Prepositions used with "train"

"by train", "of train" or "on train"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases train by is used

Bangkok to Krabi by train + bus.

Bangkok to Phuket by train &; bus.

CHOFU Arrived by train at Chofu camp.

La Rochelle and Ile de Re are about 1 and 30 minutes by car but also accessible by train.

If you travel by train, go to Jenbach and then take the Zillertalbahn or the bus to Mayrhofen.

I? m not restricted to areas served by transit nor am I constrained by train and bus schedules.

I often see people take flights from Baltimore to Philadelphia - a trip one could make in an hour and a half by train.

Just before 10 o'clock on Sunday, 28th June, 1914, Franz Ferdinand and Sophie von Chotkova to arrived in Sarajevo by train.

Recently, 3,000 people came to Delhi to protest their situation - travelling overnight by train, living on the blazing streets.

As with most major cities in the UK Glasgow enjoys excellent train connections and it is easy to get from London to Glasgow by train.

In 14% of cases train of is used

Map of train routes in Southeast Asia.

Pancras Hotel bar to feel a hint of the 20th century glamor of train travel.

This has been confirmed by the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC).

And in this one, there's a problem with the form of ' have ' a lot of trains has been added.

The number of train tracks that have been pulled up or roads built over is pretty depressing.

This station has been rebuild, a lot of trains has been added and it now seems like that of a big city.

Employer needs for the training of their staff will increasingly be delivered through the brokerage services of Train to Gain.

After nearly three weeks of complete stoppage of trains, the government caved in, and soon thereafter lost a general election.

We're always in contact with our senators and our congressman and we're working really hard to try to avoid any kind of train wrecks.

There in a quiet room, with the faint noise of trains and the city streets rising up to us, I gave Mr Nagase the forgiveness he desired.

In 12% of cases train on is used

Any recommendations on train vs.

Passenger information is provided on trains and station platforms.

Things to bring on train Waiting for the trip to arrive is the hardest step.

You even see them on trains, riding up and down the lines with their free travel passes.

A ' Special Express DRC ', as used from Bangkok to Chiang Mai on trains 9 &; 12 and Bangkok to Surat Thani on trains 40 &; 43.

A ' Special Express DRC ', as used from Bangkok to Chiang Mai on trains 9 &; 12 and Bangkok to Surat Thani on trains 40 &; 43.

It hoovers up everything it knows or thinks it knows about everyone and everything, and then leaves it all on trains and in taxis.

I explain to Ally the plan is to stow away on trains and boats and go to America via Holland, our final destination, a place by the name of Gowanda, New York.

Pacetti's Discover Your Canada Act would allow an income tax deduction of 100 per cent of bus fares, 75 per cent on train tickets and 50 per cent for domestic flights, up to a maximum of $2,000.

In 9% of cases train in is used

Local authorities will build on the 2,000 job initiatives already in train.

You can get a per head calculation and return can organize in train or Luxury public transport.

With the nightmare of Vancouver behind me, my faith in train hopping was being totally restored.

All signs point to no change, with an inflation-linked rise in APD already in train for next April.

While these measures were in train at Lake Success the United States government was in emergency action.

Card readers are also employed in turnstiles in train stations which rotate only the moment a card is inserted.

Incorrect: What is the time in your watch? Correct: What is the time by your watch? Incorrect: We traveled in train.

He had brought to a halt negotiations which he himself put in train in full agreement with his partners, and had done so on the flimsiest of pretexts.

In 9% of cases train to is used

I crept from train to train, checking which ones were ready to go.

It's a discount ticket of sorts that allows, in principle, unlimited access to trains all over Europe.

Most are in an ideal location for city visits and shopping and are often close to train and bus services.

Revealed: 6 Secret Tips To Train Your Dog (7) Maintain a steady learning atmosphere- Always maintain a steady atmosphere for your training lessons.

The Mayor is describing the extension of the use of the AT HOP card to trains as another milestone towards the creation of a fully integrated transport system in Auckland.

In 6% of cases train for is used

Tickets for trains from Paris to Bourg St Maurice start from 60.

To reach Chiang Rai, first take a train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, see above for train times.

The 08:30 or 11:50 DRC express railcars from Bangkok would be a good choice to reach Phitsanulok, see here for train times.

Bangkok to Singapore by luxury train: There is one other option for train travel between Bangkok, Butterworth &; Singapore.

The USA (and china) is too big and the population is too spread out for trains to be a viable national transportation strategy.

The RPI is also often used in pay bargaining and for price regulation, notably for certain privatised utilities and also for train fares.

Teach people examples in practical settings -- let them build logic gates for train sets, loops for alarm clocks, sensory feedback for toys and games.

Our plan next was to go up the mountains of Dandenong! This was me waiting for train at a station called Ringwood, which was near our serviced apartment.

In 3% of cases train with is used

And with trains 100 wagons long, each train is carrying coal worth more than two million dollars.

They can also do the same with trains by having access gates at all stations and staffing the stations properly.

I walked over the Colombo Street over-bridge, the railway tracks were busy with trains, freight wagons and carriages and Christchurch's main (err.

In 2% of cases train about is used

In Boston, we know all about train wrecks, and the New York Yankees are no train wreck.

For example, if your child loves trains, then buy them a book in German about trains or railways.

In 2% of cases train as is used

Information such as train timetables, live running or status of a train, coach position etc is available with a simple search.

One source who used to work at the Ministry of Railways now runs a recruitment company providing low-level employees, such as train attendants.

The depth of feeling on this in the party runs far deeper than it does on matters such as train fare rises, because MPs campaigned so conspicuously on it in 2010.

In 2% of cases train between is used

Ayutthaya has a left luggage office (on the platform, marked ' Cloak Room ') where you can stash your bags for a 10 baht fee between trains.

Rail Saver offer a comprehensive range of point to point online train tickets impartially between train operating companies on the National Rail network.

The result is that the time between trains becomes equal to the longest time it takes for a train to travel to a station, open and close its doors and depart.

Penang is a wonderful historic city for a stopover, even if that's just an afternoon between trains, so I'd suggest changing at Butterworth (the station for Penang) rather than Hat Yai.

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