Prepositions used with "taxi"

"by taxi" or "of taxi"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases taxi by is used

We've been dissatisfied with the service provided by taxis for many a moon.

I didn't eat much and soon after we all done, were headed to my varsity by taxi.

It can be reached by taxi or you can book an organised tour (which may be part of a Dolphin tour).

We travel by taxi to the resort and spent the whole day at the beach, pool and unlimited drinks and food bar.

Taxis in London -- though more expensive than the public transportation routes, sometimes you will need to travel by taxi.

Transportation can be pricy as it is often necessary to travel by taxi to get to lesser attractions or even between towns.

By Taxi Taxis in Hong Kong are plentiful and inexpensive and can be taken from the hotel to any business or entertainment destinations in town.

Arriving at the Tagbilaran Pier or Airport The biggest complaint many tourists have about Tagbilaran is getting hassled by taxi and tricycle drivers when arriving at the pier.

View complete price details 7 minutes away from International Airport by taxi 2 km away from city centre 3 km away from International Airport 5 km away from the nearest beach No.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb is another option offering a more adventurous route! Getting There There is no way of getting to the pylon entrance by taxi or any other mode of transportation.

In 26% of cases taxi of is used

PMEBs still form the bulk of taxi riders (36.

Number of taxis per capita or per non-driver in an area.

Basic fare of taxi in Shenzhen is RMB10 for first 2 km, RMB 2.

Availability of taxis that accommodate people with special needs, such as wheelchair users.

Financial constraints can increase the impact on mobility, eg being unable to afford the use of taxis.

Even before I knew who Bernard Herrmann was, whenever I thought of Taxi Driver, I thought of that theme.

For travel within KL, a combination of taxis, buses and trains provides a cheaper, safer and less stressful alternative.

The thick envelope of Fog which Jharipani was gifted with immensely, was with every wheel of taxi moving with us to our next destination Mussoorie.

In 13% of cases taxi for is used

A similar situation will emerge for taxis.

Not enough income is left for taxi operators and even less for drivers.

Light snow and minor fender-bender for taxi on way to airport to leave.

They were very helpful in calling for taxis and giving information about the local transport.

Not because he needed money for taxi, but he couldn't let that guy go without any consequences.

Because assignment fees are so high, not enough income is left for taxi operators and even less for drivers.

They built the Peugeot Eurobus or Teppe for taxi purpose, but I reckon it is not suitable for taxi, more like for domestic use.

It meant that there was no need for a separate budget for taxi use, and it also replaced the 2008 and 2010 use of coach travel for the family holiday.

In 7% of cases taxi from is used

Travellers should be especially watchful for pickpockets upon alighting from taxis outside locations frequented by tourists and foreigners, particularly ones on Bole Road.

Tourists in the city have absolutely no problem in communicating with the local people as everyone from shopkeepers to travel guides and from taxi drivers to passers-by speak English very well.

In 6% of cases taxi in is used

You start off as a taxi driver or a cleaning woman, like the people in Taxi.

It hoovers up everything it knows or thinks it knows about everyone and everything, and then leaves it all on trains and in taxis.

While we hear news of wads of dollars left in taxis that honest drivers/ passengers return to the rightful owners, you never hear of lost phones finding their way back to the owners.

In 6% of cases taxi on is used

A person in Birmingham that deals with these engines day-in day-out says that he is replacing them weekly on taxis up there, they are not built for a taxi life.

In 6% of cases taxi with is used

Two of them were with taxis running the (red) light and the other one happened when a driver swung out to avoid hitting a pedestrian.

In 4% of cases taxi about is used

The original opening was about taxi drivers, but then I wrote this long opening about the carnival.

I thought if I opened the novel with a taxi driver scene, it would become a book about taxi drivers.

Is it any wonder the quality of drivers is often poor, turnover is high and it's hard to get recruits? And yet most of our complaints about taxis relate to the performance of drivers.

In 3% of cases taxi as is used

Some of them may pose as taxi drivers and would offer to drive you.

What is a work licence? Many members of the public rely on their licences to earn an income, such as taxi drivers, truck drivers and so on.

In 2% of cases taxi to is used

This is because there is normally a surcharge added to taxi fares leaving the airport (it varies depending on the airport).

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