Prepositions used with "extension"

"by extension", "of extension" or "for extension"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 54% of cases extension by is used

He truly loved the Igbos and by extension Nigeria as a whole.

Furthermore, not only Iraqis but Arabs by extension became the enemy.

By extension this applies to a collective nation of several communities.

The intention is to introduce new words and, by extension, new meanings to language.

This really does need Richmond, Russian Hill, and maybe even an Oakland by extension shout out.

This ensures, by extension, that further reliance on armed force as the preferred instrument of U.

He said that by extension that Rowan Williams and the church were not doing enough to stick up for Christian values.

Russia and China can't do that, and would see their currencies and by extension their economies collapse if they tried.

After all, the torah (and by extension, the bible) both condone slavery, and both the aztec and inca empires employed it.

But why? Why would Rice, and by extension, the Administration lie like that? Obviously, they think that people are stupid.

In 15% of cases extension of is used

The expanded-name of extension elements must have a non-null namespace URI.

All bodies, he says, have it in common to expr- ess the divine attributes of extension.

If not, a lot of extension cords will do and CFLs extend your load capability enormously.

This is crucial as only 15% of extension agents worldwide are women, and only 10% in Ghana 4.

In fact, the FAO estimates that women have access to only 5% of extension services worldwide 2.

Taking-place, the comm- unication of singularities in the attribute of extension, does not unite them in essence, but scatters them in existence.

For those doing backyard gardening, it will provide a kind of extension service by way of teaching them about how to care for the soil on an ongoing basis.

It is sufficient to note here that without a revamp of extension services, SSA countries including Ghana will be missing a key link in the chain to boost agricultural productivity.

This situation is as a result of the inadequacy of extension officers (the frontline officers) who assist farmers to address emerging problems and introduce them to new techniques.

In 12% of cases extension for is used

By 1999 the SWP in Belfast was attempting to form a? united front? with the PUP to call for extension of the Abortion Act.

Private Browsing Detection New Extensions can now detect when Private Browsing is on, creating new feature opportunities for extensions that focus on web privacy.

Private Browsing Detection New Extensions can now detect when Private Browsing is on, creating new feature opportunities for extensions that focus on web privacy.

All existing recordkeeping or reporting requirements shall be made consistent with this Directive at the time they are submitted for extension, or not later than January 1, 1980.

In fact, Halifax's move comes after realising that so many students were asking for extensions to overdrafts within the first few months of starting university when these costs are exaggerated.

In 4% of cases extension with is used

Extension Builder Safari simplifies extension development with Extension Builder.

We even ' forced ' and found a willing soul to cornrow her hair with extensions.

With extensions that mountains extend out towards under the ground as well as over the ground, they clench different plates of the earth together like a peg.

Extensions, Extensions, Extensions Still the best way to customise Chrome to your liking is with Extensions, and long gone are the days when this was a reason to cling to Firefox.

In 3% of cases extension In is used

In extension, Charles N'Zogbia slot in after a parry blast by Agbonlahor, whose deflect strike preserved the win.

However, the differences in extension of the category are small: nearly all free software is open source, and nearly all open source software is free.

This research is part of my EWB ' immersion period ' designed to help me gain experience and context working in extension, districts and with farmers.

In 3% of cases extension on is used

Need assistance? Advice on any of the matters covered by this Brief Guide is available from the Clerk of the Senate on extension 3350.

The program is specifically designed to recruit and train volunteers to help meet the demands placed on extension personnel by home gardeners.

In 3% of cases extension to is used

Go to Extensions >> Module Manager.

Simply head over to Extensions >> Install/Uninstall and choose to upload the new file.

Special Notice Extension of the appointment is subject to Extension of the mandate and/or the availability of funds.

The letter must also state that the secondment is subject to extension and that all other terms and conditions remain the same.

It replaces all but the affordable housing part of the Section 106 agreement, is non-negotiable and applies to extensions as well as new builds.

Access to Extension and Vertinary Services The survey also indicated that a large majority of the farmers do not use the services of Agricultural Extension Agents.

The Foundation and its project partners seek to tackle these limitations, for example by improving access to extension services and linking farmers to input and output markets.

INSTALLATION- UPDATE After you download the zip file, use the Joomla! installer by navigating to Extensions->Extension **29;9708;TOOLONG and then choose to upload the zip file.

In 1% of cases extension as is used

To complete Extension 2, English (Advanced) as well as Extension 1 must be completed.

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