Prepositions used with "lot"

"by lot" or "with lot"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 29% of cases lot by is used
    If you check your Bible, when land was to be divided, the winner was cast by lot.
    Not everybody that participates will win, because it is a game of luck and the winner is drawn by lot.
    By that time, dawn was arriving and we were surrounded by lot of vehicles going towards the same destination.
    Josh 8:30 In 1385 BC, the tabernacle then moved to Shiloh (Josh 18:1,10) where he divided up the land by lot (Joshua 19:51).
    The date selected by lot 12th month, 13th day spiritually points to the fullness of time (#12) and the end of the world (#13).
    Key elements to Purim in the book of Esther: the day chosen by lot arrives/ the Jews stand for their lives / the Jews destroy all of their enemies/ the Jews rest afterwards.

    In 27% of cases lot with is used
    I thought it might not run or may run with lot difficulty.
    How do you relax? I relax with lot of movies, I watch CNN and dance.
    Our media is chocked with lot of opinions on single issue with mutliple people.
    You should be smart enough to know that hurricane comes with lot of wind and that means danger.
    ASUS: asuslaptop ASUS offers you a wide range of notebook with lot of features for gaming and other IT use.
    Born with lot of physical energy you are likely to use it up in your hectic work schedule, games and sports.
    Not limited to toy s and items, but also to necklace, rings, earings and even iPad covers with lot s of Swarovski design ed into Hello Kitty.
    I decided against hiding in any of those storerooms as they were easily accessible and with lot of light, toilet was not a good option either as anyone could come there.
    Being my child &; having seen pretentious Indians (hindus included overwhelmingly) throughout our lives within India &; among NRIs is endowed with lot more clarity than I have today.
    Singapore is a big, cosmopolitan city with lot of options for entertainment, art and leisure -- helped by the fact that INSEAD is only 15 minutes from the heart of the city by public transport.

    In 14% of cases lot of is used
    You can't co-ordinate the creation of lots of useful applications.
    The specs of real 4G are a heck of lot better than the diluted crud that is getting rolled out.
    It was a hell of lot harder than I thought it would be but such a blessing to have that opportunity.
    You seem to lot of lot of home work perhaps burning your midnight oil to bring such carefully gathered informations strengthened by bold facts and figures.
    Under separate arrangements some products have been placed under special certification plans of lot or batch inspections carried out by BIS inspecting officers.
    This is the sort of thing that many were advising Japan from overseas in the mid to late 90's when so many people mistakenly lost of lot of money betting against the Yen.

    In 8% of cases lot to is used
    You seem to lot of lot of home work perhaps burning your midnight oil to bring such carefully gathered informations strengthened by bold facts and figures.
    If you ' re searching on the internet on how to have to boy without medications, you ' ll find to lot of websites giving you the detailed information on diet plans.

    In 6% of cases lot at is used
    If you add the cost of the buildings they have demolished with the cost of occupation, at lot of money is being spent for possibly no good reason.
    But the way the three siblings end up working together and alternately utilizing their respective skills and talents that gave the production at lot of hope.

    In 5% of cases lot in is used
    Although, it is been observed that hair falls in lot, it may not cause any visible baldness and the new hair may grow after that and will take very long while; possibly, one year.

    In 5% of cases lot per is used
    This company share per lot 200/=.

    In 3% of cases lot for is used
    The millions shouldn't ask possible procedure members for lot need and file settings.

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