Prepositions after "catch"

"catch in", "catch by" or "catch on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases catch in is used

He's caught in a state of doubt.

Me, caught in the act of painting.

We're a species caught in a closed loop.

As Captain Kirk once said, the weak innocents always seem to get caught in the middle.

While doing so the boat was caught in the vortex of the Whirlpool and damaged severely.

You then told us you made a quick exit rather than be caught in a compromising position.

In other words, about half of the ringed seals that the polar bears catch are not caught in the manner you describe.

Almost all the mid range phone have 512MB ROM, but the biggest disappointment we caught in HTCExplorer is 384MB RAM.

The immediate impact on Labrador should be rather minimal given the very low levels of cod catches in recent years.

And Wagner was a man who, when caught in the moment, often found it hard to see the weaknesses in his own arguments.

In 15% of cases catch on is used

Infantry, caught on the fly, near Fort Meade.

Don't get caught on this issue as it can ruin.

Their reunion, which was caught on video, shows.

Caught on the turn a few times but also made some timely interceptions and aerial challenges.

They look addly recent because of the casual manner in which the women were caught on camera.

It was hardly surprising to see him caught on the crease and nicking to second slip when on 4.

IIRC, Rommel wouldn't even permit Jews caught on the battlefield to be separated from the general haul of prisoners.

Instead we are deemed subject to forces beyond our control, mere organic matter caught on the wind of physical laws.

Google has caught on to that practice as well, and part of the new crackdown on violations centers on link exchanging.

About two years ago, two young Singapore soldiers were caught on video getting spooked by a Pontianak (see video below).

In 11% of cases catch by is used

And then they get caught by the police.

Kite fliers are increasingly caught by this net.

Nevertheless, Ushenina was not caught by surprise.

Buffalo will also try to rescue a member of their heard who has been caught by a predator.

John Stacy-Marks in 1983? However we found ourselves caught by the disturbances in Sri Lanka.

What is most plausible is the CIA and government intel where simply caught by surprise and failed to properly react.

The ocean near the country's shores abounds in fish, which was caught by Mauritanian, Senegalese and European fishermen.

This person will be caught by his room mates in un-compromising positions when his room mates come back early from work.

If a Burglar is being chased, it is helpful that the human is able to arrest the criminal when he or she is caught by the dog.

In 7% of cases catch with is used

They're also caught with **27;372;TOOLONG trawls.

Just don't get caught with you hand in your ' Me Account '; -).

Why did OEMs get caught with their pants down? A mixture of hubris and lack of foresight.

They tend to be mainly fish eaters which they are thought to catch with the help of echolocation.

Before going out and before getting caught with work stuff, I took Mr Banks down to the sand run again.

Nowadays, if any villager is caught with a leopard skin there is a very severe penalty involving a long jail term.

The majority are caught with bottom trawls, which result in accidental catches and significant damage to the seafloor.

If caught with a registration plate cover that obscures the license plate, drivers in Maryland can be fined up to $70.

His resignation is purely based on getting caught with his pants down, a direct violation of his own personal honor code.

In 5% of cases catch up is used

By the time the side effects catch up to you.

Eventually, your pay will catch up to your work level, but slowly.

Basic self-defence: If a chaser does catch up to you, basic is key.

He caught up to Obama, and even passed him in a lot of polls and he's been there ever since.

Lap 4: 23:05 I caught up to a lady runner, Charlotte Kearney, and she invited me to share a few miles.

But we need to get a share of the little land that is available, so that we can catch up to the economic mainstream of the country.

Friday should prove to be another exciting day as golfers try to make a move to the top of the leaderboard and catch up to Harrington.

While most couples never cheat, women are catching up to men in terms of those who do, though their reasons are typically different.

As we come closer to the end of the console generation, Sony's PS3 is starting to catch up to Microsoft's Xbox 360 in terms of global sales.

In 4% of cases catch between is used

Mi dear, only to be caught between two people a choa piece a yam.

This place is caught between three nations, but not really in the control of.

The squirrel was out of its depth and caught between two stools, or in this case, two shores.

She finds herself caught between two men, as she starts seeing the father of one her students.

Caught between the Central Government and the warlords, the people are harassed as though by tigers.

There's no light relief, with instead the Doctor finding himself caught between opposing sides of humourless badasses.

Luther found himself caught between a spirituality and a soteriology which he increasingly felt to be mutually incompatible.

As someone who is caught between two worlds (running geek and NY native ), I feel that the anger is justified but irrationally voiced.

Elena feels she has been backed into a corner, caught between her dislike for Katya and her desperate desire to provide for her family.

A collision, a crash, the car instantly a crumpled, horrible heap, himself pinned in the telescoped berth, caught between seat and seat.

In 3% of cases catch at is used

It was a red flag I didn't catch at the time.

Something catched at my throat and for a moment I felt like crying.

The outcome was an embarrassing exit for a golden duck, caught at deep mid-off.

If there is a problem that is not caught at a very young age, there will always be a problem.

I'll stick with some of the other later options if I am still looking for catching at that point.

Sturt did not want to get caught at Rocky Glen and so he pushed on another 270 km to the Darling River.

However a patient Gazi took his revenge in the last ball of the fourth over, snaring Gayle caught at long-off for 24.

Kohli took the next two catches at leg slip off Ashwin to dismiss Martin Guptill (two) and New Zealand captain Ross Taylor (two).

As far as Abhishek Manu Singhvi is concerned, he got caught at a wrong place at a wrong time, and in the era of Twitter that is unforgivable.

Luka Rocco Magnota then fled to Paris, from Paris to Belgium, Germany where he was caught at an internet caf browsing for news at a local caf in Germany.

In 3% of cases catch for is used

He now has 7 catches for 111 yards.

I've read about so many people being caught for speaking against the government.

Receiver Weston Dressler certainly had a strong game too making six catches for 153 yards.

You have been caught for the heinous crime of sending a surprise birthday greeting to a friend! Spam is out of control.

Bailey had 13 catches for 205 yards and four touchdowns for West Virginia, (5-5, 2-5) which lost its fifth straight game.

Against Hurricane, he split out wide much of the second half and turned in a season-best six catches for 96 yards and two TDs.

He finished the year with a breakout performance against the New England Patriots, in which he had seven catches for 89 yards.

Game Notes Riddick led Notre Dame with 84 yards on 22 carries, while Daniels led all receivers with seven catches for 86 yards.

Steve now very afraid tried to deny that the child was his, but she had conceived on the day they had been caught for the Immorality act.

Big fishes are being caught for the 1st time in history, by a very trusted president who was earlier labeled as weak w/ no leadership potential.

In 1% of cases catch as is used

You see, you still rely on getting caught as the arbiter of weather or not someone doped.

I knew one of the guards and he helped me to escape and told me not to get caught as both of us would pay the price with our lives.

In 1% of cases catch behind is used

Minutes later she was caught behind closed doors with the host by his not too happy wife.

In 1% of cases catch from is used

I do not believe that it can be caught from horses.

We had to hurry a bit since we had Kamrup Express train to catch from Falakata station.

Sprinting the whole field tends to wind people, just ask AP after he got caught from behind on the second play o the day.

Golden carp known as funa was caught from the lake, packed in salted rice, and compacted under weights to speed up the fermentation.

I was thinking about having the Tzaangors meet up with the beastmen herd and catch the zombies in a pincher movement, but I didn't want to have my beastmen caught from behind either.

The lines in the picture come out of the BOTTOM of the down tube UNDERNEATH the bottom bracket (risk of damage or catching from own experience) and then internally into the chainstay.

In 1% of cases catch onto is used

Americans have not caught onto that yet.

Parents are catching onto the progressives ' lie.

However, advertisers have caught onto this and begun to promote their products on blogs.

It was said that they knew if a superintendent used one extra nail and they would catch onto it.

State legislatures never caught onto the huge revenue stream their states were being deprived either.

Banks have caught onto the charge card hoppers who switch from card to card to take advantage of the low introductory rates.

It's not surprising then, that the oldest profession in the world has caught onto the most popular phenomenon of latter day citizen media -- this here blogosphere of ours.

In 1% of cases catch out is used

If he's caught out of position, no fear.

Carrick is then getting caught out of position when opposition teams counter.

We had spent two days trying to catch out of Vancouver and it had been very frustrating.

Rooney looked out of sorts and every touch of his was too heavy, whilst Evra constantly gave away possession and got caught out of position.

I was more thinking of the countless times I have seen him jogging back when he has been caught out of position and the other team are breaking on us.

In combination with my predominantly black cycling gear and a white helmet, the disguise is complete: whenever I see my own reflection in a passing car window, I nearly get caught out myself.

In 1% of cases catch under is used

The Thing was caught under the extreme pressure of the falling water and broken apart.

He also did not wear a life-preserver because he thought it would hamper his escape if he was caught under the Falls.

John Masterson was driving the vehicle at his business, JM Reclamation in Coppull, when 16-year-old Samuel Phillips was caught under the wheel.

There are very few countries in the world where the former Head of State have been caught under the powerful claws of judiciary, and Taiwan is one of them.

Any speculators might find themselves caught under sections of the Income Tax Act outside of New Zealand not having a CGT, despite them saying this is a family home etc.

In 1% of cases catch within is used

If any of these men are killed, his murderer must be caught within five days if possible.

Even the highest Brahma realm is caught within the world, trapped below the power and influence of desire.

Bad luck, print cartographers! Again, as OSM is a data project, this means that the stuff we don't want (artistic cartography) is caught within SA although we have no use for it.

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