Prepositions used with "telephone"

by, of, in, via or on telephone?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases telephone by is used

This is marketing by telephone.

You can buy tickets online or by telephone.

We interviewed 256 nonrespondents by telephone.

You should make reservations at least one day in advance via email or by telephone.

About Postponing All Postponing must be made by telephone or E-mail to our company.

The oath may be administered by telephone or other means of telecommunication (184.

This poll was conducted among a random sample of 1,224adults nationwide, interviewed by telephone April 15-20, 2011.

The song, written by Joe and Audrey Allison, was inspired after the couple was having difficulty communicating by telephone.

You may notify us either in writing or by telephone, fax or email that you object to being contacted in a particular stated way.

In 14% of cases telephone of is used

Perhaps a couple of telephone books were supplied.

It is often surpassed with the use of telephone conferencing services.

Their long necks and legs made them ideal for work on the tallest of telephone poles.

In 1985, Indian P &; T was bifurcated and the control of Telephone has been transferred to Deptt.

Those categories of information detailed above could be adapted to make records of telephone conversations.

This can occur in face-to-face formal or informal meetings or in the guise of telephone or conference calls.

A huge amount of telephone cables are also buried underground, which are designed for the interconnection of telephone technology.

Cloud computing still requires a phenomenal amount of telephone and data cables, such as the ones provided to businesses by Eland Cables.

The original route to this ending was an accidental landing on Golgafrincham Ark B, with its cargo of telephone sanitizers, marketing consultants, etc.

There will inevitably be a lot of telephone calls and hours spent showing the home to buyers, as well interaction with people who are not serious about purchasing.

In 8% of cases telephone in is used

Gerry and Jenny loved their new job, even if it did mean being tangled up in telephone cable occasionally.

If you have difficulty, you should send in all the records of what you have done to try to get the certificate - copies of letters or emails, accounts of what was said in telephone calls.

In 8% of cases telephone via is used

Interviews were conducted in March and April 2012 via telephone.

Alternatively, I deliver Life Coaching services to international clients via telephone coaching.

As a rule, it is carried out via telephone, directed, contact microphones, various radiozakladok.

For me, I didn't really know how to explain via telephone as I feared I would get really emotional.

Simply contact us via telephone or email to discuss your needs and an appointment can be made if necessary.

If you'd like the payment returned, I would suggest contacting Customer Support via telephone or live chat, assist you.

You could certainly meet with a careers adviser locally, but we also offer career planning support via telephone, email and web chat.

Unlike your situation, I am still pregnant and the father of my son (&; my ex fiance) left us via telephone in November a month before we were due to get married.

The directory was to be made available only via telephone, only to those who dialed directory assistance and paid a fee, and only with individual wireless customers ' consent.

In 6% of cases telephone on is used

Ranjha then contacted him on telephone, who directed him to appear the next day.

Gallup Poll Daily results are based on telephone interviews with 971 national adults, aged 18 and older, conducted May 12-13, 2009, as part of.

However, Mr Kabogo put the ministry to shame after tabling in Parliament a recording of a conversation he said he had had with the woman on telephone.

I spent eight years earlier in my career covering construction and did as many hard-hat interviews in construction trailers and on half-built skyscrapers as I did on telephones.

For further information on becoming an Australian citizen, please contact the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) on telephone 1-613-216-7603 (long distance charges apply).

In 5% of cases telephone for is used

The same is true for telephones.

Another ground-game program was a tool for telephone canvassing from people's homes instead of having to travel to a campaign office and work from a telephone bank.

What happened to the rates? If anyone in America is paying less for telephone service today than s/he was paying in 1982, s/he must have cancelled telephone service.

By: Sharon Dawkinsl Finance> Investingl Nov 30, 2010 Selftrade Stock Brokers: New Expensive Phone Dealing Charges Barclays have always charged more for telephone deals.

In 5% of cases telephone with is used

This was followed up with telephone calls.

One is lined with telephones, another food and drink supplies.

Lodging: 88 air-conditioned rooms, with telephone, satellite TV, radio and safe deposit box.

Each time I have told them I am with telephone preference service and they have no right to call and they ring off.

I realized about this whenever i experimented with telephone some usual outlets plus they didn't have your shoe we desired offered.

Because UTP is often run in conjunction with telephone cabling, this central location can be a telephone closet or other area where it is convenient to connect the UTP segment to a backbone.

In 3% of cases telephone through is used

It can be used through personal interviews and, if possible, through telephone interviews.

Furthermore, it's important for your program to have good support -- whether it is through telephone, email, or instant messaging.

If you are having your cash advance from a lender at a distance, no matter if on the web or through telephone, endeavor to discover a lender that will not need you to fax anything.

In 2% of cases telephone as is used

British Telecom, itself privatised by Margaret Thatcher in her pomp, offers consultancy services in broad areas such as information technology as well as telephones.

However if you wrinkle your nose up at marketing channels such as telephone cold calling, targeted direct mail, exhibitions and PR because they seem like hard work, you must adjust your mindset.

In 2% of cases telephone like is used

Just like telephone for example.

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