Prepositions used with "professor"

by, of, to, with or from professor?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases professor by is used

All of Us is edited by Professor William L.

The Cyclotron was invented by Professor Ernest Lawrence.

Honorary Degrees Received by Professor Muhammad Yunus: U.

Designed and built by Prof Thaddeus Lowe and inflated with coal gas, it was named The Union.

In the terms suggested by Professor Faris, they are social products, not biological data.

Though, I have collected the copies of the speeches delivered by Professor Rehman Sobhan, M.

It was addressed, among others, by Prof Nurul Islam of BUET, former director of Petrobangla Mokbul-e-Elahi and Mainul Islam.

Dinneen and Tadhg O'Donoughue (Main Series 3) was prepared by Professor Breandn O Buachalla of the University of Notre-Dame.

The lecture will be delivered by Professor Mamun Rashid, Director of BRAC Business School and Former Country Officer of Citi N.

In 25% of cases professor of is used

The excavation report of Professor F.

It is named in memory of Professor Magarey's mother.

The story of Professor Morrie Schwartz is distinctive.

The Next proceeding date of Professor Gulan Azam will be held on 29July: Witness Absent.

A random pick on the academic works of Professors William Ochieng ' and Bethwell Ogot and Dr.

Miss Congeniality is a novella that tells the story of Professor Irene Conridge and wolf shifter Niles Van Holtz.

Establishment of a Research Chair at King Saud University in the name of Professor Muhammad Yunus in September 2007.

Stonehenge is associated with solstice on the basis of Professor Atkinson's statement and the evidence provided by Hawkins.

And one other thing, clean out the universitys and collages of professors committing subversave action against our country.

In 17% of cases professor to is used

That gives us the clue to Prof Atta.

After his marriage to Professor C.

One Response to Professor Golam M.

Lenin's Law: Whenever the cause of the people is entrusted to professors, it is lost.

According to Prof (Dr) Choudhuri,? The first diagnostic test, called anti HCV, costs Rs 500.

Privately he refers to Prof Sinn -- whose name means ' sense ' -- as Prof Unsinn, or ' Nonsense '.

According to Professor Spyridon Marinatos, the Indus civilization was probably similar to that of ancient Greece.

He worked as assistant to Professor Quincke at W? rzburg University and in 1874 accepted a teaching appointment to the St.

According to Professor Nikkie Keddie of the University of California, the full veil was imposed on Muslim women only gradually.

Simplify your life: According to Professor Noreen Herzfeld, who teaches computer science at Saint John's University, in Minnesota, U.

In 11% of cases professor with is used

Couldn't agree more with Prof Leo.

Read here an interview with Professor Rothschild.

With Professor John Pickstone from The University of Manchester.

As a result, there is no one-on-one interaction with professors.

The visiting delegation also met with Professor Indrakeerthi Siriweera, Director of Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies and Dr.

The letter was only produced late in the day (on 18 April) and I have set it out above together with Professor Barker's reply (see paragraphs 1186-1187).

Nearly 20 years ago, O'Haire was working on a research project with Prof Joe Morgan, looking for a way to grow shamrock for export -- but without soil, yet in a way that would keep the plants alive.

Dr Thayyil will undertake this work in collaboration with Professor Seetha Shankaran (Wayne State University Hospital, Michigan, USA) and a team of neonatologists at Calicut Medical College, India.

In 4% of cases professor from is used

West from Professor Day Drive to Simcoe Rd.

Mr President please, buy the new book from Professor Sandel and read it.

Through Stanford University, he took a class on robotic-car programming from professor Sebastian Thrun, who led the team that designed Google's self-driving car.

We got a modern-day Earth-invasion story, complete with a comedy parent, a truckload of continuity nods, and newsreel cameos from Professor Brian Cox and Lord Sugar.

In 3% of cases professor including is used

I hope all the racists, including professor Gates and BO, drop dead.

The scientists, including Professor Keith Jensen, from Queen Mary's School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, put the apes through a series of ultimatum games.

In 2% of cases professor like is used

People like Prof Laksiri have seen the light after being supporters of Rajapaksa in the past.

Just like Professor Nutt rightly demand respect of his knowledge, I suggest he should learn to respect the other person's specialism also.

We will have distinguished guests like Professor Lee (who, many may not know, is an aficionado of Turkey and has written books about the Turkic culture) and Ven.

In 2% of cases professor on is used

During discussion here on Prof Rissel's article so far, most commenters; 1.

It builds on Professor Bray's work for the Commonwealth Secretariat in the 1990s.

They advise students to take notes and report on professors, which especially intimidates junior, untenured faculty.

Yet the episode sheds a flood of light on Professor Barker's lack of objectivity and his willingness to use his position to bully.

In 2% of cases professor under is used

In conceiving the current Tour, the strategy team, of which I am a member, was well aware of the Media Tour organised in 2001 under Prof Jerry Gana.

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