Prepositions after "challenge"

"challenge for", "challenge in" or "challenge by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases challenge for is used

Challenge for the next generation.

It is challenging for many of us to admit failure.

Even more challenging for some is embracing change.

I am looking for a club that can challenge for trophies and Chelsea is one of these clubs.

We are being controlled by the many vested interests that a great Government is challenging for the good of all.

If you had thought that the glory days we're over then you were wrong, as City continued to challenge for honours.

Patrick challenged for the Indy 500 win as a rookie, becoming the first woman to lead laps while finishing fourth.

In 26% of cases challenge by is used

Ageing brains challenged by technology.

One day this, too, will be challenged by rational thought.

I can never understand why Bolt never gets challenged by barrie.

His decision will be final and may not be challenged by anyone including Gill O'Teen.

This decision had been challenged by way of an appeal by Nestle before the High Court.

While here, they will have their business model challenged by industry experts, VC 's, financiers and academics.

Believers, in consequence, were no longer challenged by exposure to the agonizing suffering of a crucified Saviour.

Shortly after I started my professional engineering and project management career, I was challenged by this promise.

In 16% of cases challenge in is used

This can not be challenged in court.

If not, then they can be challenged in court.

The discrepancy has not been challenged in court.

The order of the State Commission is now challenged in the present proceedings by OPs 1, 2 and 3.

What's frustrating is that with a net spend of 16m or so a year he had us challenging in the top 4.

This can be challenging in mobile security because there are different encryption options for various mobile platforms.

As you may know the parking space lease program which is so important to so many of you has been challenged in a lawsuit by Klees.

We are challenged in that we will never be safe until those of whom we are afraid are set free from bondage to their own evil condition.

The Quebec law has been challenged in a court system characterized by an independent judiciary that will ultimately determine its legality.

In 7% of cases challenge on is used

I've been challenged on the last one, that science has absolutes.

The traditional Padgaonkars are vehemently challenged on their professional front.

And when challenged on it, the obvious thing to do was to apologize, instead you wheedled.

The NHL started the application process back in August, a process the NHLPA challenged on technicalities.

It brings together the common man, the corporate czar, the socialite and the physically challenged on to one platform.

I'd OK with a myriad of beliefs, and I have no problem being challenged on mine (as you're doing) or challenging others.

Granted, her own argument style is part of the problem, she is often too blunt and unwilling to be challenged on issues that are important and emotive.

On what grounds can an applicant's registration be challenged? An applicant's registration may be challenged on the grounds that, he or she; is not a citizen of Ghana.

But once Chav2 starts to fade in a few years will Roman have the stomach, let alone the funds, for an expensive 3rd rebuild? Arsenal are well placed to challenge on all fronts.

In 5% of cases challenge to is used

The role was challenging to me as well as the setting.

Students were challenged to to see themselves as powerful and viable change agents in society.

The young officers want to experiment in many ways which for old guards is considered indiscipline and challenge to authority.

Now find two - usually three - ' places ' within the loop which are different from each other, challenging to the company and in other ways exciting.

This case spoke to a number of issues relating to an accused person's access to the sealed packet and the manner by which challenges to the admissibility of intercepted evidence are to be addressed.

In 4% of cases challenge at is used

But this proved to be challenging at the time.

Personally, I don't think Espy is going to be challenged at 2nd base by anyone.

They must be challenged at every opportunity and exposed as the bigots they are.

Despite all the drama I'll never forget the weekend as I got a chance to really challenge at the sharp end.

Finding our purpose in life truly makes life more meaningful and worthwhile, especially because life can be challenging at times.

Even the process was fun and challenging at the same time, our teacher Ms Kinsinger gave us only 3 days to complete to work on our time management skills.

You should also be able to demonstrate an awareness of professional boundaries and a willingness to work in an environment which can be challenging at times.

Every decision the Comelec promulgates canceling the accreditation of an existing party-list group is sure to be challenged at the Supreme Court, if not in the streets.

After pushing him for a couple of laps, Aitken challenged at Tarzan on lap eight, however the former Intersteps runner slid wide, maintaing third but losing crucial ground to Williams.

In 4% of cases challenge with is used

Five of these controls were subsequently challenged with T.

We all know that the club can not realistically challenge with these goalkeepers.

As we reflect on the text we are challenged with a story from the great preacher Dwight L.

Such discussions can help your boss make sure your co-workers remain challenged with new responsibilities.

The major incident occurred when Hugo Rodeglla of Wigan Athletic went high into a 50/50 challenge with Rooney.

While balancing everyday lives and their relationship, Taylor and Jordan are challenged with facing their own inner demons.

Students are challenged with virtually recreating the artifact by experimenting with values and positioning of objects on a grid.

I have no problem at all accepting that these young people are only just finding their way in the adult world and have yet to be challenged with the wider facts of life.

You'll acquire problem-solving skills, independence and resilience, as you are guaranteed to be challenged with different cultures, social norms, language and home sickness.

In 1% of cases challenge about is used

Handle Challenges Together First, it can help if there's anything remotely challenging about that activity.

In 1% of cases challenge as is used

This has been challenged as a medical rather than a rights-based approach to sight loss and blindness.

In 1% of cases challenge before is used

OR when those BILLS become Laws, and are challenged before the SC.

Matuwid Ang Kabilang Daan Din A Good Prototype Multi Sectoral approach in unison for next batches that might be challenged before the Supreme Court.

In 1% of cases challenge due is used

Second, the whole military and security apparatus are weakened and challenged due to their defeat by the rebels and to internal strife between various elite units: Green Berets against Red Berets.

In 1% of cases challenge from is used

Scotch, who had challenged from the start before finally being broken at the 1000m mark, finished second in 5:56.

In 1% of cases challenge of is used

The last but not the least challenge of starting a trucking business is getting good drivers.

In 1% of cases challenge without is used

Without having comprehensive expertise and understanding of concerns related to personal financial, existence can be challenging without a doubt.

These associations between goodness and symbolic behaviour can be painful but remain hard to challenge without triggering extreme emotions amongst highly-educated but backward people.

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