Prepositions after "carry"

carry with, by, in, to or into?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 20% of cases carry with is used

Thirdly, age carries with it only one promise.

Take a copy of your passport and visas to carry with you.

I also carried with me a souvenior, a Mug worth ksh 500.

He had a season-high 144 yards on 18 carries with one touchdown against Louisville.

This will reduce the overall amount of items you need to carry with you on your trip.

We continued on our way, carrying with us the Frenchman's surprise at our situation.

Honestly, I think emigrant HK parents might be worse sometimes because they carry with them values from 40 years ago.

It carries with it the vital qualities of commitment, it hangs there and it doesn't give up when problems come along.

The overall bulkiness of the PadFone Station and Dock also made those accessories quite inconvenient to carry with you.

How the car broke down on the way home and how somebody got sick on the road are some of the gems I carry with me today.

In 19% of cases carry by is used

Thus, light is carried by photons.

Best to Judged by 12 rather than carried by 6.

And they came, bringing to him a paralytic carried by four men.

The casket was carried by pallbearers of the Ghana Air Force dressed in ceremonial attire.

Student assessment is carried by exams, course work, oral presentation and continual assessment.

From the image, relevant personnel can be clearly seen inspecting the items carried by Tao Jing.

This year the message will be carried by millions of school children in over 100 countries in a month of activities.

His coffin was carried by his sons from the family home to the Church of the Assumption which was a walking distance.

She has received this livery for the City College duties replacing the blue livery carried by the two Darts 55 &; 56.

This duality is also discovered as the unfair weight of suffering of creation carried by the life of the human being.

In 13% of cases carry in is used

The child is carried in a cloth at the back.

The interview was carried in the Star on October 3.

Good insight! Each prospect carry in itself a hefty burden.

When carried in her mother's arms the child gets a safe place from which to view the world.

The petals are for the Blessed Sacrament (which the priest is carrying in the monstrance).

Specifically, we all have bacteria normally in our mouth and therefore carried in our breath.

One can take a personal car- the boat to the Vineyard was big enough to carry in its belly a number of cars and SUVs.

As Google were carrying in their effort, Apple released what they called an iPhone, a device that revolutionized a decade.

That's the statement right?! http: **27;2930;TOOLONG Michael WIldes Good insight! Each prospect carry in itself a hefty burden.

In 10% of cases carry to is used

Many were carried to the French legation in China.

A huge amount of Chinese silk was carried to the West.

This shot is all carry to a small moderately sloping green.

Those virtues are carried to a fault in this extremely slow-building and talky novel.

Lenore has been carried to the top of a dead tree (where the heartbroken go) by crows.

Chez Helene is responsible for instilling a granny fetish in me that I carry to this day.

Touches were carried to the top of Vinegar Hill, just outside Enniscorthy, to commemorate the final battle of the rising in Co.

It came out of the front of the hand, spun the other way and carried to Sehwag at slip, but he grounded it low by his left foot.

In 1848, he collapsed on the floor of the House from a stroke and was carried to the Speaker's Room, where two days later he died.

Hormones, which are produced by endocrine glands, are released into the bloodstream where they are carried to all parts of the body.

In 5% of cases carry into is used

In a closing statement his voice carried into corridor.

Bladed weapons carried into battle by the Filipino rank-and-file.

How much speed can a rider carry into a corner, shown by how leaned they were able to get.

Sarah also hopes if she has a daughter the tradition can be carried into a fourth generation.

The two unconscious bodies were carried into the building where their death was soon established.

Remarkably, the story of the Claddagh will likely be carried into posterity by the ring that bears its name.

That no slave should be carried into it who had been imported into the United States since the first day of May, 1798.

Pearson for the purpose of having the voluntary conveyance of 1881 set aside and the trusts of the will carried into execution i.

William vaguely recalled that several pairs of hands had gripped him, and each couple had been carried into the dark interior of a hut.

Section 16-Regulations The Minister may by legislative instrument make regulations for carrying into effect the provisions of this Act.

In 4% of cases carry for is used

John 's, carries for me a special sense of inheritance.

Rashad Jennings has started the last three games but has only 40 carries for 131 yards (3.

He threw for 286 yards, but had only 39 yards on 17 carries for Kansas State (10-1, 7-1 Big 12).

For me, the extra care for mom has relieved me of some of the load I have been carrying for so long.

No one wants to hear others say they made a mistake that they have to carry for the rest of their lives.

Tony Pierson, Kansas Pierson had 16 carries for a career-high 202 yards in Kansas ' 41-34 loss to Texas Tech.

Montee Ball, Wisconsin Ball had 27 carries for 198 yards and three touchdowns in Wisconsin's 62-14 win over Indiana.

Not only is the 25-year-old tailback one of the league's most productive runners (842 yards on 129 carries for an average 6.

A question will always bother you when you pack for your holidays and that is, the kind of bag that you should carry for your holidays.

Forsett had four carries for 27 yards last week at Chicago, including a 25-yard run that set up the Texans ' only touchdown of the game.

In 4% of cases carry through is used

Lots of emotions are carried through the poem.

He was carried through the tribulation period to die the death.

The said they had more furs than they can carry through trade with others.

Transit goods are being carried through Ashuganj on an experimental basis, he said.

They were carried through the air and entered the body through the nose or the mouth.

The sound carries through the whole place while everyone just stands there in a trance.

What was important was a vision that we carried through the film about dialogue between all sections of the people.

From microbes to the largest creatures upon the planet, phi is the prevalent ratio that carries through all species.

By that time we shall be in a position to disregard forms in carrying through matters for which our impersonal puppet will be responsible.

It is possible to state with some exactness the conditions which must be met in order to initiate and carry through this releasing therapeutic experience.

In 3% of cases carry out is used

Some schemes were carried out with the support of US aid.

A very old lady who fell to the ground in tears has been carried out of the venue.

In carrying out any such plan, the insurer may acquire any shares of its own stock by gift, bequest or purchase.

After their bodies got carried out of what was left of their home, detectives combed through the shambles in a search of contact information for next of kin.

But I was still outraged by the fact that every SINGLE woman in the team was carried out of the explosion, unconscious or otherwise, by their male counterparts.

This causes the residents to have the limited access to the facilities of health care and education, and also the barrier to the carry out of agriculture products.

What is the source of your superior information? Israel must have carried out of the order of 1000 strikes in the last three days, killing fewer than 50 Palestinians.

The State in passing laws for the due Sanctification of Sunday, is unwittingly acknowledging the authority of the Catholic Church, and carrying out more or less faithfully its prescriptions.

And now Lupus, the governor of Alexandria, upon the receipt of Caesar's letter, came to the temple, and carried out of it some of the donations dedicated thereto, and shut up the temple itself.

In 2% of cases carry within is used

This form of dialogue carried within it a genuine paradox.

DNS queries (and responses) are carried within UDP datagrams.

Ancient Jedi Masters carried within backpacks are not required.

Such a religion carries within it all the elements that make for resilience and the ability to adjust to the times.

You carry within you the pilot light of hope, and no matter how challenging life gets, the light within you refuses to die.

This policy, although technically successful (the kindgoms were united in 1580 ), literally carried within itself the seeds of its own destruction.

I hope the people of our homeland find the same faith that you carry within you! Recommend Beautifully written article exactly depicting our feelings.

In 2% of cases carry from is used

Though such relations do exist and are carried from both London and Washington DC.

The vulcanized rubberized designed strap along with the steel carry from the check out are attractive.

I made a small order recently - 2 books that it would have been possible for me to carry from the office to home without major disruption but they never arrived.

The sediments, which have been, and are still being, deposited to form them, are organic and inorganic matter carried from other parts of Nigeria, West and Central Africa.

Pollen is carried from a male part to a female part by wind or animals (a process called pollination ), where it releases male gametes that fertilise the female gametes in the ovules.

The reactor then fires itself up -- and the ship uses the electricity to manufacture rocket fuel by combining hydrogen carried from Earth with carbon dioxide extracted from the Martian atmosphere.

Then how did he die? Was he not carried from Aisha's house by two of his companions with his feet dragging on the ground? Please be real! Yes he had Ibrahim by Mary sent to him by the Coptic king.

In 2% of cases carry off is used

It is ruled over by the god of death, who carries off people and subjects them to all sorts of punishments.

For those of you looking for ideas on how to carry off bright lipcolors, do check out her makeup in the movie.

Maybe if all of those actors have kids, they can carry off the story with them instead I really hope that this doesn't happen.

Over time, Maroons slowly grew more bold, raiding outlying plantations, murdering planters and families, and carrying off the slaves.

One or two girls whom I tried out would have carried off everything that wasn't nailed down had I not terminated our relationship almost as soon as it began.

I was happy looking at the makeup from the promos!! But yeah it takes time to carry off such colors without looking gaudy- in real life it wouldn't suit a school girl.

Maybe if all of those actors have kids, they can carry off the story with them instead RE: The best and worst jokes in Series X Posted Saturday, November 24, 2012 at 14:03 NEW RebelWabbit wrote:.

In 1% of cases carry of is used

For health and safety reasons, drivers are not permitted to participate in carrying of passengers.

In 1% of cases carry up is used

High voltage DC cables can carry up to 1.

Standard-speed cables are rated to carry up to 1080i.

Even though we live in the mountains I'd never been carried up the side of one.

Although each of those misdemeanour counts carries up to a year in prison, she is likely to walk free at sentencing on Thursday after having already spent three years in jail.

In 1% of cases carry under is used

But the nation is not ready to carry under its wing he who in his very essence is an aberrant traitor.

The maxi clutch is a little bigger, and it is carried under the arm and it is exceptionally stylish if worn for dinner events.

In 1% of cases carry throughout is used

Once in the blood, alcohol is carried throughout the body.

In 1% of cases carry onto is used

Being able to offload some of the weight JavaScript carries onto CSS is a great benefit.

The spirit and power of that ensemble is carried onto the free stage at the Clore Ballroom on our final night at the festival.

In 1% of cases carry on is used

That friendship made them bond and made it easy for David to carry on his calling.

But I wouldn't regard that as hardship, it was only the fact that you weren't able to carry on your work.

The employers were unable to carry on their business without men and women who remained loyal to their union.

People who think I'd a fricking saint but are quite happy to let me carry on doing saintly-type things without offering any help.

She took me for a stroll; after that, we sat on some stairs and she told me I have to carry on no matter what, that she believes I can survive it, she believes in me.

In 1% of cases carry about is used

No investigation had been carried about their disappearances.

Humans carry about 3GB in their DNA which would make those creatures 200.

Nobody seemed capable of answering the questions I may have carried about Osho.

These Orientalist views we carry about Muslim people are insulting to their culture.

Carrying about this kind of excess weight around the ft, legs, and so on will result in problems later on on.

Pulling out of his bosom the lamp, which, after the danger he had been exposed to, he always carried about with him, he rubbed it, upon which the genie immediately appeared.

They carried about 3000 troops in the ship and sailed wherever they were going, the Middle East, wherever, around the Horn of Africa, wherever they were going, and down we went to Liverpool.

In 1% of cases carry between is used

For most of the trips, we operate luxury motorcoaches and carry between 25-50 people per trip.

For instance, the vandalised pipeline carries between 9 and 11 million litres of fuel on daily basis.

Ideally each passenger should have a window seat and a normal safari vehicle is licensed to carry between seven to eight.

In 1% of cases carry at is used

Baggage is carried at passenger's risk.

Fair value or revaluation as deemed cost Assets carried at cost (e.

We were carried at a fearful rate down it's gloomy and contracted banks.

Note: Baggage is carried at the owner's own risk and baggage insurance is strongly recommended.

You will remember that a couple years ago I wrote an article on the history of co2 carried at the air vent.

River defences may then be overtopped due to increased water levels, or breached by large objects of debris carried at high water velocities.

In 1% of cases carry around is used

Don't carry around doubt, fear, anxiety.

Considering how unwieldy bootable disks turn out to be when carried around a pendrive provides a simpler solution.

That IS one drawback to battery technology: You're always carrying around that weight, even when the pack is nearly discharged.

The small body is lightweight and allows for the camera to be carried around more varied locales, which you cant do with a standard SLR.

Now the battery industry has figured out if they don't have to carry around O2 (or various other toxic oxides) they can save on battery costs.

You do not seem to appreciate that I never carried around a notebook all these years as a reporter in hopes of one day writing about Rajneesh.

After a short relay around Greece, it will be flown to Britain a week tomorrow to be carried around the country by a succession of torchbearers.

In 1% of cases carry along is used

The person collecting the ticket will also have to carry along the Award request form and photo identification of himself.

Make sure your programme content carries along the Ministry of Culture and Tourism at both the Federal and states level.

We in the Assin North district have our bag of peculiar problems or challenges which I will humbly appeal to our Vice President to carry along with him and see what could be done.

In 1% of cases carry across is used

That higher percentage carries across all expenditures, from child care costs to haircuts.

In the end, however, Baldwin may also have been carried across the finish line by a solid base of supporters in Madison.

The town hall-style debate, hosted by Hofstra University in New York and moderated by CNN's Candy Crowley, was carried across 12 networks.

I really hoped I'd get the chance to wander in, even just for a few minutes - sadly, it wasn't to be but the whooping cries of birds and the endless insect thrum carried across the wasteland.

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