Prepositions used with "definition"

by, of, for, in or agreed-upon definition?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 80% of cases definition by is used

Winners by definition can not lose.

By definition, that is what they do.

By definition, noone can do it better.

Schalk opines that a centralized unitary structure by definition excludes autonomy.

Even CCTV is of public spaces where by definition your action aren't private anyway.

Totalitarian regimes by definition seek to replace reality with political constructs.

Totalitarianism is, by definition, all embracing and, therefore, should not be open to subversion and manipulation.

While most high heels have small, thin and tall heels, wedge heels by definition have heels in the shape of a wedge.

All the matters is how much bling they can buy relative to their neighbors (who - by definition - are other 80%'ers).

And how do you lose all but one swing state? That's highly unlikely by definition, and especially in a year like this.

In 11% of cases definition of is used

This poses great problems of definition and concept.

It may be a thin line of definition but a line none the less.

Rather, they are a sample of the general groups of definitions used.

Love is such a universal phenomenon with such a diverse range of definitions.

Whether Christianity is the world's largest religion is a matter of definition.

In an age when anyone can call thsemselves a journalist I see difficulties of definition.

A similar event is regarded by India as their moment of definition where Gandhi defied the salt law.

This will take a royal commission into very tricky areas, in terms of definition and the collection of evidence.

Indeed, the domain of definition of limiting relative frequency is not even a field, let alone a sigma field (de Finetti 1972, 5.

There are great problems of definition and concept along the complex crest of relations between legal and scientific rule making.

In 2% of cases definition for is used

The infinite universe doesn't require a center for definition.

Glossary Much the same as the FAQ but is for definition of terms.

TIP: When you find words and terminology that are difficult to understand, refer to the University Vocabulary webpage for definitions.

Likewise cultural differences, let alone linguistic ones, change the complexion of a definition, as well as the terms --and even the need for definition.

For definitions and discussions of equal temperament, just intonation, and also soon begin making some of the suggested additions, and emailed comments are still welcome as always.

In 2% of cases definition in is used

It's easier to see in examples than in definitions.

In definitions such as these there may be no need for a parenting order.

In 1% of cases definition agreed-upon is used

The ICA makes no mention of ' strategic industries ' and it is not clear that an agreed-upon definition exists.

In 1% of cases definition from is used

Sexual assault is different from definitions of physical assault.

The report has been professionally done and it covers all aspects of social media as far as participation goes -- from definition to types to social media to implication to law.

In 1% of cases definition on is used

These artworks were represented like drawings that lacked in color and concentrated more on definition, depth and form.

This concentration on the neighborhood has had a strong impact on definitions of, research into, and theorizing about community.

In 1% of cases definition to is used

But before we turn to definition and argument, it will be helpful, and enjoyable, to have examples to work with.

Berkhof gives a helpful aid to definition: The term ' nature ' denotes the sum-total of all the essential qualities of a thing, that which makes it what it is.

In 1% of cases definition upon is used

Without an agreed upon definition of ice-free there is nothing to discuss.

I've enjoyed reading the thread, but the ' debate ' is baseless without an agreed upon definition.

In 1% of cases definition with is used

We want to use our size and influence to work with the industry and NGOs to come up with definitions of sustainable beef.

There's a reason why most contracts and license agreements have long preambles that begin with definitions of words and terms.

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