Prepositions used with "category"

by, of, in, into or to category?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases category by is used

The most expensive things at Amazon, by category.

Search the site by category, keyword search, or tags.

The graph below shows environmental incidents during 2009 by category.

University Admission Committee has, in most years the application switcher by category ' D ' units.

Previously, when browsing by category, you would see Paid, Free and New Releases lists side by side.

These services will enable you to archive your posts by categories and dates, or search for old posts.

SLI's Learning Search now enables Prestwick House customers to easily filter their searches by category, author, format (i.

Safari groups the plug-ins by category, listing the name, version number, description, and associated extensions for each plug-in.

In this case it's Alegrium's collection of more than 400 icons, assembled by category and difficulty and set loose for you to identify.

There, you should find an item called Java; if you can not see the Java icon, either switch to standard display (Windows XP) of set the display type by Category (Windows 7).

In 23% of cases category of is used

There are deals waiting for you that cover a broad range of categories.

The crises observed and studied can be divided into a number of categories.

This is why priorities are often grouped into a manageably small number of categories.

The Paralympics tries to level the playing field by introducing a roster of categories.

If you didn't see the show, a number of houses were nominated in a selection of categories.

These models often assume an early processing stage for the detection of category membership.

The relative frequencies of categories and individual behaviors tended to be very similar for both groups.

I mean is some people eyes George Bush was a thug, Madoff was a thug, a thug comes in all types of categories.

More people read and reply to these Ads because of their prominent position on top of category listings over a long time period.

The sorting it's just manual sorting in a number of categories the categories are put in containers and those containers are weighed.

In 16% of cases category in is used

The different values of a variable may be expressed in categories also.

Tasks and deadlines can be recorded and assigned to different projects or in categories.

Browsers recognize MIME types in categories and file types, separated by a slash (such as image/gif).

Customers Like Categories Not only do consumers tend to shop in categories, they like sub-categories.

More in CATEGORY The SCR, Silicon Controlled Rectifier or Thyristor is a useful component in many circuits.

More in CATEGORY The crystal set and the cat's whisker or crystal detector were icons of the first age or radio.

Trailers in Categories O3 and O4 are heavy duty trailers, including heavy goods trailers and semi-trailers, i.

Since the values of above variables are expressed in categories we call them categorical variables or attributes.

More in CATEGORY This overview of RF waveguide technology provides an introduction to waveguide theory and practice.

I'd make that a qualified ' maybe ' in category three -- as long as the use of the Tablet PC is targeted at those developments.

In 14% of cases category into is used

Poverty can be put into categories.

Organizations like SLPC generally fall into category b.

A sorter's job is to separate goods into categories, such as length, color or fabric type.

Theses apps are therefore divided into categories and each categories, has a lot of different apps in it.

There is a further delineation into categories - Coloratura, Lyric, Spinto, and Dramatic, which help to define each particular voice.

While pondering these matters, I thought back over the numerous bad female literary characters I have known, and tried to sort them into categories.

The principal reasons for this is to aid the orderly transaction of business, and secondly, to sort incoming mail into categories would be time-consuming.

Instead, I tried to separate what I had into categories -- and I use the term loosely -- so that I would have a better idea if I was on the right track when searching.

In 9% of cases category to is used

From pure benefit for US point of view they have to categories carefully.

After entering the Gulf of Mexico, Rita intensified from Category 2 to Category 5 in about 24 hours.

All late applications will be placed on wait-list according to category, priority (see ESF website at www.

A popular navigation path I've seen is Search -> Results -> Product Page -> Breadcrumb to Category.

Day time cosmetics for college -- a elegance schedule for when you are going to category, perform, and just clinging out around university.

The ferocious hurricane strengthened to Category 4 status as its northern eyewall pounded Grand Cayman Island with 155 mph wind gusts early on September 13th.

It hit me in the mid-dle of the night that sim-ply by mod-i-fy-ing the tags CATEGORY ARCHIVES to CATEGORY, and chang-ing ' Older Posts ' and ' Newer Posts ' to ' Con-tinue ', that would do it.

In 4% of cases category per is used

Drag and drop slide re-ordering (per category) in the backend.

The shortlists for the awards will be announced towards the end of August and the longlists will be pruned to four per category.

In 4% of cases category with is used

Some of the increased costs associated with categories more detailed than the current Directive No.

In 3% of cases category at is used

Ike then passed over Great Inagua Island in the southeastern Bahamas at Category 3 strength.

A northwestward turn on the 9th brought the hurricane to the middle Florida Keys the next day at Category 4 intensity.

Iris made landfall over southern Belize early on the 9th at Category 4 intensity, then quickly weakened after landfall to dissipation later that day.

Late on October 21, the slow-moving hurricane made landfall over Cozumel, followed by landfall early the next day over the northeastern Yucatan Peninsula - both at Category 4 intensity.

In 3% of cases category between is used

Of course, the conceptual line between categories of crime is not always clear.

This is a simplistic and selective listing ranging from the most conservative to the most radical - there is some overlap between categories 3, 4 and 5.

From an evolutionary point of view, the milestone moment was when a link emerged between category and value, between those two different areas of the brain.

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