Prepositions after "carve"

carve into, out, in, on or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 20% of cases carve into is used

The bar itself is quite charming with the wooden shapes of various animals carved into its base.

Very moving to read the names of the victims carved into the metal shelves around the top of the pools.

The trail is basically a combination of wooden planks and ridiculously steep steps carved into the mountainside.

Could you do it in fewer words? In less than six syllables? It's good enough to translate into Latin and carve into stone.

He used a cane, a tall stick--taller than you--with a silver handle carved into the shape of a wolf's head, which was the family crest.

AP Thousands of elephants are butchered every year for their ivory tusks that are carved into religious objects, including the most-prized Sto.

It was seized by the Greeks and hauled thirty miles inland where it was carved into a statue of the Goddess Nemesis by the famous sculptor, Phidias.

Is there some wood craftsman who can turn it into a seat? It could be carved into a large throne, whence to regard the folly of folly, the death of death and the thrill of being a squirrel.

In the original iPad, the speakers push sound through two small sealed channels leading to the three audio ports carved into the device, 18 while the iPad 2 has its speakers behind a single grill.

Visible from above now are a series of badly paved streets carved into the dust and gravel, like some peculiarly American response to the Nazca Lines (or even the labyrinth at Chartres cathedral).

In 17% of cases carve out is used

The masks are carved out of the wood of aspen.

Man's body was taken from the soil whereas his spirit was carved out of God.

Alliance Air, which was carved out of Indian Airlines in 1995, had had two major accidents till date.

George in Lalibela, Ethiopia, is one of a famous group of churches carved out of the surrounding rock.

The magnificent free-standing statue carved out of a single rock is the tallest Buddha statue in existence today.

Finally we were in the climb up to Chapman's Peak- a world heritage location where a narrow road was carved out of sheers cliffs.

In the ' bow ' of the building, Lord Reith commissioned a sculptor to carve out of stone the figures of Prospero and Ariel from Shakespeare's The Tempest.

Basically the Pancake Rocks are a series of limestone rocks, which have parallel lines carved out of them, making them look like, well, a stack of pancakes.

Leaving Hedaru, Sunday, January 29 After lunch our hosts had more gifts for us! First, they presented us with a beautiful statue of two Maasai carved out of ebony.

It was carved out of the former Western State and covered the total area of the former Ondo Province, which had been created in 1915 with Akure as the provincial headquarters.

In 16% of cases carve in is used

It was carved in China from a block of white jade.

When was the Rosetta Stone made? The Rosetta Stone was carved in 196 B.

There 's, for example, a dilapidated monument's replica delicately carved in wood.

The doors of both of them are mounted with heavy silverplate carved in ornamental details.

Closer to Mexico, but no Spanish language skill is a problem:) Might as well be carved in stone.

But not me - and the definition by DSN as provided for and carved in stone qualifies them as such.

Thus, it came to pass that local autonomy and fiscal independence were carved in the Cory Charter to be defined by legislations.

Qi Baishi is recognized as the most prominent artist of traditional painting, calligraphy and seal carving in contemporary China.

The principal one, as the inscription intimates, is Pariswanath, or Parswanath, carved in the reign of the emperor Akbar; the black one has the date of 1651 inscribed.

One issue not covered in this article is how will all this digitised information survive through time? The word written down on paper and/or carved in stone will survive.

In 15% of cases carve on is used

A bass relief of faces, arrows and circles were carved on the stone.

Don't be silly and carve on the bamboos as you walk along the pathway.

Designs can be carved on the outer edge, or on the body of the shofar.

Sigils can be traced in air, carved on candles, drawn on paper and burned etc.

Carved on wood, bone and stone, their words talk through the centuries to today.

This lesson was carved on the nose of the Pentagon in the latter stages of the Vietnam war.

They were played as far back as 3,300 years ago as found carved on the rooftops excavated in Egypt.

The earliest representation of the maiden still extant dates from 1640, carved on a stone in Parliament Hall.

Although not necessarily for this precise reason, the Rosetta Stone and the triple texts carved on a precipitous rock-face copied by Rawlinson come to mind here, i.

Nestled in the alps, the area around town is a natural for hikes of all types, from flat ones with gorgeous views on paths carved on the side of mountains to strenuous ones up to a peak.

In 9% of cases carve with is used

A peronsal seal carved with the characters Qi Baishi is affixed below.

Twenty-three of the twenty-nine slabs which form the walls of Gav'inis are carved with intricate spirals, intersecting semicircles, and other whorled patterns.

Because of its important significance, many of these of coffers were carved with beautiful marriage scenes and preserved and protected to be handed down members of the family.

In 8% of cases carve from is used

The statue is believed to be carved from a piece of the Chinga iron meteorite that fell near the border of Siberia and Mongolia around 15,000 years ago.

It takes 5 weeks, 500 tons of ice, and 15,000 tons of snow to craft the Ice Hotel with its ceilings as high as 18 feet, walls covered with original artwork and furniture carved from ice blocks.

In 5% of cases carve by is used

Sticks The first hockey sticks were carved by Mi'kmaq natives of Nova Scotia.

A cross between a landscape and a seascape carved by the deft hands of Lino Severino reigns supreme in the living room.

One sought to reform the existing political order by making full use of the open spaces carved by civil society, and partly by electoral participation.

In 3% of cases carve for is used

Joseph Conrad was actually a Polish national, but carved for himself a giant territory in the world of English literature.

Local rulers, called notables, carved for themselves permanent regions in which they ruled directly, regardless of the wishes of the sultan in Constantinople.

Ultimately, history would judge us not by our competence or the monuments we have carved for ourselves but by the persons that we are and the values we have stood for during our lives.

In 2% of cases carve through is used

To help you carve through a few of the options, the editors and members of online travel advisor VirtualTourist.

In 1% of cases carve at is used

I love hopping boulders and leapt, boulder to boulder, upstream to the deep green pool carved at the foot of the lower falls we had passed.

In 1% of cases carve throughout is used

The new feature allows anyone interested to strap on a pair of snowshoes and explore the various tracks carved throughout the mountain.

In 1% of cases carve within is used

This has already been completely debunked in academic circles as an obvious fabrication -- it was carved within the last 50 years.

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