Prepositions used with "phone"

"by phone" or "of phone"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases phone by is used

We now talk every day by phone.

Mursi said he had spoken by phone with U.

Attorney General Eric Holder by phone today.

Then you must contact A &R; to register within three business days by phone or in person.

Should you not be able to visit, keep on touch by phone or send postcards, letters or tapes.

After hearing of her serious health problems he signed up there and then in the pub by phone.

Negotiators spoke by phone on Friday before the NHL made its latest round of game cancellations and again on Saturday.

I reduced the number of pages from 25 to 20 which reflected a slightly lower cost and I closed the sale this morning by phone.

Journeys booked by phone will be sold at the same price as those booked through the internet, including the 50p/50c booking fee.

In 25% of cases phone of is used

As it will be deleted after resetting of phone.

She says she was unaware of phone hacking while at NI.

I tried that with a couple of phone lines and it works.

You volume of phone calls will increase dramatically when you start your home business.

About author: Aditya Singhvi is the Editor in Chief and the man behind World of Phones.

Brooks, 43, resigned as NI boss in July 2011 following allegations of phone hacking by News of the World journalists.

NY Telephone Col, operating at full capacity on emergency diesel generators, reported a record number of phone calls.

What would the film of phone hacking look like? It could actually be made as comedy, thriller or family psycho-drama.

When 9:47 AM arrived, BBC2 began to receive hundreds of phone calls from listeners claiming to have felt the sensation.

In 15% of cases phone on is used

People on phones while driving.

Messages can be shared via SMS on phone or.

I just want to be frenz with her, atleast we can share our things on phone.

Rambatheri apparently passed on the message given on phone by Shravan (one of the accused).

Amazon phoned me the other day to say that my item would be here today between 08:15 and 12:15.

This time, the focus is on phones -- specifically, on patents that apply to smartphone technology.

As people increasingly relied on phones instead of PCs to access the Web, their surfing habits were bound to change.

He has put together a fantastic article on Phone Etiquette, which I wanted to share with you loyal readers at AndrewLad.

So yes, I'd back to being the back bencher I was in school -- looking at my forbidden emails on phone while the teacher and my son carry on.

I had tried to get Jim to have an appointment with me without success as he kept on avoiding me and made it really hard to get him even on phone.

In 9% of cases phone for is used

For phone in service you need Skype Credit US$.

I asked for phone number so I could check on them.

There are also huge implications for phone releases.

Asked again for phone number was told 01864 600 544 (slightly different to previously).

And those who say you need a phone signal for phone mapping to work? In the old days aye.

Couriers aren't paid a large amount of money, no allowances for phone calls etc, 1-3 attempts.

There is no reason for phones to be priced any differently to devices that use the internet or even just electricity.

Our total cost for phone, internet and cable is $1632/year, less right now as the phone company has us on a 6 month loyalty promotion.

This has been a challenge for phone manufacturers thus far, namely HTC and Samsung with a global portfolio of products, some LTE enabled.

The latter is particularly new for phones, and comes from the Honeycomb UI - basically a set of thumbnails that show recently opened apps.

In 5% of cases phone in is used

But save your all your data that is in phone memory.

I really can not understand how Apple have the marketshare they do in phones.

Will is thrilled to join Gizmag, where he brings his expertise in phones, tablets, PCs and other fun gadgets.

You can store in phone memory and memory card, a separate 250 contacts can be stored on the SIM-card mobile operator.

Due to third party or samsung application remaining stored in phone memory and could not be transferred, phone becomes slow as the phone memory is only 2 gb.

Boko Haram's purported spokesman Abu Qaqa, who used to confirm the sect's attacks in phone calls to journalists, was killed by the military in September, the army said.

A great way to get started in 9-11 activism, especially for those with less time for local community organizing, is to participate in phone, letter writing and email campaigns.

In 5% of cases phone with is used

Reminding them beforehand, with phone calls, e-mails, etc.

Yes, I do have an issue with phones in general, and especially with mobiles.

It was true with cars, with televisions, with phones, with all manner of things.

Microsoft agents will NEVER call customers unless the customer asks them to call or fills in a support with phone case.

Once the contest is over, you will be bombarded with phone calls, emails and social media posts inquiring about who won.

For the neophytes in rooting, the idea of tinkering with phone software can be scary, if not more than a little complicated.

What does this have to do with phone releases? The band of a phone's LTE receiver is built into the hardware, it can't be changed.

Avoid giving personal or financial information over the phone This is especially important with phone calls you didn't make yourself.

It will allow teachers and students to use functionalities such as email, voice mail, instant messaging, audio/video/web conferencing being integrated with phone system.

In 4% of cases phone over is used

And scraps over phone bills often led to punitive measures like phone locks.

But the iPhone was part of changing the way that data is used over phone services.

He gave me a brief about the book over phone and sent the book in a couple of days.

Goodman was the first reporter charged - and jailed - over phone hacking at the News of the World.

It would be a pleasure if I could speak to you over phone to understand your experience even better.

Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson, 43, was arrested on Friday over phone hacking and police corruption -allegations.

To OP: Although things are not final, I assume that you're in a position to talk to the guy (over phone, e-mail, chatting whatever).

I have waited 2+ hours on hold for costumer support over phone and 300+ mins (it said 600mins but wasnt correct) and still no answer.

In 3% of cases phone about is used

And the truth is: There's nothing special about phones.

He tells me lies about phone calls and messages left at his desk.

Of course, the book seems very topical now with all the stuff coming out about phone hacking.

I am not talking about phone airtime, but an environment that puts you in a position where you can talk to her.

Head to Settings in your app drawer and press the ' About Phone ', ' About Tablet ' or ' About Device ' section depending what appears and then press the ' Check for updates ' option.

In 3% of cases phone through is used

Now, toh even people reject it through phone only.

My family have only supported through phone calls.

Neither they reply to my query on chat, email or even through phone call.

First, Contact us through phone or mail and schedule your first yoga class.

Headley said that he interacted through phone and mail while Jundal met them face to face.

First, register through phone or mail for a Complimentary Trial Yoga Class at any of our studios.

Nowshaadh is a former CTF employee, who police linked to Razeek?? s disappearance through phone calls.

The DoE officials can also be reached through phone or could be written about any environmental issues.

The announcer pray with her and even following up her through phone and she also invite the announcer over to her place to talk.

Trading is done in different forex markets through phone networks or ECNs or electronic communications networks like the internet.

In 3% of cases phone via is used

We could do this via phone or, preferably, video interview.

I stay in touch with my friends either via phone or text messages and at worst an email.

Once you have done with first update, the new option will be added to your phone menu to update via phone itself.

You'd place your order via phone or internet and expect a shipment every week or every other week or what have you.

She has offered to still support my via phone conversations or Skype which is really nice of her but I am so upset about not being able to see her.

Stopped by shelter yesterday &; left name and number, and tried to contact Councilmember Ruben Wills ' office via phone &; Twitter, but no response yet.

F or the sake of events (wedding, sendoff, graduation etc) and advertising you can contact me via phone number: +255784637564 or +255654891837, skype: allan.

Similarly, the now defunct News of the World may have used sources who gained information via phone hacking -- which was clearly immoral, but the information may have been wholly reliable.

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