Prepositions used with "bus"

by, of, on, for or in bus?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 33% of cases bus by is used
    I recommend seeing Paris by bus.
    Some people will go there by buses.
    I hated travelling by bus, train etc.
    I did take the plane to the continent, but I traveled in the country only by bus and boat.
    If you are going to travel to Krabi by bus, I recommend you board a night time bus to Krabi.
    All students will be travelling to Inglewood by bus for the day and we will be leaving at 9.
    By bus or train: Kayankulam (12 km north of Amritapuri) and Karunagapally (10 km south) are the closest towns to reach.
    Other places you might be keen to explore: Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia is about 5 hours by bus from Singapore.
    We had been advised that, while some trains did go from one to the other, you were better off getting off and crossing town by bus.
    There are plenty of good trains from Bangkok to southern Thailand, with connections by bus or ferry to Thailand's beaches and islands.

    In 20% of cases bus of is used
    Examples of bus topology include 10BASE2 and 10BASE5.
    The ticket cost will verify depending on the type of bus.
    The drives led to a fall in number of buses plying the city roads.
    In the list of bus routes it is surprising that K-Penideniya bus service is not included.
    For journey performed by road, the allowance will be calculated on the basis of bus fare.
    In order to increase his fleet of buses, he has decided to import some new buses from Japan.
    I know that the new generation of buses coming in are modular in such a way that A/C's can be installed somewhat easily.
    I know that the new generation of buses coming in are modular in such a way that A/C's can be installed somewhat easily.
    Hundreds of buses also zig-zag their way throughout the capital, but they're a little more confusing for the first timer.
    I was scared, not just of cars, but of buses, taxis and lorries, and by horror stories from concerned but non-cycling relatives.

    In 17% of cases bus on is used
    Or the groups on bus tours through Europe.
    I ride on buses all the time and I hate the sermons.
    On buses, trains and park benches, Jews had to sit on seats marked for them.
    And why with tuk-tuk? We always want to travel independently, and not rely on bus or train.
    So special, we spent 9 hours on buses and trains to follow it around the Northen province.
    You know they do nt have to load the illegals on busses or planes to get them out of the U.
    It is much easier to enforce ticket inspection with buses, although I can remember (just) when we had connies on buses too.
    I can't tell you how many laughs we have had together over the years waiting for press conferences to start or sitting on buses and dodgy planes travelling together on campaigns.
    I was robbed twice on buses and I didn't even know it! Also this is becoming very embarrassing at work and my boss has told me not too subtly that I need to do something about it.

    In 10% of cases bus for is used
    The Interchange makes no provision for bus riders.
    You'd get lots of extra funding for buses, shock horror.
    Look for bus 694 to Olinda, which is the town in Mt Dandenong.
    KL's former golden rule for bus departures was: if in doubt, go to Puduraya.
    I have thought of it often in last 3 months as Abir also share the brat's fascination for bus.
    Be on the lookout especially for buses full of girls that look like they might be going to school.
    Therefore drivers would have to check for busesbefore turning off the main road, rather than just turning without looking.
    Therefore drivers would have to check for busesbefore turning off the main road, rather than just turning without looking.
    The central boulevard of the Uithof (Utrecht University Campus) is only accessible for buses and people on bicycles or on foot.
    Basically they are saying that sometimes in the month, they do not have anough money for bus fare and have to ask others for help.

    In 6% of cases bus in is used
    I don't care about A/C in buses.
    She gets call again and class teacher tells her that Aarav wasn't in bus either.
    A few years ago his suggestion that iodine diffusion should be placed in buses was taken up in Chesterfield.
    And once the oil prices remain within reach, there will be no rise in bus and train fares, which hurt the lower strata of the society.
    All the same if you want honor roll students whose families can not afford a maid to drive them to school each day, then you invest in bus drivers.
    British Leyland participate with the Histadruth (who have a 34 per cent holding) in bus production, and with private Israeli capital in car and jeep production.
    Cloth trader Abdur Rashid, who journeys to Narayanganj from Gendaria by train almost every day, said the number of passengers on the route went up following the hike in bus fares.
    This daily humiliation that they deal with everyday in buses, metro, markets, offices, college, restaurants, bars, even frigging Mandirs, is what makes them feel unsafe at all times,.

    In 4% of cases bus with is used
    Well, the same seems to be true with bus stations in Kuala Lumpur.
    It is much easier to enforce ticket inspection with buses, although I can remember (just) when we had connies on buses too.
    When completed the Interchange will be have over 500 trains per day including light rail and commuter rail along with buses, bikes, and cars.
    Tomorrow's People help me with bus fares, but I live in a London Cyrenians hostel at the moment with other 16- to 19-year-olds in the same situation.

    In 3% of cases bus from is used
    As a rider, I have experienced every single one of the points above, from drivers of cars to lorries, from buses and other bikers.
    And then there were the problems that you get when you travel the length and breadth of a big country from bus breakdowns to a lack of electricity.
    However, it's apparent that direct marketing works because web addresses and ads for websites are featured everywhere from bus stop benches to signs being towed by planes.

    In 3% of cases bus to is used
    This advice also applies to buses.
    That was fine with us, as compared to bus travel on one-lane highways, taking a boat is quite the luxury.
    These are all Grade Two students, the Grade One Kidwriting is still a bit tricky for grownups to read We walkad to bus.
    Mong Pru When demonstrators go berserk and set fire to buses or any other property, they are not actual demonstrators and there is no democracy in it.
    Public transport is basically limited to buses which are often cramped and slow so most visitors rent a vehicle and a driver/guide for the duration of their stay.

    In 2% of cases bus as is used
    You should also include related expenses, such as bus and taxi fares if you were unable to drive as a result of the accident.
    The software I currently use were originally created to remind users of approaching locations such as bus stops and train station.

    In 2% of cases bus at is used
    Public transport has always been Dublin's Achilles heel, since the old tram network was scrapped in 1949 on the basis that buses would be more flexible.

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