Prepositions used with "profession"

"by profession" or "of profession"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 63% of cases profession by is used

He was a saddler by profession.

Brianne is a blogger by profession.

By profession, I'd a Software developer.

About Me An engineer by profession; at times wishing he had taken up writing instead.

By profession he is an educator, having taught elementary students for over 30 years.

He is a Business man by profession and is the owner of more than 40 companies in Pakistan.

Shahid, a National College of Arts (NCA) graduate, is an architect by profession but has chosen to be a furniture designer.

Demafouth, a former defence minister and a lawyer by profession, has been detained since Friday by the paramilitary police.

My grandfather was a doctor by profession and he had recorded diseases, symptoms and medicine of some patients he had treated.

Read more A medical doctor and a surgeon by profession, Rosario Iannetti joined the Comboni Missionaries as a Brother in 1992.

In 20% of cases profession of is used

In his kind of profession, alot of people would want to capitalise on his nature.

Kevin Lopez is a freelancer who has extensive experience in a wide field of professions.

They acquire consideration from men and women in diverse age and of any kind of profession.

If it does not exist for one type of professions, then for other one lack of discipline is ruinous.

Why? Because in Taliban rule your 80 percent people will be out of profession and would have to starve.

Having told me that he was going to get me to like his own kind of profession, and he did it, is what everybody must emulate.

Factors such as the lifestyle of the employee, residency status, type of profession and industry often need to be taken into consideration.

In 3% of cases profession to is used

That's why, having the diploma in programming, you will have to continue studying to correspond to profession requirements.

Facilitating this transition from student to profession has definitely been the most valuable aspect of my relationship with my supervisor.

Nowadays, you can easily get access to professional literature in English, different forums, conferences, websites and blogs which are of great value for those who want to become professionals.

In 1% of cases profession into is used

After all, do we really want 30 per cent of entrants into professions such as medicine and teaching to be dependent on alcohol? Surely they.

In 1% of cases profession on is used

The conflict between ' horizontal ' associations such as those based on professions, economic activities (business, agriculture) etc.

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