Prepositions after "build"

"build on" or "build in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases build on is used

With divine help, she built one.

Faith is built on the word of God.

I think he can build on that start.

This Neverland was built on the Never-Never - and now the cracks are beginning to show.

The Costco outlet will be the only big box store built on the site owned by Armel Corp.

Note: Chartres Cathedral, in France, is built on the site where that gathering occurred.

Exiting the theater becomes a moment of disentanglement from that cycle, a moment built on the privilege of mobility.

There is a vital place in marriage for sexual attraction, but a marriage can not be built on sexual attraction alone.

BlackBerry 7 (and BlackBerry 6 and 5 and 4 for that matter) phones are all built on the old Java-based BlackBerry OS.

We must strengthen our relations with her and her party and build on the emotional links of the past without allowing.

In 22% of cases build in is used

When revising, build in rewards.

Our new house was built in 1952.

It was built in the 11th century.

Building A is the oldest building and B, C built in 1979 are the most recent additions.

Jaywick Sands was built in 1928 as a resort by Fabian property developer Frank Stedman.

People yes, but the jobs followed the new 400-series highways the province built in 905.

Built in the late 17th century during the Mughal era, the Alamparai Fort also served as a bustling trading zone then.

The streets are full of little shops which seem to be built in cupboards in the walls -- and they contain everything.

The first houses in Spencer Hill were built in 1879, as was Berkeley Place on land owned by one Edward Berkeley Phipps.

Here's the synopsis: Not enough houses are being built in New Zealand and those that are being built are too expensive.

In 9% of cases build by is used

Adjoining posts were built by N.

Fort McMurray was built by the H.

All the poo built by white people.

The prophecy foretold us that the army was not personally formed and build by Al-Mahdi.

In Gitesi we visited the school that will be built by 40 volunteers of ActionAid Hellas.

This is an artificial island, built by engineers and created to be a flood-resistant one.

There is an average of one pit latrine for every 50 to 200 people, save to the new latrines recently built by donors.

But the NSW government is also actively encouraging plans for 12,000 houses to be built by four developers at Wilton.

He doesn't just show us money-no-object projects but also beautiful aeries built by a homeless man or salvage junkies.

The central arcade block was built by Wills Hill in 1760 and in 1810 the North wing was added and housed a courthouse.

In 6% of cases build for is used

That's what Moranbah was built for.

It's built for a 1 year-old I think.

You build for yourself what you want.

Stockades (kholas) for overnight security, races arid crushes were built for the cattle.

And there's a way because the world is built for Lara, and built to allow her to succeed.

The remains of lazy beds, which were ridges built for growing vegetables, cover the valley.

But hotels like the Shangri-La can have sandcastles built for weddings and special events in their exclusive venues.

A far better memorial to Ho is the small wooden house he had built for him on the grounds of the Presidential Palace.

My house in the suburbs of Chicago was built for money and money only and I am sure that right now it is falling apart.

Earlier, with the East Bengal Regiment coming into place, he feels that a separate army is being built for the Bengalis.

In 5% of cases build into is used

Accountability can be built into the system.

But the fad side has been built into everything.

Security The WEP 40-bit encryption built into 802.

In a castle the toilet or garderobe was a chute built into the thickness of the wall.

The ability to perform a test run may be built into individual Devices or Controllers.

Now sectionals can double as media seating with an extensible foot rest built into it.

The mountain trip was my idea, since we have a stockspiled farm built into the side of a hill with a passage to cave.

In this arrangement, the heating element is built into the filter and water is heated as it passes through the device.

It's not just that this show is likely to slide into progressive ideology, it's built into the *structure* of the show.

P3P can be built into browsers to shield users from sites that don't provide the level of privacy protection they want.

In 4% of cases build with is used

Excuses are built with MISTAKES.

Strength is built with low reps.

So what kind of relationship can SMEs build with the nation's biggest customer? None.

So, all over the world like the British museum was built with resources from lottery.

Built with the future in mind, because we have to plan for tomorrow as well as today.

The main lodge is built with solid stone walls which are a muted green on the outside, and whitewashed on the inside.

However, maintaining what has been built with Highway Trust Funding remains important, with one important distinction.

The fire, which broke out Wednesday evening, quickly spread to neighboring houses, most of which were built with wood.

The aerial view from Don't Do It! For Peet, the tweet led him to a text adventure, built with the ChoiceScript engine.

In 4% of cases build upon is used

Now he has a foundation to build upon.

If you're open, then they will probably build upon your service.

These women had history that they could build upon to tell a story.

All other advice needs to line up with the Bible and build upon it, not contradict it.

The PS Vita edition of Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 builds upon the console experience.

I believe that it is all driven by a massive human desire to build upon great memories.

Together, the United States and Vietnam have demonstrated how to build upon the past without being bound to repeat it.

Markus says: 07:53am 16/11/12 Any wireless system still requires a core infrastructure to build upon and transmit from.

The Raspberry Pi could not have existed without the massive body of Free and Open Source Software we use and build upon.

Each subsequent case requires additional processing that builds upon the processing described in the cases that precede it.

In 3% of cases build from is used

You have tremendous assets to build from.

Think about that for a starters and build from there.

You didn't get Younger or build from within in that deal.

It's hard work tracking down, even building from scratch, so many different boxes.

Wealth built from choosing smart investments is often lost by failure to manage risk.

I own a medium-sized technology company that I and a partner built from the ground up.

The run should be built from heavy chainlink fence or weldmesh (with chicken wire on the inside to keep the pets in).

Golden coloured grass covered the surrounding hills, dotted with occasional abandoned huts built from volcanic-like rock.

Trust is as much built from the accepting responsibility for mistakes and fixing them, as it is from anything else we do.

There are no ready-made goal-scorers up front and the defenders are not good enough in distribution to build from the back.

In 3% of cases build around is used

The Pogo campaign is built around a metaphor.

That entire Man Utd team was built around him.

Originally a Viking military base built around 930.

These emergency camps that FEMA is building around the country are not for emergencies.

Built around a close-knit community environment with only 2,900 home sites, Whiteman Edge.

I said they should build around it -- spruce it up! It will add character to the neighbourhood.

The American political system is supposed to be built around checks and balances and compromise across the aisle.

The brigade had been built around the infantry strength of the 5th Marines, with 132 officers and 2,452 enlisted men.

There are other ways to deal with the drugs that do cause harm -- ways built around a sense of decency and compassion.

In 2% of cases build at is used

The barrage will be built at a height of 161 meters.

A BMC official said the gate, being built at a cost of Rs 7.

You'll recall it was first built at the height of the US-USSR Cold War.

The Barrage was built at Bhimnagar between 1959 and 1963, and was inaugurated in 1963-64.

Tha'l'laadi has a large base and a new one is being built at Channaar on the Palk Bay side.

Some of the roads that were allegedly built at inflated costs are said to be Vituka-Jet-Kona (10.

He was buried near the church he had asked Hadfield to build at Otaki, but, according to Maori traditions, on Kapiti.

A bus hub will be built at KLIA East A 3km KTM Komuter railway line is being proposed from the railway station in Labu.

The plant, which was built at a cost of $20 million, will supply lab equipment to China and other Asia Pacific countries.

When the road passed the Divide, basic huts and houses were built at the Hollyford junction, for families and married couples.

In 2% of cases build to is used

Built to the highest standards, the five-bedroom home.

WordPress is built to W3C standards for XHTML and CSS.

An elephant: A mouse built to government specifications.

They both need strong foundations, upkeep, and need to be built to the current standards.

It was like BSG, if BSG had no money or swears but built to a pay off that actually paid it all off.

If I had my choice, I'd work in a building built in the 1920s over a building built today every time.

The central and lower parts are built to a simple plan, but the upper part is comparatively complex and richly decorated.

But after his death in 1832, despite grand monuments built to his memory in Edinburgh and Glasgow, his popularity has waned.

It will also be built to the performance specifications conforming to regulations in the winning bidder's country of residence.

Prince Rupert and Port Metro Vancouver can build to a capacity of 11 to 12 million TEUS by 2030, without ever building Terminal 2.

In 1% of cases build like is used

I'd not built like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

My heart's not built like modern hearts see.

They are loyal, intelligent, comical and built like a tank.

A Navy man enlisted at 25 yrs old and built like a body builder.

I would build secret bases and build like so many perfect teams.

Lucky the fourth was built like Arnie and finally got us free after a few hour's work.

Though built like a galleon, she is nearly 90 and her strength can not be what it was.

I am especially a fan of the powerful Adusei who is built like a rock and tackles with great passion.

Tameri! I've only heard of those experiences before in Turkey where the masseurs are built like pro wrestlers.

In 1% of cases build without is used

It was built without a subsidy from the Irish government.

The unity can be built without dissolving respective political parties.

To blunt the threat of fire, Cary's Capitol was built without fireplaces.

Even as Rome was not built in a day, the foundation of rule of law must be built without a day's delay.

But the lesson here is a very clear one: Do not build without permission, because there are consequences.

Demolition crews were working 24 hours a day to take down all the structures we had built without proper permit.

The combined effect of everyone building without consideration for their neighbours, and the environment is worrying.

They were quite elegant, designed in Europe and built without the usual chunks of concrete missing in many Libyan building works.

They also found stagnant rain waters on the roads for long as another major cause of severe damage of roads as most were built without drainage system.

Other crucial resources like water are scarce, and since land is at a premium, water catchment areas have to be built without taking up space that's needed for condominiums and other living spaces.

In 1% of cases build within is used

The Octonovakros is the Novaltic Parliament building, to be built within the decade in St.

They then demolished the ten year old building that cost 250,000 to build within two weeks.

This then empties the dykes and levies built within the mind that has created back pressure over.

Workforce can discuss in addition to collaboratively revise paperwork built within the Bing Apps browser or even by way of Ms company.

Southern Spars manufacture the FX masts in a facility with tight management and control procedures that ensure rigs are built within tight tolerances.

In 1832, the building was gutted, leaving only its side walls and foundations, and three narrow stores were built within the same Market Street frontage.

But in another case, when a shopping complex was built within the prohibited zone of Charminar, the Corporation regularised it without referring to the HCC.

Canada and the United States share a great deal because of their common beginnings, common language and culture that were built within multi-ethnic, free and democratic societies.

In 1% of cases build up is used

Build up to a conversation a bit at a time.

We are trying to build up to Saturday when we face Australia.

We need to build up to those moments so when the action comes it's like, holy crap.

So part of that performance aspect is putting together a show that builds up to this album.

We aim to build up a map of the spatial, temporal, functional and hierarchical relationships.

Two of the most common ways to model is to either build up patterns or break wholes into parts.

If you were fairly inactive before you got pregnant, start with a slow walk and build up to brisk 20- to 30-minute jaunts.

For what it's worth, at the time, there was a lot of speculation that Playboy itself had leaked the images to build up buzz.

His life built up to a climax, isolations and despair provided the conditions in which he produced his innermost masterpieces.

HSBC Holdings Plc and Citigroup built up tens of billions in SIVs that they had to bring back onto their books late last year.

In 1% of cases build over is used

Helena, commissioned a church to be built over the cave.

Choa Chu Kang Another one built over the old Keat Hong Army Camp.

I think that these relationships have built over a period of time.

The steel replica gives the size and height of the Hellenistic altar that was built over top of Jeroboam's altar.

Kigali itself is a massive sprawling city made to seem even bigger by the fact that it is built over a series of hills.

They can only be tackled successfully by deploying exactly the soft power that Europe has built over the last half century.

There has been a growing undercurrent beyond that has been building over the last 3 and half years that could turn into a tsunami.

Reconstructed Wall at Wallsend Bridges In order to complete the defences, three major bridges had to be built over intervening rivers.

As it happens, the government is already developing a viable alternative, with a giant solar plant being built over the next few years at Broken Hill sufficient to power 30,000 homes.

In 1% of cases build out is used

Classic Tomb Raider games were built out of blocks.

Looks like animals built out of lego blocks or pixels.

It was built out of necessity and brought together many fine architects and designers.

Yet it is still an agreement built out of instability and mutual desperation, the sort.

Don't let the weight fool you through, this unit is built out of high quality materials.

People were still living there in patched-up shacks and lean-tos built out of the rubble.

It had a major role to play in flood relief where evacuation boats were built out of bamboos.

The problem is of perception and Indian perceptions are built out of ignorance, bitterness and hatred.

The naivity of Arsene Wenger to believe that we could rely on a man built out of toothpicks is startling.

It has its own uniqueness of being built out of Dogon stones, but has an excellent interior of western style with aircondition.

In 1% of cases build of is used

It is built of reinforced concrete.

It is built of concrete, and is five storeys (18.

It built of creamy Ketten stone with a pinkish hew.

However these early wooden forts were vulnerable to fire and later castles were built of stone.

The houses would originally have been built of timber and roofed with thatch or timber shingles.

There were about 50 sacks all of which had been arranged neatly in a shed built of corrugated iron sheets.

Time seems to have stalled in this era, as seen in the bright paint jobs and classic builds of the cars on the street.

Bike has very simple tank design, spoke wheels, flat seat and bike is almost built of metal parts with very little plastic parts.

The FUTURE only ever happens in and from the present tense and is built of today's thoughts, dressed by emotion and driven by action.

Local rock was used for some of the smaller memorials, and the Blenheim memorial was built of rock from all around the Marlborough region.

In 1% of cases build during is used

It was built during the nineteenth century by the Queen of Putia.

This small chapel was built during the 15th century by the Armenian Catholic church.

The other is that the bridge was being built during the Great Kobe Earthquake (as they call it) in 1995.

Anuradhapura is famous throughout the world for the number of pagodas built during the previous centuries.

The gate was not built during the Raj, but is a product of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation's imagination.

These patterns are generally built during the early stages of our life because we experience many new things during this time.

Last year 100 homes were built during the Carter Work Project, and an additional 50 homes were built in the community by volunteers from the Irish non-profit, Haven.

These vessels (which later became famous during World War II as the ' Scrap Iron Flotilla ') were not new, like their predecessors they were built during World War 1.

Cities built as ports during periods of high water are now miles from the nearest coastline and cities built during periods of low water are now inhabited only by marine life.

In 1% of cases build between is used

Wren's library was built between 1676-1690.

The recall affected 5 and 6 Series BMWs built between 2003 and 2010.

The building that exists today was built between 1870 and 1871 by the 4th Marquess of Ely.

Falmouth Court House -- built between 1815 and 1817, it was destroyed by fire and rebuilt.

Built between 1075 and 1122, this impressive structure features numerous architectural wonders.

Ultimately, the relationship you build between your brand and your customers will be based on the value your company offers.

Built between 1722 and 1729 for William Conolly, Speaker of the Irish House of Commons and the wealthiest commoner in Ireland.

The fort was constructed by the Busaidi Omani Arabs on the site of a Portuguese church which had been built between 1598 and 1612.

The area, off Pershore Road, was built between 1905 and 1908 and is recognised for its decorative house frontages, porches and windows.

The windowless house is built between two existing buildings, but it is a semi-transparent structure, and it seems to be quite well lit inside.

In 1% of cases build as is used

This motivation built as the days went by.

These towns in fact must be built as a whole.

This is why the galllery was built as a memorial to her.

It is built as a physics-based game for touch screen mobile devices.

The tower was built as a monument to the firefighters of San Francisco.

It was initially built as a scheme for civil servants if my information serves me right.

Its beautiful, limited risk at first, building as the trade works, moving SL to BE on early tranches.

Built as a triumphal arch in 135 AD, in honor of the visit of Emperor Hadrian, this was part of the Antonia fortress.

TajMahal, built as a mausoleum in the 17th century for the wife of Mughal emperor where photography is also restricted.

Built as a condotel, you are given the option between studios and three bedroom suites offering all the space you could need.

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