Prepositions used with "virtue"

"by virtue" or "of virtue"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 75% of cases virtue by is used

COM by virtue of any such moral rights.

Partly this is by virtue of just being in the spotlight.

By virtue of Islam all Muslims living in any part of the world are one nation (Ummah).

Perhaps it is only by virtue that the Stone Roses gig itself was so mind-blowingly brilliant.

Truth is a thing of this world: it is produced only by virtue of multiple forms of constraint.

Louis-Vuitton Boots for Women They can compete with other brand name luxury goods by virtue of its quality advantages.

After the end of that period, non-disturbance requirements may apply by virtue of an investigation notice under Part 6.

The people of Northeast claim that they are not Indian by virtue of their origin, religion, language, history and culture.

Although Petronas owns the oil in Malaysia by virtue of the Act, surely it must still buy the land where the oil is found.

In 16% of cases virtue of is used

We do not warm to paragons of virtue.

Aristotle distinguishes two kinds of virtue (NE 1.

He is indeed rich who is full of virtues like you.

BUt I understand that in 21st century, people don't practice that kind of virtue anymore.

Not exactly the inspiration of the good old American work ethic and our understanding of virtue.

It refers to the high qualities, of whatever kind and degree, that exist in the mind of the monk, the man of virtue.

The Rights of the Husband Allah Ta? l has given great rights to the husband and has attached a lot of virtue to him.

You may now give your pledge to serve the cause of Islam, to strive in the way of Allah and to follow the path of virtue.

It is a synthesis of the essential rudiments of the formation of virtue and the development of critical thinking in children.

In 3% of cases virtue in is used

He cunningly refutes the idea that computers can be conscious in virtue of being computers.

In this hour, I will refuse nothing to the soul that makes a request of me in virtue of My Passion.

In 1% of cases virtue for is used

It is muscle building for virtues and the barometer of spirituality.

Does anybody seriously believe that taking the pledge would have caused Liam Lawlor or Ray Burke or Pee Flynn to behave differently? You can not legislate for virtue.

In 1% of cases virtue to is used

According to virtue ethics, a person is at her most virtuous when her emotions and desires are in line with what reason should calculate as good.

Just as hypocrisy is the homage that vice pays to virtue, late 19th and early 20th century businessmen like Cecil Rhodes, Albert Beveridge and John D.

In 1% of cases virtue with is used

We need to get beyond the partisan BS and elect some leaders with virtue who are interested in truly serving the citizens of our country.

For we are not made happy by names alone, when we say that a good life is happiness, and that the man who is adorned in his soul with virtue is happy.

In 1% of cases virtue without is used

For Rousseau, a man could be just without virtue and good without effort.

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