Prepositions used with "accident"

"by accident" or "of accident"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 46% of cases accident by is used

Then something happened by accident.

The success didn't come by accident.

I had stumbled in quite by accident.

This guarantee specifically excludes faults caused by accident, neglect, and misuse.

He writes only by accident as you will find out if you accidentally happen to read his piece.

I came across this by accident in late June and watched a lot of YouTube clips of these songs.

I would speed up by accident, not noticing as I was getting increasingly more excited, I also got increasingly faster.

Or maybe, they just take so many pills, they just die by accident because they took far too many or mixed the wrong kinds.

The tragedy was that the vases weren't broken by accident, but flung to the ground by the hubristic vandals of Versailles.

In 27% of cases accident of is used

Stories of accidents and near misses abound.

Speed alone is rarely the cause of accidents.

Fatigue Fatigue, especially on long country trips, is a major cause of accidents.

That would reduce a large number of accidents and reduce the severity of many more.

It lies in the realm of mere facticity, which is a mixture of accident and necessity.

What she knows about cars anyway? There are deaths as a result of accidents in a Vios.

Odermatt's photographs are somehow more elegiac than other records of accidents in which the violence is graphic.

If you manage to reduce the number of accidents your employees are having you may get a rebate on your ACC premiums.

Accident Recording, Notification and Investigation A register of accidents is kept at the front desk of each office.

Accident Recording, Notification and Investigation A register of accidents is kept at the front desk of each office.

In 7% of cases accident in is used

But these riders end up in accidents too.

Official figures show 46 children under 18 years old have died in accidents on farms in the last 11 years.

Oh, nuclear can be dangerous, but far more people die in accidents in manufacturing, driving on highways, etc.

Obviously there are many bikers on the roads who ride recklessly, take risks, and may well end up in accidents.

Thoughts go out to their family, theirs and the many other people killed in accidents with machinery and animals.

In fact, spotters fees can help you make additional cash by referring property owners to Realtors, or even calling in accidents.

It follows that, training of medical staff in accident and emergency procedures will become an important part of this development.

There has always been dysfunctional families, infertile couples, mothers dying in childbirth, fathers killed in accidents or wars.

It is said that there is an increase in accidents, murders, suicides and fights when the Santa Ana winds sweep into southern California.

The granite memorial, to the 380 miners who have been killed in accidents over the years, was to go in the middle of Greymouth's Lake Karoro.

In 6% of cases accident from is used

I also take care of many boomers who are crippled from accidents caused by alcohol or drugs.

It took a few weeks to get from accidents and pull ups to big girl underwear and pretty much accident free.

People should be aware as well as equipped with necessary measures to safeguard themselves and the people around from accidents.

I'd like to say that this was a measured, conscious process in each case, but many times it arose from accidents, arguments, and personality conflicts.

Comments from accident reports and from mariners around the world demonstrate that there is overwhelming support for the continuance of visual aids to navigation.

Those two are scary!!!! I personally think that plastic surgery should be reserved for only those with deformities (either from birth or from accidents, other surgeries, etc.

Staff are to take appropriate steps, to protect the public from accidents which may occur as a result of any activity being undertaken by Survey &; Planning Solutions (2010) Ltd.

As IMO instruments have entered into force and been implemented, developments in technology and/or lessons learned from accidents have led to changes and amendments being adopted.

In 4% of cases accident for is used

Allstate says the lowest-risk time for accidents is 5 a.

For accidents caused by your dog or a cat, there are specialized products you can use.

How do you make a claim? You make a claim for accident benefits and/or damages through ICBC.

Hazards Hazards are conditions or practices with the potential for accidents resulting in illness and/or injury.

DOCTORS, DENTISTS, HOSPITALS In all major cities and towns, we have government hospitals for Accident and Emergency treatment.

He adds that this is something QBE's risk management teams focus very closely on with clients, helping them to find practical ways to reduce the potential for accidents to occur.

Make sure your terms include coverage for accidents / workmen's compensation, and make sure it pays you if you ever need to leave the oil industry and need to retrain for your new job.

In 4% of cases accident to is used

See, the Police don't respond to accidents.

This colours the whole situation so that, necessarily (as it happens ), the thing is left very much to accident.

I was one of 11 people admitted to accident and emergency in the local hospital that day as a result of beatings by the security guards.

Type B casks are designed so that they will lose only a specified fraction of their contents if they are exposed to accident conditions equivalent to an impact of 13.

The effect caused by Alzheimer's disease is tragic as at the final stage when you are not able to do anything by yourself makes you more open to accidents and injuries.

However, a word of caution here, as research has shown that a red car is more prone ' to accidents because the tail lights are also red thus the car behind the red car may be less observant.

Fight Club The plot: The narrator (Edward Norton) works in an automobile company for a living, his usual duties involve travelling to accident sites to perform product recall cost appraisals.

In 3% of cases accident with is used

Mainland practices for dealing with accidents and disasters do not inspire confidence.

I have friends who started early with their girls and were dealing with accidents for months.

At Morgan McManus we have many years of experience in dealing with Accident Claims in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Why choose us? It is important to choose Morgan McManus a solicitors firm who have specific experience in dealing with accident, injury or disease claims.

In 2% of cases accident on is used

Admittedly, once perhaps (on accident ), but twice? Twice would be uncivilized.

If you don't think you could handle a one night stand, even if it's on accident, then again, don't put yourself in a bad situation.

In 1% of cases accident about is used

They did not argue about Accidents and Essence.

For the first few days in panties, if we were going somewhere that I was worried about accidents (church, etc.

In 1% of cases accident against is used

Those who work in factory or operate machines have to exercise great caution against accidents.

A health board shall satisfy itself in respect of each relevant residential centre that the centre is adequately insured against accidents or injury to children placed in the centre by the board.

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