Prepositions used with "chance"

"by chance" or "of chance"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases chance by is used

By chance there were no serious injuries.

I stumbled across this AUDIOBOOK by chance.

I don't discount tht things can happen by chance.

There was no escape for Peloran, who was not selected by chance (?) to escape by ship.

On music; by chance I heard a couple of songs performed by 660 on Nat Radio this afternoon.

Going membrane By chance, Dreiling met an architect from the project's firm at a dinner party.

If by chance the results are not conclusive, a blood test more in detailed is done to confirm the status of the child.

The next thing I know this beautiful, big-breasted half-Asian, half-black woman is introduced to me, almost by chance.

So going into comedy was not by chance, but my desire to do it and I have every cause to thank the Almighty God for that.

I guess Glaucus can move a bit by lateral flexion of their body, but I suspect they find their food by chance encounters.

In 36% of cases chance of is used

So far, there is no mention of chances.

So far, there is no mention of chances.

Was very influential last season and created lots of chances.

Before going away, he shouted as loudly as he could: ' Assuredly, war is a game of chance.

It could have been 10-10, their keeper was fantastic and both sides had a lot of chances.

Although Norwich created a host of chances, Liverpool controlled the game, and created more.

Still, they ran strongly from deep to create a lot of chances which required a fair amount of last ditch defending.

Romelu Lukaku had a myriad of chances in the final stages to do his host club a solid, but unfortunately failed to do so.

His application for the chair of anatomy and botany was decided by drawing of lots and he was unlucky in this game of chance.

The big Belgian did a number of things very well, such as positioning himself dangerously and getting on the end of chances.

In 13% of cases chance to is used

Nothing was being left to chance.

So it's by way of being left to chance.

No red-blooded Pakistani is going to chance it.

The Nokia R &D; team left nothing to chance with this one - proven design.

This may be due to chance fluctuation, as we believe follow-up is complete.

Please contact us to discuss your dreams and aspirations; don't leave it to chance.

Nothing was left to chance with the BBCI iPlayer TV streams shown running with 4 together.

Our lives are better left to chance I could've missed the pain, but I'd a had to miss the dance.

During a project is very important to properly manage the project scope to reduce to chance of slope creep and errors.

For this reason, his fate may be left more to chance, though for the show to retain any shred of credibility he has to be in the final.

In 2% of cases chance after is used

Allowing balotelli chance after chance.

After all they were given chances after chances.

They had chances after chances, especially that free kick.

Each and every fan looked on in disbelief as chance after chance failed to be scored.

In the first half, the US looked like their old self conceding chance after chance to the semi final squad of Euro 2008, Turkey.

From his point of view, I think he is incredible fortunate to have such a good relationship with Mancini, who is constantly willing to put an arm round him and give him chance after chance.

In 2% of cases chance through is used

A CEO of an IT firm who is published on Forbes as a billionaire, Toru attained his fortune through chance and pure luck.

The ' ecosystem ' excels at providing value through chance conversations, leveraging personal networks and ideas generated from more frequent, relaxed and social meetings.

In 2% of cases chance with is used

After c6 the position was unclear with chances for both sides.

The game got off to a lively start with chances at both ends of the pitch.

It expresses possibility associated with chance 4 rather than with capability.

The game had reached an amazing level of intensity with chances and spaces beginning to appear with a greater regularity.

This will be an easy and fairly scenery day with chances to spot unique Kilimanjaro flora and fauna such as the colobus monkeys, blue monkey as well as various species of wild flowers.

That doesn't change the fact Welbz should have had a hattrick again, with chances being put on a plate for him, and him still managing to scuff one and blast the other miles over the bar.

In 1% of cases chance as is used

When in doubt, it is always safe to opt for the floral-bouquet based perfume such as Chance by Channel.

Fundraising auctions exemplify this because they are widely regarded as chances to acquire artwork at below market value.

Al Smith and his band were so excellent that several other local labels hired them to improve the quality of their recordings, including labels such as Chance, Parrot and United/States.

In 1% of cases chance for is used

The former works like a Trojan and can finish too; the latter played well overall, and if he keeps finding the space for chances, they will eventually start going in.

This density, combined with the permeability of the public spaces, provided many opportunities for chance encounters with friends of their friends, and to form new bonds.

In 1% of cases chance in is used

Now, talented people are not attracted to NZ to ' participate in chance conversations ' -- they will be come for specific, defined, ADVERTISED jobs.

Despite EKU's advantage in chances, Redhawk goalkeeper Renee Kertz was sharp all evening, making seven saves en route to her third shutout of the season.

In 1% of cases chance on is used

Ludo has been desecrated as a mindless game totally dependent on chance.

He says that the online searching tools are not designed for this, and mean that students can't browse huge census volumes, so miss out on chance findings.

Blaise Pascal, a famous French mathematician and philosopher, argued in his book Penses, that based on chance, reward and punishment, it is more practical to believe in the existence of God.

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