Prepositions after "buy"

buy from, into, in, for or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 21% of cases buy from is used

Most African countries buy from Aba.

We are not saying you should buy from them.

Ready to buy from one year after crash date.

And yes, I love to buy from other artisans!! This article really struck a chord with me.

The very key to making money with a blog is to capture peoples attention to buy from you.

I think simply the problem is with the person you bought from, not the product so much.

Turn off that cable and come to our tables! Buy from our selection of board, miniature, role-play and strategy games.

Why should you buy from me? Which is the strongest conversation you can provide that will assist you near a purchase.

You are best off buying from a good local butcher or specialist online suppliers such as http: **28;12121;TOOLONG.

All this means is, the people who I'll now buy from are the ones who get how I want to be sold to, and do it that way.

In 17% of cases buy into is used

It's too bad that so many buy into it all.

To vote is to say you buy into this charade.

I bought into the viral video immediately.

Make sure you have a good team that understand the objectives and buy into the project.

We buy into something until it becomes a commodity and we got for a cheaper alternative.

I saw that many people, single or married, at annual conferences were buying into it.

But no need to buy into a deterministic view that bigtime campaign reporters have no say about what news is produced.

It's an annoying paradox, but one the show must buy into in order to (hopefully) wrestle its way out of it at the end.

Most of their artists buy into the party line simply because they are not technologically savvy enough to know better.

The Chronicle though, does not buy into the suggestion that the President has directed Parliament to review the wages.

In 14% of cases buy in is used

I will never ever buy in Amazon again.

If you buy in group of people we can win.

I'd sure they can also be bought in N.

The new minister aims to use all existing funds to let parents to buy in the marketplace.

All that N-P-K you thought you needed to buy in a bag gets made for free by soil critters.

It is beyond the abandoned Allied Milburn site, which the council has its eye on buying in two to four years ' time.

A traditional food eaten on Halloween is barnbrack, a kind of fruitcake that can be bought in stores or baked at home.

And your candied peel will be head and shoulders and a busby above the stuff you can buy in those little supermarket tubs.

I bought in Alaska for a little over $700, around 350 at the time -- a bargain compared to the current UK retail price.

In 11% of cases buy for is used

He'd be a great buy for Liverpool.

Both CB's they bought for decent money.

If you like it, it is available to buy for 0.

I thought he just wanted to keep his wife happy, like it was something he could buy for her.

People actually very rarely remember themselves what they bought for others as time passes.

Complimentary items include drinks (sometimes restricted to juice) and fruit; food can be bought for 20-50 a plate.

The Van Persie signing, bitter for Arsenal, swipes that away; he is 29, and is being bought for what he can do now.

Will your R4 3DS that you bought for your DSi or 3DS system also work on your 3DS XL console? You better believe it.

This hat is not a practical hat one might buy for boating or keeping warm, it's a luxury item, a wearable piece of art.

In 8% of cases buy at is used

The price the Customer may buy at.

I'll be buying at any price below Ksh 250.

That daily coffee you buy at the coffee shop.

As if someone is buying at the offer, then 10 ms later selling at the bid, and so forth.

Bus tickets to Krabi can also be bought at Surat Thani rail station for 170 baht each way.

What to buy: Liquor is a must buy at the airport, you will be saddened if purchased elsewhere.

I wrote The Confidant on a bistro table, which I bought at a flea market, and I know that it will be my desk forever.

Fisher spent over a million dollars (of his own money) creating a pressurized ball point pen, which NASA bought at $2.

Gold might go to $4000, but if you buy at $1700 and it falls to $1000 will you keep holding? It's a timing thing, no-one knows.

Bring a wildflower book (bought at the Friends of banff National Park store in the Lake Louise Visitor Centre ), paper and pencil.

In 8% of cases buy by is used

But he says they were bought by him.

Before it was bought by Microsoft for $8.

Our government debt is bought by overseas buyers.

This can be used by the industries themselves or bought by ESKOM for the national grid.

But, it is also right that not all these purses can be bought by one particular person.

Fast forward 100 years and today the landscape bought by the railway has vastly changed.

It was then bought by General Mathews who constructed a jail in 1893 (and hence the name PRISON ISLAND was adopted).

But the garments, bought by a core group of no more than 100 rich women around the world, are not for the average Jane.

I bought some hotel collection bedding, the kind bought by high end hotels, to ensure that I have the best sheets available.

If you divide the 2,550 total coupons by two (the average number of coupons bought by each customer ), you get 1,275 customers.

In 6% of cases buy on is used

The guy got buy on size and luck.

Comments Also, I bought on Ouya.

Buy on the ask only and never get shaken.

Only fools decide your technology buying on the basis of tech bloggers recommendations.

And I like giveaways! I do them occasionally on my blog, of stuff that I buy on my travels.

The best thing about buying on the internet is you can find discounts and items on sale.

Excerpts: ET Now: What are you buying on the muhurat day? Raamdeo Agrawal: I have still not gone to the trading floor.

But I will do you a deal - if you make the Reds outfit, I will buy one for my cousin's new arrival if you buy something from VTTS.

In any event, these things are bought on credit mostly - and more debt, borrowing and inflationary cycles are not what people need.

In 5% of cases buy with is used

They are being bought with our money and kept poor.

His water pump was also bought with money from the nursery.

Ian, Hampshire Peugeot 407 SW 2005 Bought with 20000 on the clock.

If only death can be bought with money, many in the world would have bought it over.

But for the salaried you and me, we desire a happiness that was not bought with GDP.

Depending on what you contribute, Canonical shows what else you could buy with that money.

Be Warned In the case of gaining financing for your desired car, the car that you buy with the loan is used as the collateral.

For people that bought with even 10% down on a 30 year am, it would be nearly impossible to rent out and be cash flow positive.

You'll also need to re-purchase any apps or games that you bought with your old account once you've signed in with the new one.

These can be brewed in the cauldron or bought with credits, and are for sharing with your friends to give them a surprise gift.

In 1% of cases buy as is used

The authenticator can be bought as a physical dongle for 8.

Even if it was bought as a city car it would do a pretty good job.

Genius! Each tea can be bought as a 50 g refill bag alone or with a caddy.

Could someone buy as a sole trader or would that lose you your first time buyer status too to avoid the.

Regarding Lucas, he was bought as an attacking midfielder, and was one of the brightest talents in Brazil.

A recent Inland Revenue Case highlights the importance of considering whether the business is being bought as a going concern.

Where can I buy a Nev toy? Nev is available to buy as a toy, but again BBC is not allowed to recommend one retailer over another.

Yes, the laptop is targeted as a gamers laptop but that's what I'd buy as a business machine - especially as a web development platform.

This will be a great buy as a first step for those looking for a new FM2 system to play around with and overclock a little -- the more serious stuff can come later.

You will need many revenue buy as well as her schedule which might be put together product available and employ which to give a huge boost its enterprise of this type.

In 1% of cases buy off is used

Saladin first tried to buy off Baldwin with a huge bribe.

You don't even need to buy off peak calls you won't ever make.

It isn't something that can be bought off the shelf and distributed.

None of this is to recommend against buying off the shelf solutions.

After all, this is NOT the kind of knowledge that you can just BUY off the shelf.

As always, the Jewish Mafia has bought off an army of Gentile puppets to carry out much of its fraud, so as to escape detection.

Boyle would now be explaining that The Federation is so effete and liberal that it would find some way to buy off the advances of The Founders with sexual favours.

I know next to nothing about bikes, and buying off trademe would want to get them checked out first, does anyone recommend anyone in the city that does this? agreed.

In 1% of cases buy over is used

I still have lots of region one disks I bought over the years that wont play on friends DvD players.

Last month Disney announced they had bought over the franchise and revealed a new series of Star Wars was in the making.

While assistive technology can be bought over the counter and on the Internet it is expensive and good advice is necessary before buying.

I tend to the view that it isn't acceptable for the Dubai authorities to hold a man for several days because he is carrying medicine that can be bought over the counter even in Dubai.

In 1% of cases buy through is used

Seat61 gets a small commission if you buy through these links.

To avoid disappointment please buy through the official club channels.

There is a shipping and handling fee from buying through the Amway site.

Buying through the distributor also minimises the need to store inventory.

Most were bought through Clove or at Duty Free (sorry) in the days when it really was duty free.

If you have found this site useful, buying through one of the links on this page will make a small contribution towards helping maintain and improve it.

In 1% of cases buy to is used

This comment was bought to you from the year 1950.

A true missing link of the chain finally bought to you by Audio Acoustics.

She also received a receipt which legally transferred ownership of the items she bought to her, i.

Even though she was still not buying to his threats, the princess has to stop to consider her situation.

The average person could perhaps buy to the limit of R2 million and then they have reached their borrowing capacity.

Alonso said the turning point was the upgrade Ferrari bought to the Spanish Grand Prix after the in-season test at Mugello.

We would play to buy to all our authorities and lack a few cause you for winning this a also retail and weightless earthenware.

If you would like to use a discount code in order to make a saving, you must first add the goods you wish to buy to the shopping bag.

I think someone had 60 boxes of ceral? One woman, a military stay-at-home wife, who home schooled her children bought tons of microwaveable meals.

In 1% of cases buy without is used

No impulse buying without looking at labels.

Whatever you buy without advice from an experienced archer will be wrong.

In a word, the official reserve currency role of the dollar enables America to buy without paying.

For example, with leverage an investor can get the same return on a loan he buys at 60 cents on the dollar as he does on a loan he buys without leverage for 40 cents on the dollar.

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