Prepositions after "campaign"

"campaign for" or "campaign against"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases campaign for is used

He campaigned for those in need.

She campaigned for Wilkie against FDR.

I have never campaigned for anything in my life before.

She campaigned for organ donation constantly and was a fantastic mother and wife.

That will not stop people campaigning for fair treatment and amendments to law in its name.

If you count Romney's last attempt to be president, he has been campaigning for five years.

I've campaigned for a lot of candidates in my time, some of whom I have been impressed with and others less so.

The anti-corruption crusader is currently touring Maharashtra to campaign for a strong Lokayukta Act in the state.

Her struggle to overcome breast cancer while campaigning for Governor in 2000 has not been forgotten by voters.

An Internet site, which claimed to be campaigning for media access to the event, said Henry Kissinger, a former U.

In 20% of cases campaign against is used

Mr Grindley began campaigning against the policy.

It campaigned against police brutality, held rallies and began a meteoric rise.

The IMC coordinated the efforts of those who campaigned against Modi's proposed visit to the U.

She's politically motivated as well, publicly campaigning against wind farms whenever her schedule allows.

They have campaigned against -- and in some places actively removed -- protections for women in the marketplace.

They might help re-elect the very parties and govt that they claim to be calling corrupt and campaigning against.

The JEI had been campaigning against the celebration of the Bengali new year on the ground that it was unIslamic.

Mr Abbott was at a pie shop south of Brisbane campaigning against the carbon tax, which came into effect last week.

Most of the groundwork was done by people and things that Obama campaigned against, and the American people remember.

In 12% of cases campaign in is used

Here's video of him campaigning in Ohio on 12/7/07.

In 2008, Obama only campaigned in 14 states after being nominated.

This would force the candidates to campaign in every state for every vote.

As much as he has campaigned in his life, it's really amazing how he can't speak to his mind.

They often contain partisan messaging and are essentially campaigning in a non-election year.

However, for their sympathisers to campaign in the main parties would be more relevant and effective.

Localize Your Social Media Campaign in Asia Choosing the appropriate, local social network is only the first step.

On a more specific, even the traders themselves have the upper hand whe campaigning in Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Obama cancelled plans to campaign in Ohio after Monday's event in Florida, opting to return to the White House instead.

It's up to everyone who marched, protested and campaigned in whatever way against the war to make sure that it's fatal.

In 12% of cases campaign on is used

That doesn't mean Labour didn't campaign on those issues.

I know for a fact that Labour campaigned on Civil Unions.

Rothfus, a lawyer, campaigned on lower taxes and against regulation.

I campaigned on the promise of change -- - change we can believe in, the slogan went.

I also disagree with Tony: Labour did not campaign on the CUB policy during the election.

Labour did not campaign on civil unions or relationship equality prior to the past two elections.

Kuffour had campaigned on free pre-maternal care for pregnant women, the NDC would have said that would be a lie.

Labour did campaign on CIvil Unions and relation equality prior to the last election and it was in Labour's manifesto.

Labour and the Greens both campaigned on civil unions, and have delivered an election promise in passing the legislation.

This injustice within an injustice heavily weighs on him and he has given his life to campaigning on behalf of his comrades.

In 2% of cases campaign with is used

Some have become case studies that we use for media work or on our website to inspire others to campaign with us.

Already the Liberal Party is saying that the three special candidates -- Escudero, Legarda and Llamansares -- may not campaign with the UNA.

From the previous photoshoot collaborations campaign with children for NII, to how he paid more attention to children attending his fan-meet, it was evident how good a daddy he will be in future.

In 1% of cases campaign after is used

With Napoleonic ambitions no longer subjecting Europe to campaign after campaign, Mankind could finally look ahead to a period of peace and progress.

The basis on which we should support candidates is that there will be a broad organisation built from the election campaign to start campaigning after the election.

In 1% of cases campaign as is used

If the campaigners at BAE Systems ' AGM have been reported correctly, they are engaged in campaigning as recreation.

In 1% of cases campaign through is used

But off and on, now and then, it was heard as we campaigned through the various states.

In 1% of cases campaign under is used

He has campaigned under the banner of probity, and promised attention to women's athletics and the growing local collegiate circuit.

The collector of Barasat Alexander led another police campaign under the police officer of Bashirhat police station but his forced were also defeated.

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