Prepositions after "celebrate"

celebrate in, with, by, on or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases celebrate in is used

Her funeral mass was celebrated in St.

She planned to celebrate in style with champagne.

The festival is normally celebrated in November.

Chhat, diwali, durga puja and iid were celebrated in the camp with great pomp and show.

Numerous religious and social festivals are celebrated in the villages of Chhattisgarh.

Totti turned 36 on Thursday and celebrated in style, scoring his 216th league goal and.

On 15 June 1850, the ceremony was performed, and this was the first marriage celebrated in the Canterbury Region.

Apart from these temple festivals, there are also a few other festivals celebrated in the villages of Chhattisgarh.

This will be the first major holiday we've celebrated in our new kitchen and I have to say, I'd getting kind of excited.

Month's Mind Mass The month's mind mass for the late Eoghan Chonal Pheig O'Donnell, Knockastolar will be celebrated in St.

In 21% of cases celebrate with is used

And we celebrated with a beaujolais and a burger -- winning.

We celebrate with her and her proud Mom and wish them all the best.

My first - and only - reaction was to celebrate with the Villa fans.

Please support these individuals and go out on the night and celebrate with them.

Odierno celebrated with the team in their locker room after Army defeated Air Force.

The day was celebrated with horse races, dancing, serenades, and amateur theatricals.

One of the biggest failings by Adebayor on Saturday was that he didn't run to his own fans and celebrate with them.

Celebrating with you Ewan's whole and healed body and the wonderful, unimaginable celebration he is partaking in.

This is a time for transformation and renewal, a time for change -- celebrate with us as we party and await the future.

It's a day which people celebrate with great fervour and enthusiasm and is one of the biggest festivals in the country.

In 13% of cases celebrate by is used

The seven woods celebrated by W.

They were able to celebrate by enjoying the beauty of the LBG.

The Divas champion retains, and we all celebrate by jumping up and down.

Guy Fawkes Day was even celebrated by the pilgrims at the first settlement at Plymouth.

The second and more commercialized event is celebrated by expatriate Americans or Canadians.

It is celebrated by morning mass, then parades and partying with lots of music into the night.

I am sure that in that Mass celebrated by an accused for his accuser, both realized that Jesus was very much with them.

Vesak Day is one of the biggest days of the year in the Buddhist calendar and is celebrated by Buddhists all over the world.

If St Patrick didn't exist and it was simply called Ireland Day, then it would still be celebrated by people all over the world.

In India, people celebrate by cleaning and redecorating their homes, and shopkeepers use it as the beginning of their fiscal year.

In 12% of cases celebrate on is used

Her funeral mass was celebrated on Friday at 10.

It is celebrated on the day of the full moon in May.

How Did Christmas Come to Be Celebrated on December 25? A.

From the Brazilian embassy, Zelaya called for the Honduran people to celebrate on the streets.

The Patron Saint of the Diocese of Clonfert is Saint Brendan whose feast day is celebrated on 16 May.

Dominican Republic Mother's Day is celebrated on the last Sunday in May with a large family gathering.

That technical enough for you? Technically, Evra can celebrate on his home ground in front of his own supporters.

Aleksandar Karakasevic's Pluderhausen also celebrated on Sunday as it overcame Kenta Matsudaira's Frickenhausen.

Many similarities exist between this celebration and the Halloween that is celebrated on 31 October around the world.

Family Day - Canada Family Day is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of February except in BC where it's the 2nd Monday of February.

In 8% of cases celebrate for is used

Carlton is celebrated for Italian food.

Their existense should be celebrated for that fact.

People should be CELEBRATED for living a GENUINE life.

Where players like Ray Lewis and Patrick Willis are celebrated for their ruthlessness.

Won't that be something to celebrate for all of us?! Ah, I to would like to be Canadian.

The town was celebrated for its manufacture of agate and carnelian ornaments, of reputation.

This in turn made it desirable for trade and commerce, celebrated for its inhabitants, treasures of silver and gold.

And a band that is celebrated for their Warped Tour appearances in the US is a band also extremely close to my heart.

What they are celebrating for those of you that do not quite understand what's going on here, is Independance from England.

Tuesday night was a chance to celebrate for supporters of Prop 36, the initiative to scale back California's three strikes law.

In 5% of cases celebrate as is used

That gave us things to celebrate as well as lament.

The convention is to be celebrated as a central part of this plan.

The Olympic torch's journey summed up so much that we can celebrate as a nation.

Yusuf bin Tashfin, as one of the architects of the Murabitun revolution, is celebrated as a key.

What we celebrate as the formal New Year is the annual date of sun standing right above his palace.

Emancipation Day August 1 is celebrated as a national holiday and this marks the date of the emancipation of blacks in 1838.

We celebrate Neil Armstrong as a hero because he was chosen to be celebrated as a hero, but first, he still had to do the mission.

Also on the night from 23rd to 24th June, Saint John is celebrated as the patron saint of Porto, the second largest city in Portugal.

We are thus grateful for his initiation of Dr Nkrumah? s Birthday? September 21st, as Founder? s Day, celebrated as a National Holiday in Ghana.

Union of lndla ', is celebrated as a champion of the cause of natural justice, this is in the context of the two counts Maneka is remembered for: firstly, it.

In 5% of cases celebrate at is used

Later, celebrating at Quark 's, Sisko and his ebullient crew toast.

It is celebrated at Vane, the traditional capital of the Avatime people.

It is unfortunate, but many careless and godless people alive will be celebrated at death for a glorious exit.

The largest festival was known as Samain (pronounced sawain) which was celebrated at the beginning of November.

For his special birthday, celebrated at the height of the dreaded Indian summer, a Dark Chocolate Cherry Mousse Cake.

Requiem mass will be celebrated at the Church of the Good Shepherd, Balmoral, tommorrow (Saturday) at 11:15 for Hillsborough Cemetary.

While Jazz In The New Europe is being celebrated at venues across town, the best of the diverse British scene is also well represented.

Requien mass, celebrated at St Mary of the Angels Church this morning, was attended by a wide circle of friends and members of his family.

The dedication of about 60 foster parents would be celebrated at the Southern Cross Hotel, in Dunedin, tonight, the first day of national Foster Care Awareness Week.

PTI The Mumbai Mohali connection: Apurva Rahane, sister of Ajinkya Rahane, celebrates at their Mumbai home after the opener had received the Man of the Match award in the Mohali one-dayer.

In 2% of cases celebrate after is used

This perhaps gives meaning to the saying that achievements are best celebrated after one has tasted defeat or failure.

Katie Taylor (C) of Ireland celebrates after winning the lightweight 60kg final bout at the Women's World Boxing Championships in May.

Article 43 -- Lessons from the US Presidential Race by Tan Thiam Hock New-age strategies: Obama and his wife Michelle celebrate after the US presidential results.

In 2% of cases celebrate like is used

The beautiful women of Maai Mahiu can sing and celebrate like you wouldn't believe.

Evra went past the other stands as well to celebrate like an idiot before going onto that stand.

It is celebrated like most Akan festival culminating in a colourful durbar of chiefs on a Saturday.

However, just a few of them are celebrated like The Day of The Dead, at school, home, and the city.

In 2% of cases celebrate throughout is used

Some of the holidays are celebrated throughout the world while many are country or region specific.

Our Father gave us plenty of reasons to celebrate throughout the year, and these festivals aren't one of them.

A full calendar of traditional festivals and holidays celebrated throughout the year adds to its cultural appeal.

There have been only three Diamond Jubilees of Heads of State celebrated throughout the world during The Queen's reign.

In 1% of cases celebrate around is used

Where is ' Right to Know ' Day Celebrated? ' Right to Know ' Day is celebrated around the world.

World egg day is also celebrated around the world because it is one of the world's protein rich sources per money value.

Sir Arthur Guinness Day was celebrated around the world with other concerts in Malaysia and Ireland, among other countries.

In 1% of cases celebrate before is used

Pedrito also visits the Basilica ' Sant Agostino for the first of the Triduum masses to be celebrated before Calungsod's canonization.

In 1% of cases celebrate during is used

Fifty years of Y'sdom in Sri Lanka was celebrated during the Asia Area Convention with the Colombo Club hosting a banquet.

Home and family life will be full of harmony and there will be several auspicious events celebrated during the course of this year.

In 1% of cases celebrate from is used

Based on the Lunisolar Chinese calendar, the Chinese Lunar New Year is celebrated from the first day of the first month of the lunar year, on Jan.

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