuredly change at some stage and no better day than that Saturday at Twickenham in the big kahuna.

This can also change at some point with climate change making the dry grounds of north Africa wet, lushes and fertile.

It was resubmitted again - this time the law was changed at the federal level, preventing the claim from going forward.

The Plan called for a ' demonstration ' of strength, but this changed at Corps and Divisional level to become an attack.

In 4% of cases change by is used

I have changed by name by naturalisation.

These Terms may be updated or changed by GROU.

They can be created, improved, and changed by human hands.

This destructive cycle can be changed by creating alternative energy and water choices.

Article 41 which deals with rights of the family will not be changed by this amendment.

He is part of the machinary of the US government which can not be changed by an indivigual.

If an airline decides to cut a route, an airport's costs, being predominantly fixed, do not change by much, if at all.

As the last decade has shown, this narrative can be formed or changed by ordinary people with good insights and ideas.

One night to remember forever is their gift to Babs in light of a future that can not be changed by the likes of them.

On OS/390, the limit for the maximum number of uncommitted messages can be changed by using the DEFINE MAXSMSGS command.

In 2% of cases change since is used

But a lot has changed since then.

The world has changed since 2001.

Everything has changed since then.

Certainly my opinion has changed since reviewing the evidence in this *ahem* discussion.

That is why this article is fromo 2006 -- therefor anything may have changed since then.

Structure of the Economy The structure of Ghana's economy remain little changed since independence.

Celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, their ethos of making ' good food, naturally ' hasn't changed since Day One.

The game has changed since 1970, why do you think no side has been able to play the way that Brazil side did &; be successful.

Not much can be said about this, except that all the focus has gone into the upper half of his body (the lower half hasn't changed since last Wednesday).

In 2% of cases change after is used

That is not expected to change after November 6.

I had a hunch that Cuba would drastically change after Castro.

However, only five percent of artificial hips need to be changed after ten years of use.

A source said: ' She couldn't believe how much he'd changed after ten days in the jungle.

Some people give me false hope that they will marry me but then they change after sometime.

What can I expect to change after the Advanced Management Programme? Well, we can only go on what past participants tell us.

Everything changed after Microsoft launched Windows 95, which finally made the mouse and graphical user interface ubiquitous.

According to him, the name of West Bengal should change because the perspectives had changed after the creation of Bangladesh.

If a room is changed after the timetable is published, we will also post the room change on the door of the original classroom.

In 2% of cases change as is used

It can not be changed as a name can.

This situation needs to change as a matter of priority.

However, education seems to be pretty resistant to change as a field.

Jackson justifies this change as a means of making Faramir seem more of a rounded character.

Chemical Processing While you are pregnant, your hair can change as a result of the hormones.

The farming community in southwest Columbiana County is changing as the oil and gas industry moves in.

On the one hand, I would enjoy exploring how Little Bee's relationship with Sarah changed as both women grew older.

Pieces that are built in natural light environments change as the day changes and the weather changes, allowing for endless variations.

Today, the narrative may change as what has been billed as a major anti-austerity march is planned for Dublin city centre at lunchtime.

To accomplish this, the whole structure of government and economics will be changed as well as the adoption of a highly elevated society.

In 2% of cases change on is used

In most cases, nothing changed on the ground.

A lot has changed on the outside of the iPhone.

Not just change on the left but also change on the right.

I was just about to understand something, and you're changing on me! Now wait a second.

Your OSTTB payment amounts may change if your marital status changes on or before May 31, 2011.

Just because there seems to be an unbalance within the league this season, isn't a reason to change on the fly.

Her area of focus looks at interactions of climate variability and change on systems and sectors important to human well-being.

If the deceased lived in rented accommodation, the landlord/local authority needs to be notified so names can be changed on tenancy agreements.

Like other teams, they'll be using multiple algorithms, but will be ready to change on the fly if one set of routines proves to be more successful.

If you want to transform your body or any other aspect of your life, then you have to change on the inside (the mind) first and then everything else will follow.

In 2% of cases change during is used

This all began to change during the Renaissance.

The coordinate system might change during processing, (e.

So how come the target changed during the TBIJ / Newsnight expos.

See especially: The sad truth is that not much has changed during the last 60 years.

The income-force included many people whose employment status changed during the year.

One really could argue that the spy novel changed during the ' 70s as the Cold War changed its tenor.

Dick Yu about his trip to Taiwan this summer with his family, and his views on how Taiwan has changed during the 17 years since he left.

The make-up of the Tomorrow People team changed during its six-year run -- though the characters played by Young and Gilbert remained throughout.

Therefore, the pertinent question is this: does Paatelainen's plan actually suit the players in the team? It's strange how things can change during one evening.

Furthermore, because so much can change during a marriage like being laid-off/fired, taking time off to raise children, making a career change, one spouse earning more, etc.

In 1% of cases change throughout is used

Similarly, the concept of what makes an image realistic has changed throughout history and varies between cultures.

Realism and the history of perspective One way to understand how the meaning of images has changed throughout history is to examine the role of realism in art.

In 1% of cases change through is used

So that has not changed through the years.

This sick, satanic, system can only be changed through revolution.

As the sky changes through the day and the seasons change through the year, the buildings react and the place always looks different.

As I said upost, corrupt systems don't change through some illusion of psuedo power called voting or anything else designed by that system.

However, most organisations change through a process of many small steps which together add up to a strategy, seen in reverse, like the wake of a ship.

This refers to an administration area whose boundaries have changed through successive colonial regimes, but was known as the missing center of the Cordillera.

Any future alteration on the territorial integrity of Somalia can only be changed through a popular referendum by all Somalis and not by the people in northern Somalia alone.

We spend thousands of hours entertaining ourselves-movies, books, computer games, crafts, television-and our minds are shaped and changed through the stimulus and information we gain in this way.

In 1% of cases change without is used

I can't change without using water.

Opinions expressed in these reports may change without prior notice.

The pace of change is accelerating, and change without testing means increasing risk.

Consular fees may change without notice -- you will pay actual cost charged by the consulate.

This means that these collections may change without waiting for the execution to finish first.

Your Cbox's position will depend on your template, and can't be changed without altering the template.

State certification fees may change without notice -- you will pay actual cost charged by the Secretary of State.

Please be aware that the information contained herein is meant for reference purposes only and is liable to change without prior warning.

Please be advised that the information provided herein is meant for reference purposes only and may be liable to change without prior warning.

None of which detracts from your point, Robert -- nothing changes without the market being regulated by government, industry or consumer demand.

In 1% of cases change within is used

Change within the community and the schools we work with take time.

Change within an organization is considered a hard element to pin down.

This situation is unsustainable and will not continue forever and will most certainly change within our lifetimes.

We are however prohibited from adopting here and may have to move to the UK to do this if the law isn't changed within the next 5 years.

In 1% of cases change about is used

There is nothing that we would change about our home.

No, there's nothing you would change about this routine.

You are who you are and there's not much you can change about that.

The stuff that you can't change about yourself, be okay with it because you have that for a reason.

What will you like to change about the DJing scene? About the scene I will like to see a lot of tablelism.

From the cyclists to their bikes, a lot has changed about the technology of the sport in the last 20 years.

If you can turn the hand of the clock, what would you change about yourself? I have no regret whatsoever with the life I have lived.

It's hard to know what Moyes is meant to change about his team given that most of what they have been doing this season has been exemplary.

Is there anything you will like to change about music or radio? Everybody just gets on the radio because there is a microphone and a transmitter.

So as you can probably imagine, there is a lot that I would like to change about both machines in order to bring them up to a more desirable performance level.

In 1% of cases change due is used

Companies will not change due to competative reasons.

The uniforms are based off of Karate's (only changed due to politics).

The way the polls are trending will not change due to this performance tonight and Obama knows it.

Aircoach Journey Times Estimated journey times are provided as a guide only and may change due to traffic conditions.

This can guarantee that the semantics of the bundle do not change due to the patch, something that your solution can not achieve.

Stoneleigh - What can we say to people who don't believe that our lives are all going to be changing due to the impending depression.

B: The itinerary is there as a guide and may change due to unusual weather patterns, wildlife movements, the strength of the group and so on.

Therefore as a result of this movement, the length of the object's shadow always changes due to the movement of the earth around the sun and around itself.

Although the English recipes are still very much around, people's tastes have changed due to the influence of the foreign food that has flooded its shores.

The estimates of the composite LEI are revised and the direction may change due to revised or availability of recent indicators that make up the composite LEI.

In 1% of cases change depending is used

Further the websites keep changing depending on the weather.

On the other hand, rehearsal venues may change depending on need.

Variable costs, on the other hand, change depending on the level of production.

The number can change depending on how many voters opt to be on the M? ori electoral roll.

Profile and Objectives This section should essentially be changed depending on the job you're applying.

Not really a ' gimmick ', as the employer's situation doesn't change depending on the ' banding ' of the employee.

The scope of consolidation might change depending on the consistency of the previous GAAP requirements to those in IAS 27.

However, the type of anesthetic -- regional versus local -- can change depending on where you live or what hospital you are admitted.

Other layers in blood vessels change depending on the role of the vessel so we will look at the types of blood vessels in more detail now.

They all work slightly differently and IMO there are scenarios where some are better than others, and this changes depending on the scenario.

In 1% of cases change between is used

Time is often wasted in changing between activities.

Everything just suddenly changed between the two of us.

Watch the housing change between here and the next picture.

That's obviously going to change between now and the end of the season.

They will be still growing and changing between the years of 12 to 18.

You either love them or hate them but I doubt your opinion is going to change between now and November.

If you honestly think nothing changed between last season and the season before then I can't help you, Bill.

Nick fails to recognise that the Value of the Money, he uses to measure with, has changed between t 1 and t 2.

Armadale is an interesting one, because the population barely changed between 2001 and 2006, but since then it has been the 5th fastest growing area in Perth.

In 1% of cases change before is used

If something is not quite right, it's changed before end of sprint.

In this example, the orientation of the Sheets is not changed before folding.

In this example, the orientation of the folded Sheets is not changed before collecting.

Streets are being humanised, it is changing before our eyes, develop awareness and it is obvious.

In this example, the orientation of the collected and folded Sheets is not changed before trimming.

However, if the coat-tailing provisions change before the next election, they'd only have Tariana in parliament and they'd be irrelevant anyway.

Whether it's a new proof-of-payment service or turnstiles allowing for zonal service, something has to change before Metra can integrate its fares with CTA &; Pace.

Dispute anything that is not correct, if something has been paid in full but is not reported as such you can have that changed before a lender looks at the report.

In 1% of cases change because is used

What he may not realize is that she's changed because of him.

However, it does not infer that it is changing because of anthropogenic CO2.

North Korea's policies with regard to nuclear weapons will not change because of external pressure.

The world perspective on Bangladesh has changed because of the policies of the present administration.

Another item we may begin to look at -- and the situation is changing because of what's happening in Sudan.

Are the individuals really going to obtain more for their money? or are they going to be short changed because of fear from providers of penalties.

Today, the role of an IS/IT department is changing because of various factors, however, for the purpose of this article, let's look at two examples.

However, this must now change because of a 24-line section of the 848-page Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which became US law last July.

In 1% of cases change according is used

You can change according to your wish.

That is something that has not changed according to the site of this exhibition.

There are over thirty unlockable quizzes and several which can change according to the code entered on them.

Until then, people did not know that time was a relative concept, and that it could change according to the environment.

NOBODY CARES! **28;1652;TOOLONG Brahma Das All these companies and their marketing ways will be changing according to the time.

Such cultural laws would change according to God and as His people progressed, which is dictated by the Religious authorities under Moses.

They are in the pack and it changes according to the session, but we are always in our normal position because we haven't been able to make a step forward.

And perhaps they should review periodically whether the rate chosen should be retained or changed according to the interests of pensioners and others on low benefits.

The idea being that things can always be changed according to the will of the people at some later point in time, when another political party might even be in charge.

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