Prepositions after "british"

british in, for, to, at or during?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases british in is used

I tick White British in the boxes.

It was established by the BRITISH in 1833.

Sikhs lost the city to British in 1849 AD.

London ordered the British in Lanka to abandon the interior and retreat to the coast.

I'd muslim and I'd British in no particular order, i'd also female, Asian and disabled.

A won the military war against the british in 1920, but they lost the political battle.

Sikhs were the last to surrender to the British in the sub-continent and were the first to raise arms against them.

Since independence, Kenya has hardly had any political instability since independence from the British in the 60's.

Their anti-gay laws were originally imposed by the British in the 19th century, during the period of colonial rule.

While James Madison was President from 1809 to 1817, the White House was torched by the British in the War of 1812.

In 9% of cases british for is used

British for whose good fortune we pray?

He has grown up British for the past 13 years.

But had to fight the British for their freedom.

Dyer's small force was cut off &; had no communication with any other British forces.

Frederic) on the same site, and was the largest British fortress in colonial America.

Sinhala army captured the British fort in Hanwella only to lose it the following day.

It is NOT true that Sri Lanka having been colonized by the British for so long can not yet educate its own people.

He went to the British for compensation for the equipment &; gaucho buildings left behind &; was paid a settlement.

Jinnah always took a stand against the British for what he thought was in the best interest of the Muslims of India.

Despite being ruled by the British for almost 100 years, India has still managed to retain its culture and traditions.

In 5% of cases british to is used

British took the side of the Moors.

And the best of British to them all.

Immigration in the 1960s From British to Malaysian.

They hoped that this strategy would bring the British to their knees within six months.

By that single act the Tamils changed their rulers, from the British to the Singhalese.

Last year I led a group of British to Belize in the Caribbean on a fact finding mission.

In 1815, after the Congress of Vienna, Indonesia was officially handed over from the British to the Dutch government.

Jamaican Maroons deported by the British to Nova Scotia, Canada in 1796 were later sent to Sierra Leone at their request.

Best of British to you Bradley &; well done to Cal for A, helping you out &; B, that great lap at the end of the day today.

Governments that know very well that anywhere education goes there is development either from the Greek to the British to the U.

In 5% of cases british at is used

I consider myself very European and more British at heart.

Or see the best of British at the National Portrait Gallery.

As with the British at Caen, the casualty rate was alarming.

Thimayya's elder brother was an INA officer taken prisoner by the British at Rangoon.

Major MacBride fought the British at Jacob's factory during the Easter Week Rebellion.

The Americans turned the tide and defeated the British at Cowpens on January 17, 1781.

Amir Khan, the Raja of Bhopal, several Rajputana states and others signed treaties with the British at this time also.

The US believed that the war with the British at the time, even after they briefly fought together during World War I.

It was East of the Indus people who fought the British at Maiwand and Gandawak giving the British their biggest defeat.

The land of ancient Mesopotamia, which became modern Iraq, was colonised by the British at the end of the First World War.

In 5% of cases british during is used

Roosevelt and the aid he gave to the British during WWII.

They sided with the British during the independence movement.

This office was introduced by the British during the 19th century.

The British during slavery and colonialism was worse and where are we on that topic.

He also led Aboriginals in skirmishes against the British during the Seven Years War.

Others are the Shear brothers who were executed by the British during the 1798 Rising.

The port was captured by the British during World War I and now is one of Tanzania's largest and busiest cities.

Siding with the British during the War of 1812, fighting alongside Major-General Henry Procter around Lake Erie.

His dreams of a large German empire were based on the empire created by the British during the nineteenth century.

In 4% of cases british with is used

The cuisine is British with a French influence.

Oozthuizen- Followed 2010 British with T9 at 2001 U.

The Rani fought the British with great courage and skill.

We never forget that our oldies are fought with british with so bravely and they win.

The Patriote rebels surprised the British with a stubborn resistance at the Battle of St.

He was contrasting the British with the Indians and urging the Indians to be strong minded.

Khuswant Singh recalled how Punjab was conquered by the British with Indian troops from Bengal, Bihar and Orissa.

This left the British with ship loads of unsold clothing (mostly tee shirts) cruising around the harbors of India.

I think those British with their accent tried to call them ' malas ', and if you put ' y ' in, it becomes ' malays '.

The Rule of British In the beginning, the people welcomed the British with open arms because they were seen as saviour.

In 4% of cases british on is used

Dhar fort was captured by the British on 31 Oct 1857.

NO! Please do not lecture the British on computer systems.

It earned its independence from the British on 15/08/1947.

The British on their arrival would have to move up piecemeal to the Macedonian front.

Little remains of the British on these islands, except a few crumbling, unkempt ruins.

Unable to stand he was strapped to a chair and executed by the British on 12th May 1916.

The troops were part of an Allied landing force, flanked by the Americans on one side and the British on the other.

A number of M? ori chiefs sign a Treaty with the British on 6th February 1840, to be known as the Treaty of Waitangi.

The King was captured by his own Chief and handed over the King and the Kingdom to the British on a Treaty or Convention.

There are Australian, Canadian, American and British on offer; we like Canadian as it's friendlier and easy to understand.

In 4% of cases british from is used

It was created by the British from a crowd of nations.

The French bombarded the British from the fortified city.

The French won it from the Dutch, and the British from them.

I found out that they have very good relations with the British from their literature.

They also came in to work on the roads and railways built by the British from the 1850s.

Here the Axis made a last effort to prevent the British from linking up with the Americans.

As slaves were freed by the British from illegal dhow traders, a village of freed slaves developed around the mission.

They were brought to the island by the British from South India to work in Tea and Rubber plantations in the hill country.

In 4% of cases british as is used

He was viewed by the British as a likely president of Tanzania.

Many Palestinians see the British as the real villains in the story.

Her speeches were reported in British as well as New Zealand newspapers.

Griqualand was annexed by the British as a Crown Colony then assigned to the Cape Colony.

The reprisals had the effect of identifying the British as the oppressors of the Irish people.

Many of the renowned participants often visit internet casino British as a way to have the finest casino encounter.

The T5 (known by the British as the ' gnat ') was a homing torpedo which traveled relatively slowly but was very accurate.

The notion that Siam had to unfairly relinquish Kelantan to the British as part of the Anglo-Siam Treaty in 1909 is incorrect.

It was the Patiala king who along with Jind and Nabha had sought the protection of the British as opposed to the Sikh kingdom.

In 3% of cases british by is used

Oh, I'd white British by the way.

I didn't say so, but I'd British by birth.

I'd British by birth but I live in New Zealand.

But Jackson rushed up guns and men, and attacked the British by surprise just after dark.

He concludes that? Perhaps, the islands are British by prescription and self-determination.

Tantia was betrayed to the British by a rebel turned loyal Raja Man Singh on 7th April 1859.

Someone who is British by descent is a person who is considered a full British citizen but was born outside of the UK.

The Enigma codes were given to the British by a spy in 1931 and an Enigma machine was replicated by the Polish in 1933.

Please God spare me if you use disingenuous again, talk about pretentious!! Are you British by any chance? Just curious.

And those opposed to this need a reminder that Mahatma Gandhi beat the British by leading Indians to boycotting Made in UK.

In 3% of cases british of is used

The British offered very favourable terms.

But Eric was British of no ordinary background.

In 1848 the British of steamships in the late 1880s.

Born of German nobility, Princess Michael once famously accused the British of being racist.

This was the murder of Captain How, one of the British officers, by some of Le Loutre's Micmacs.

This may be the most British of Bourne's works: it has a very specific setting in time and place.

After a few hours of shooting back and forth, French and British officers got together and negotiated a capitulation.

I find the incessant squabbling over which standards of English (British of US) is better or proper a little tiresome.

Retention by the British of the northern area assured them of year-round overland military communications with Montreal.

Friendly Acadians warned the British of the intended surprise; but the over-confident Noble scouted (scoffed at) the idea.

In 2% of cases british out is used

He got the British out of here and no one expected that.

But it played a major role in driving the British out of this country.

But something about these Games has brought the British out of themselves.

Stalin supported the creation of the state of Israel as it would help drive the British out of the ME.

But he was successful in keeping the British out of Europe until well after he had left the political stage.

The Japanese had driven the British out of Malaya, the French out of Vietnam, and the Dutch out of Indonesia.

As always, the Iranians decided at some point enough was enough, and tried to get the British out of their affairs.

Thus the weasel words of yet another Prime Minister will again manage to cheat the British out of their say over the EU.

And the attack was planned by Al Qaeda months before, as they drove the Red Cross, British out of their newly captured territory.

The Americans, for their part, were threatening to drive the British out of North America and claim territory they believed was rightfully theirs.

In 2% of cases british after is used

The Falklands became British AFTER union.

We (or some of us, rather) are British after all.

Vincent by the British after an uprising in 1796.

The Rosetta Stone though was lost to the British after Napoleon's defeat in Egypt.

It was confiscated by the British after WWI and was converted into an Officer's Mess.

They followed that prescription in the WWI and were laughed off by the British after the war.

Mauritius had only been acquired by the British after the Napoleonic Wars and its society was still French-speaking.

Like this? Iceland, invaded in 1940 by the British after the neutral nation refused to enter the war on the Allies side.

Arakan and Tenasserim were annexed by the British after the first Anglo-Burmese war on 5 March, 1824 and became part of Burma.

In 1% of cases british before is used

A lot to work on for British before the Olympics.

It was the capital of British before its independence.

Basically Palestine belonged to the British before 1947.

The education system in Bangladesh is similar to that begun by the British before 1947.

Built by the British before the creation of the new China and a one-time military compound for the.

Like a British Before Sunrise, Weekend is simply one of the most enjoyable, evocative and sensuous films of the year.

Sri Lanka was colonized by the Portuguese, then the Dutch and finally the British before achieving independence in 1948.

In fact, plans for the DVC had already been drawn up by the British before independence during Lord Wavel's tenure as Governor General.

The NSW Liberals tried to come up with their own version of this by acknowledging Her Majesty the Queen and the British before beginning their speeches.

There had been several rebellions against the British before the Easter Rising of 1916 so the pursuit of independence was ingrained in the Irish character.

In 1% of cases british into is used

They intend to starve the British into surrender.

The French had always bent every effort to driving the British into the sea.

His goal was to starve the British into submission through the Continental system.

The French relinquished their holding on East Falkland - which pushed the British into top spot.

But Napoleon despised Spain; he only once went there, and when he did, he drove the British into the sea.

It was also a place where a population of Maroons was able to force the British into signing a peace treaty in 1738.

The expansion of the British into Burma This intrusion was used by the British as a pretext for launching the First Anglo-Burmese War.

Meanwhile the tunnel to the beach was converted by the British into a cistern for fresh water, a huge improvement on the previous use; it's good to see a guilty conscience being put to good use.

In 1% of cases british against is used

The Tamils didn't support the British against the Sinhalese pre-1950.

Its supreme focus has been fixed for it by the British against India, NOTHING ELSE.

Stephen Jones: - The Tamils didn't support the British against the Sinhalese pre-1950.

Kauder claimed Cameron and Osborne were defending British against EU interests by opposing a transactions tax.

Therefore, prejudice or discrimination by the British against the Irish is not racism, it is simple tribalism.

The statement, which became known as the Balfour Declaration, was, in part, payment to the Jews for their support of the British against the Turks during World War I.

In 1% of cases british over is used

The chiefs chose the British over all other nations.

What the revolt did was to push the British over the edge.

On the restoration of the supremacy of British over EU law.

At first there was uncertainty on the side of the British over the fate of Harrison.

There had been many wars fought between the people of the Gold Coast and the British over governance.

The museum offers a good overview of the history of Pasir Salak and the ruling of the British over Perak.

A practical issue for the British over privileges was the benefits accrued by former Ottoman subjects under the jurisdiction of Egypt's Mixed Courts.

This defeat ended years of fighting between the Garinagu people and the British over their territories and their King Joseph Chatoyer was later killed.

This, by the way, is the exact claim the Sinhalese made whilst justifying ' Sinhala Only '; that Tamils had been ' privileged ' by the British over the Sinhalese.

Ghavam was disposed to negotiate with the British over oil but mass demonstrations forced his resignation and Mosaddeq was once again appointed the prime minister.

In 1% of cases british rather is used

Yet he too has had to think about being British rather than just English.

Australian practice seems to follow the British rather than the American system.

Also, it is based on the notion of a British rather than specifically English nationalism.

Meanwhile in 1757 Clive won the battle of Plassey, which ensured that India became British rather than French.

In time British factories were established and when faced with disputes they began to apply British rather than local law.

During 1945-6 it was often the British rather than the Americans who adopted the strongest stance against Russian influences in Europe.

The Congress wasted precious time denouncing the British rather than allaying Muslim fears during the highly charged election campaign of 1946.

Similarly, the idea that Shakespeare and the singing of ' Jerusalem ' are primarily aspects of British rather than English pride is myopic at best.

At Dean Street Townhouse, the menu is British rather than European, and offers highly skilled versions of some of the dishes the country is known for.

As a result, approximately 60 percent of all RCAF personnel serving overseas spent some or all of their careers in British rather than in Canadian units.

In 1% of cases british under is used

This had been banned by the British under colonial times.

Vincent was regained by the British under the Treaty of Versailles in 1783.

Large numbers of elephants were killed by the British under the guise of sport.

The priority for the British under Scott was to do the thing in a dignified, civilised manner.

Plantation and tin mining companies were acquired from the British under the late Tun Abdul Razak.

A Congress is proposed at Brussels to reconcile the French and British under the mediation of the Baltic powers.

Shortly thereafter, defeat by the British under the command of Robert Clive marked the end of the French stake in India.

However, in 1841, the Sultan of Brunei relinquished control of the state to the British under the command of Sir James Brooke.

This means that Barack Obama didn't toss out the bust, it was required to be returned to the British under previous agreements.

In 1% of cases british about is used

Just ask the British about that.

Nothing culturally British about them.

There is very little British about us today.

Although, of course, the easiest thing would simply to be British about all this and scoff.

Don't be scared and British about it -- shout about your motives and desires on your homepage.

There's something very British about this Alex Monroe Rose Gold Plated Baby Shrimp Necklace (109.

You may come to realise that there is an awful lot of sneering going on by British about continental developments.

And if I was their when the textile trader tipped off the British about you, I would have stripped and hung him on.

Against the background of economic problems with the domestic debt ratio in the EU, opinion of British about EU is getting worse.

If based on the same concept it COULD be good but there is something just so inherently British about The Inbetweeners that I can't see the yanks doing it justice.

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