Prepositions after "capture"

"capture by" or "capture in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases capture by is used

John Brawshaw, a royalist officer captured by Col.

Who really needs sailors like those captured by Iran.

It was still presumed that he was captured by the forces.

Captured by the construction of the long-sleeve t-shirt with its gussets at underarm.

This is because our best student lot is captured by the western countries like UK and USA.

When mating, both the female and males ' chances of being captured by the wasps increased to 10%.

Our entire financial system has been corrupted and captured by a small cabal of rich, powerful, and prominent men.

Gonapeenuwela Sumanasara Thera who later lived permanently in Kilinochchi until it was captured by the armed forces.

Like the pale blue dot photograph captured by Voyager 1, the compilation record was a mirror to hold up to ourselves.

Lewis was held for several months before being exchanged for the wives of British officials captured by the Americans.

In 32% of cases capture in is used

Biswas ' is best captured in Mr.

That trend was captured in testimony Sept.

Omar Khadr was captured in 2002 in Afghanistan.

Those dealt with by Zimbabwe were luckier than those captured in Equatorial Guinea itself.

First it is captured in the theme chosen for this year's celebration: Counting Malaria Out.

Hydroxyl and water molecules are captured in tiny deposits of glass in rock and soil grains.

And lo, in a short strip of five 35mm frames, there is my encounter with Monsieur HCB, captured in glorious monochrome.

A thought perfectly captured in the words of the commercial manager of the country's Football Association, Casper Jangale.

In addition, the government will capture in the sale price some of the likely efficiency gains resulting from privatisation.

For me, it highlighted how the most important and interesting stories are hard to capture in any kind of reporting framework.

In 12% of cases capture on is used

That deserves to be captured on film.

The killing was captured on a nearby CCTV camera.

The firsts are monumental, celebrated and captured on film.

The incident was apparently captured on the cruise ship's CCTV cameras.

The following text, logo or at least a link must be placed at point of data capture on our websites.

Police are still tracking down these four-man gang captured on CCTV committing a robbery at a chemist in Ngara.

The data has been captured on a CD-Rom which is available to buy: see Naval &; Military Press for full information.

It's true, as I've stated many times, that the costume question does not negate what was captured on the ACORN videos.

The photons (particles of light) that I capture on my film, started their journey many hundreds or thousands of years ago.

The laws and usages of war make a distinction between enemies ' property captured on the sea and property captured on land.

In 3% of cases capture at is used

The current facial image of visa applicants captured at U.

On the video front, the HTC One X+ offers capture at up to 1080p.

Its incredible history is excitingly captured at the ' Riches of Clare '.

The number of fish, game birds, or other animals killed or captured at one time.

A member of Von Paulus ' army, captured at Stalingrad, he escaped and walked back to Germany about 1949.

The current cast it aside in an eddy where it floated back upstream and held between two eddies until captured at 4:40 p.

Live videos captured at the time of the attack show Israel soldiers landing from a helicopter, while Israel gunboats encircled the ship.

Indeed, had the BEF been captured at Dunkirk and Britain invaded, there were only two divisions protecting London, both of which were Canadian.

The jurisdiction of the courts of the united States over property captured at sea is held not to attach to property captured on land in the absence of Congressional action.

It features heaving waves of fans captured at that intense, suspended moment of anxious anticipation before the perfect storm of excitement and emotion as the ball hits the back of the net.

In 3% of cases capture from is used

AMISOM sent 100 Burundian and Ugandan soldiers to the southern town of Baidoa, which Ethiopian troops captured from the Alshabab militia in February.

This underlined the point to me, that this is a man who thrives on the affectionate vibes he captures from the City Ground supporters, which really aid him in his performance.

On their part, the Khaatumo State forces and local defenders have displayed several armored vehicle and several prisoners of war they captured from the Isaaq clan SNM (Somaliland).

If the chain is way too simple, you will likely have a drip between your container and also the basin, and when the sequence is way too long, you operate the chance of it capturing from the flapper.

In 2% of cases capture after is used

The city was captured after a 90 minute offensive this morning.

In 2% of cases capture during is used

And blooper reels are all about off-the-cuff moments that got captured during filming.

But Google has said their images are captured during the day on public streets, where there is not an expectation of privacy.

Meanwhile, a rebel pickup truck came zooming from the frontline carrying a wounded Gaddafi loyalist whom the rebel forces had captured during the fight.

In 2% of cases capture for is used

If you think you will be setup for your ideal par, then capture for any bogie.

Even the movie and still cameras never quite captured for us the real colour and complexion of his face.

In 2% of cases capture with is used

Educate and capture with content to keep your site viable.

So that immediately on engaging they had the worst in many parts of the battle and were soon routed, fifty ships being sunk and seventy captured with their crews.

It also offers fast focusing, with continuous autofocus making the camera ready to capture with pretty much no delay at all, or touch focusing if you want to be a little more precise.

An account of a fatal adolescent misadventure, it captures with appalling exactness, in just under 20 pages, a particular sense of foolish bravado unique to the teenage Australian male.

In 1% of cases capture as is used

These payments were captured as imports of royalties and license fees in New Zealand's BoP and national accounts.

In 1% of cases capture into is used

Essentially, this demands that it should be captured into the same record-keeping system as all other records.

In 1% of cases capture of is used

For any Bill Withers fans, there's a lovely hour long capturing of the man's wisdom and charm.

The result is a constant launching and capturing of balls, mid-orbit collisions and negotiations of launch priorities.

In 1% of cases capture through is used

A major opportunity to better utilise the enterprise's IT assets, while radically speeding up time to market, can be captured through the orchestration and provisioning of IT via a service catalogue.

In 1% of cases capture under is used

A lab rat captured under glass.

Outflow of unrecorded transfers due to trade mispricing was captured under the GER method.

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