Prepositions after "call"

"call for" or "call on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases call for is used

It was a voice calling for help.

I even called for his resignation.

He has called for a levy on banks.

Mr Locke of the Ragged School union called for more help in keeping the schools open.

It calls for the surrender of our national sovereignty to international organizations.

Minutes later, young muscular men calling for Faibille's blood besieged the station.

Women came to comprise a large proportion of those who called for the immediate (not gradual) abolition of slavery.

Just this past week, China's own government think tank issued a report calling for an end to the one child policy.

It would be the European version of the Public Investment Bank that is called for by the Socialist Party in France.

In 18% of cases call on is used

And nobody ever gets called on it.

We even considered calling on Mrs.

Sometimes you need to call on an expert.

No penalty was called on the play and the league office has deemed the hit to be clean.

Soon Steve was calling on the owners of companies (not buyers) all over his territory.

She called on combatants around the world to find peaceful solutions to those conflicts.

He then called on Chinese authorities to investigate and address the causes of the recent surge in self-immolations.

In this week's Green Room, he calls on the environmental movement to stop running scared of this controversial topic.

FaceTime over cellular Users can make FaceTime calls on cellular networks, if you have iPhone 4S and the latest iPad.

In 8% of cases call upon is used

I call upon the author to explain.

Could be called upon and not prepared.

Abu Umayya who said: We called upon ' Ubada b.

It? s people like you and me who need to be called upon when we are trained to do so.

Belfalas may simply have been too far away for Eldacar to call upon its lords for help.

Men are called upon to die, and all are called upon to give help and suffer privations.

Mickey is called upon to help save the day with his little pal Oswald and both have their own set of unique moves.

Meanwhile, Sofiana called upon Indonesians in Malaysia and Indonesia to remain calm to avoid any untoward incidents.

A reluctant Lord Byng agreed, on condition that he would then call upon Meighen if King were ever defeated in the House.

It sounds like you have loads to call upon and have experienced things most fans would love to see in their prime years.

In 6% of cases call to is used

Make that call to someone today.

It may be our last call to dinner.

So let me reissue the old call to M.

Not shown are the calls to P, of which there is one for each variable, in this example.

Putting them in the same room and calling to the same meetings, is not enough either.

Family members of the dead man were called to the scene to identify him late yesterday.

The driver went about his work, and he called to Buck when he was ready to put him in his old place in front of Dave.

After all, Stewart was handpicked by Whitmore to help him guide the national team when he was first called to the job.

Fast Sunday, or calls to fast at other times, can also bind Mormons together when they pray and fast for a common cause.

Dynamic content is an image, call to action or any other type of content that is customized for an individual website visitor.

In 5% of cases call in is used

It was time to call in the experts.

He calls in the big guns in retaliation.

They're useless so I call in the military.

OK, what do you think he is going to do when that happens? He is going to call in the U.

He expresses, only these two advertiser, should abstain drama to be able to call in cost.

He who calls in the grace of Christ does not require sinners to be godly before they believe.

Parking Limited parking spaces are available at HEAnet's offices at no charge, please call in advance to book a space.

I would safely say that she has found her calling in the arts, though which sub-discipline exactly was still in doubt.

This is similar to what they call in the province baticobre (don't know if I spelled it right) but that's how they call it.

Why do kind-hearted persons call in the political power? They can not deny that the means for relief must come from production.

In 4% of cases call into is used

Later Kralik is called into Mr.

Doing so, calls into question information ethics.

But this would call into question many other questions.

It calls into question what kind of moronic training we have given to our men in blue.

Tae-ik is later called into Lee Joon's office, where Se-ryung is waiting for him as well.

But what one exegete takes as definite can only be called into question by other exegetes.

If I wear a swimsuit to the beach, it? s a problem, they put it on the front of the newspaper and call into programs.

There was enough of a common thread through the various discussions to call into question the ' spontaneity ' of the event.

On the day of the final, Scorey had been held in reserve, but was called into action as huge crowds poured into the stadium.

Aspects of the report, where legal issues were called into question, were referred to barrister William Webster for comment.

In 3% of cases call by is used

It is called by a variety of names.

It is called by a hundred names, e.

You have been called by God to do that.

The members and the creditors must be summoned to all meetings called by the liquidator.

Directions may be necessary if a relevant witness is not called by the Crown, see 4-343.

On the night that they got to the palace, he was secretly called by the emperor of Khwarem.

Omosexy, as the superstar actress is fondly called by her teeming fans, stormed the red carpet with her beautiful dress.

That is if things go drastically wrong during the Hyderabad march called by votaries of Telangana, later this afternoon.

Some others whose names were called by the police officers did not stand up and they escaped being executed as a result.

This enables users to chat and enrich messaging or voice calls by exchanging images or video simultaneously during calls.

In 2% of cases call from is used

Just had a call from these people.

Isaac was called from the land of.

Just had a call from windows services.

Do not amuse telephone calls from, or encounter, political leaders, if not applicable.

The United States Coast Guard however were called from Youngstown, New York to assist.

Next day I had a call from my credit card fraud section to tell me that 2 debits for 308.

She is now banned from the computer till we come over and fix it, just for reference Had a call from them yesterday.

Got a call from 19999100103 this morning and the guy with Indian accent basically told me that my PC has been hacked.

You will need to do this from a public payphone as the Hotline does not take calls from cellular or mobile telephones.

I fixed Commet, I had forgotten to change over all my server calls from www to labs, thanks for pointing it out to me.

In 1% of cases call after is used

Silly Me! I resorted to name calling after being called a few myself.

Finally he called after a 30 minute struggle, her number was not reachable.

On her morning jog, Man-ok spots Tae-ik climbing into his car and she calls after him.

There is no doubt that he thought that a host of clubs would come calling after his one good season at Arsenal.

Firefighters were called after reports of an industrial bin on fire just after 3am at the Empress Road industrial estate in Southampton yesterday.

For those with family, at times there is conflict between spouse as what we called after work time or quality time on weekends is taken up by school work.

I'd off to try and get arrested! Tell us: How do you cope with waiting for a guy to call after a first date? Brian Clark is an actor/writer living in Los Angeles.

February 14 has been known as St Valentine's Day since the end of the fifth century and was called after a number of Christian martyrs who were all named Valentine.

So called after workplace behavioural research by Elton Mayo at the Western Electric Company's Hawthorne plant in Cicero, Chicago, 1927-32, which ran on without Mayo until 1937.

In 1% of cases call at is used

The following day we called at the Burmese Embassy.

I then called at the house, and he refused to see me.

No-one called at the house and there was no card left.

I have to keep my phone on me at all times because the surgeon could call at any moment.

Yes Nelson blew that call at second base, but that is part of the human element of the game.

On 12 November an extraordinary meeting of the Board was called at the Exchange Buildings.

Example, when one says: Do come in, Do sit down; Do call at any time; one is emphasizing the verb come, sit, and call.

I was told on my first call at 10am that I would get a call from the depot that day confirming that I can pick up my package.

NOT CALLING AT ALL FOR a boycott of Syria and Syrian goods in light of the daily murders being carried out there right now.

A man called at their home a few days later, collected the cards and exchanged them for new ones that turned out to be fake.

In 1% of cases call off is used

The search was called off at nightfall.

Wasn't Ballymore's final called off one Sun.

A search was called off because of bad weather.

Eventually we called off the dharna on 23 rd, after the police made the first arrest.

Shell offered to help securetheir release only if they called off the globalcampaign.

The covers were never removed, and match referee Andy Pycroft called off the match at 17.

Hence, if it is a school, it could be mean twice-a-day patrollingonce during the recess and again when the school calls off the day.

An MCA spokesman said the temperature of the water had been the deciding factor in the decision to call off the search on Sunday night.

In response, Hargaisa retaliated by launching a disproportional attack on Buuhoodle and called off the dtente between SSC and Hargaisa.

The police summoned Bersih leaders to probably interrogate them, find out their plans, and maybe even intimidate them to call off the rally.

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