Prepositions after "bury"

bury in, under, at, with or beneath?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases bury in is used

Your head is buried in the sand.

Farini is buried in Port Hope, Ontario.

He was allegedly buried in Orakzai Agency.

Soak the previous good selection and use, and was buried in the study and low-skilled.

Too many have their heads buried in the sand for fear their hypocrisy will be exposed.

And many people believe that his remains are buried in Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

Perhaps the solution of the question is not buried in such adventurous depths, but floats on a very prosaic surface.

Further, a proportion of the dead where possible and when safe, were buried in shallow graves by those known to them.

Although I was doing my Master's in Information Science, I spent most of the time with my nose buried in fitness books.

He even joked with his wife saying that he wants to be buried in this coffin if anything happens with him during the show.

In 9% of cases bury under is used

Mr Allison will have it buried under his house.

They are everywhere on earth, but often buried under soil.

They imagine it is still buried under the winter storage stuff.

If accidents just happened to bad people half of London would be buried under rubble.

Buried under a bunch of stuff to give away it lay languishing and I still couldn't let go.

He ordered that the remains be buried under the church path, where they remained until 1945.

It was fascinating to see the laughter and smiles on many faces, yet pain and sorrow were buried under each smile.

In 1966, Russian and British scientists found a huge fresh water lake buried under a two-mile deep ice sheet in Antarctica.

The original rapids (Three Rock Rapids ), now mostly buried under the dam, only had a drop of about 6 feet and were navigable by canoe.

Whether or not the accusation is valid is buried under so many knee-jerk political reactions, followed by equally shallow rationalizations.

In 6% of cases bury at is used

His is buried at the Mildura War Cemetery.

He was buried at the Christiansborg Cemetery at Osu in Accra.

Muzaffer will be buried at Azimpur Graveyard beside his mother.

Now it's a relatively unknown jewel buried at a remote, yet spectacular corner of the continent.

He was buried at St Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, alongside Esther Johnson, as he had requested.

Death and Reputation: Bede died in 785 and was buried at Jarrow before being re-interred inside Durham Cathedral.

Crucially, Arsenal scored the next goal on the hour as Giroud broke down the left and crossed for Cazorla to bury at the far post.

Bin Laden's body was buried at sea but there has been some controversy over the situation, with many demanding proof that Bin Laden had been killed.

We leave Alexander the Great in the fourth century BCE, Cleopatra in Hellenistic Egypt, and Churchill buried at the family plot in Bladon near Oxford.

Edmund I side with you, Since he is the commander in chief he should be buried at the military cemetary at osu That is what we should do for presidents.

In 6% of cases bury with is used

He was buried with a full Irish state funeral.

Accolades and certificates are buried with their owners.

She outlived her daughter by nearly two decades and her ashes are now buried with her.

Every day I wish more and more that I was home, that I could be buried with my ancestors.

The culled birds, he said, were being buried within the CPDO premises with proper procedure.

Given hose stilled buried with slim chance to survive, the death toll is estimated to be 21.

Henry Watson, you have there, buried with his parents, John and Annie, the October date is incorrect.

It was remarkable to see all of the goods that were buried with the lady and servant so many years ago.

It was further said that all the bodies reaching the mainland shore were buried with the knowledge of the LTTE.

Such as the case of the Romano British or Celtic woman who died around 100 AD and was buried with her three babies.

In 4% of cases bury beneath is used

Port Royal remains a historical treasure chest with most of it's archaeological riches still buried beneath the sea.

Interestingly enough, there is even a very extensive system of lakes and rivers buried beneath all that ice, though obviously most of the ice is grounded.

There are areas of deadness in all our lives, parts of ourselves that lie buried beneath the weight of a heart turned to stone, trapped deep in the shadows.

When President de Gaulle demanded that American troops be removed from French soil, Lyndon Johnson asked whether that included those who were buried beneath it.

From the daily commuter routine, to a struggling father's anguish, Away from the City captures images that so often become buried beneath the hectic consciousness of the city.

Legend states that the natives of the island were the first to discover the precious beads that lay buried beneath the ocean's surface and uncover its value as a commodity that is high in demand.

In 4% of cases bury by is used

Chaskalson buried by the leade.

Europe had been mostly buried by glaciers until their gradual retreat began in 15,000 BC.

Bramble Airport, the remnants of which were buried by flows from volcanic activity on February 11, 2010.

Or, alternatively, the bodies were never buried by humans in the first place, and were instead partially buried by winds.

Before the bared shell could be buried by Globigerina shells, a shell-fish called Crania attached itself to the dead urchin.

The deposit shows that each time a forest reached maturity (the oldest trees in each layer are about 500 years old ), it was buried by volcanic ash and debris coming from a nearby volcano.

A few hundred years ago - a mere breath of time - a concentrated source of energy was discovered in the fossil fuels: essentially, the energy of old sunlight trapped by life and buried by the earth.

DevilFinder is Good for Websites With DevilFinder search results your website is more likely to show up as opposed to being buried by google results due to the listing being in page number #8 or so.

In 4% of cases bury on is used

He was buried on November 11, 397.

The Bodies of these Martyrs were buried on 3rd day by tribesmen of Bani Asad, guided by the fourth Imam who.

This means the land of Ir, who was the son of Mile, and he was the first man of that clan to be buried on the island.

For posterity sake, the President will be laid in State on Wednesday 8 th, viewed in public on the 9 th and buried on the 10 th.

The stone seems to have been toppled and buried on the north side of the Mound by the time of Conn of the Hundred Battles in the 2nd century AD.

Away from the crematorium In the early 1960s only 10% of cremated remains were removed from the crematorium, the others being scattered or buried on site.

Sargent Shriver and Eunice Shriver, Robert Kennedy Jr's uncle and aunt, are the best-known Kennedys buried on Cape Cod from St Francis Xavier Church, the ' Kennedy church ' in Hyannis.

In 3% of cases bury for is used

Make it look like they've been buried for years.

It had been caught in a mudslide and was buried for millions of years.

Large masses of stagnant ice have been buried for over half a century under the gravel riverbed in front of the glacier.

In 3% of cases bury within is used

Buried within this doctrine, though, is an even deeper assumption.

The culled birds, he said, were being buried within the CPDO premises with proper procedure.

To be sure, that ability to hold the country to ransom was always there, buried within the rulebook.

I don't often post about them here on my blog, but my latest one had a lesson buried within it that is very much true for all of game development.

It is our observation that there was no major philosophical barrier in doing so, but rather much detailed review of critical items buried within the specifications and verification suites.

In 1% of cases bury behind is used

There is a hidden question buried behind this inquiry, however.

My normal, good and happy self was buried behind a drunken, drugged up animal.

In 1% of cases bury inside is used

Thus, he was buried inside the premises of the jail.

After the execution, Kasab was buried inside the Yerawada jail complex following the procedure, reports our New Delhi correspondent Pallab Bhattacharya.

I kept having nightmares of my laptop, safely buried inside my backpack, sizzingly to its death inside the brown water and then being swallowed by a crocodile.

In 1% of cases bury into is used

It is most likely that cremated remains could be buried into the grave as the amount of room a casket requires is minimal.

Root: Root is the proximal hidden part which is buried into the nail groove and is overlapped by the nail fold of the skin.

In 1% of cases bury without is used

Putul is presumed to be one of the 53 dead who had to be buried without being identified.

It was noted that no Janza funeral prayer was prayed over him and he was buried without a Kaffan shroud.

If even an Ahlul Kitab person of the same gender is not available, the duty of performing ablution to the corpse is lifted, and the deceased should be buried without it.

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