Prepositions after "bring"

"bring to" or "bring in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases bring to is used

So they were brought to the king.

Glad tiding I bring to one and all.

Add the stock and bring to the boil.

It is an issue where more clarifications are needed and the culprits brought to book.

That view overlooks the benefits a well-designed companion device brings to the table.

He said doctors assumed the economist dead when he was brought to the emergency at 10.

I believe Mark (admin) has followed us on Twitter and brought to your attention the product - so thank you to Mark.

I have a lot of talent, I have a lot of strengths, I'd very motivated, and that's what I'd bringing to this fight.

This informative and very entertaining message is brought to you by the Muslim American Societies Media Foundation.

The deaths brought to eight the number of persons who had died on the roads during the first four days of the year.

In 17% of cases bring in is used

Her debut episode brought in 13.

FDI will bring in Goddess Saraswati too.

This brings in the concept of diplomacy.

Four of the 2011 charges against Sandusky (victim 6) could have been brought in 1998.

So, even though bringing in raw talent has slowed down, it has nt completely halted.

They were a part of the industry that brings in $18 billion every year to our country.

The changes are aimed at bringing in new legislation in each of the 27 EU member states within the next 18 months.

Sacom said the company initially responded to the spate of suicides by bringing in monks to exorcise evil spirits.

Either way we should be looking at bringing in a good sum of money and that is what a little club like ours needs.

Trinity brought in the replacements as well in the second half giving the lads on the bench some match time as well.

In 10% of cases bring into is used

That was brought into our communities.

By mental command, they can be brought into coherence.

The notice required the 1st and 2nd Defendants (1) to bring into Court the sum of Rs.

I think those below the age of 30 should be brought into the Full -- Time programme.

Unless it's all those jobless &; uneducated migrants you've brought into the country.

Our family has grown and we are thankful for the very special people that God has seen fit to bring into our lives.

An exception is the fleet of ' Expo ' taxis, so called as they were brought into service for the 2010 World Expo.

He yells at the very confused Rich Mommy and tells him that he wishes he's never been brought into this cruel world.

There comes a time when parents must listen and learn from these people they brought into the world, their children.

In 7% of cases bring with is used

Hunger is something no person wants to bring with them swimming.

Every change brings with some positives and some negatives too.

Don't mind if I bring with me Jo Nova and Professor John Cristie.

This web page brings with each other the very ideal of clothes brands for youngsters.

He brings with him Clodius, the surest better in Pompeii, and the young Greek, Glaucus.

So, not accepting brings with it the agitations in the mind and the consequent sorrows.

I had brought with me a book to read on the boat, Beowulf, a story set in this very place, an ancient story/poem.

I now knew that we had brought with us a virus from England, which Scott had had first and now it was Anja's turn.

The Oxbow People are believed to have migrated from Saskatchewan to Alberta bringing with them the medicine wheel.

In 6% of cases bring on is used

I say bring on the death panels.

Brought on a smile and a laugh.

Bring on Barcelona in the next round.

England start to bring on the subs with Marler and Johnson off and Vunipola and Wood on.

Bring on a General Election as soon as possible as it is the only way we can have our say.

Bring on Robin the Boy Wonder! Holy-oli-olio's Batman! 1 and 2 are real problems, real gaps.

With less pressure on the other teams to compete with Rangers, they too will get the chance to bring on young talent.

Sounders responded by bringing on Zach Scott for the goal hero Martinez who exited too slowly for Morales ' liking.

Woo-Hoo! Bring on Friday Daydreamin '!! Can't wait to see your shots! Last week we visited a pretty incredible memorial.

The final months of the Bush years brought on an economic collapse not seen in the US since the Hoover administration.

In 3% of cases bring by is used

Excluding the children that were brought by their parents.

A similar parallel case brought by Proview in the USA was thrown out.

Almost all foreclosure proceedings since then have been brought by HOAs.

Giuliacci said the lower pressure brought by the storms was producing stronger winds.

Lucifer, rebelled against the mission of salvation brought by Jesus and attempted to derail it.

A number of claims have been brought by employees subjected to disciplinary sanctions for bullying behaviour.

Along with the other coins, the one-peso coin was brought by an armored van from the factory to a very famous bank.

It shows how the artist views the general people's reluctance and ignorance about the ongoing turmoil brought by terrorism.

Actually, libelous posts are not TECHNICALLY covered addition to the civil action which may be brought by the offended party.

Under FoI, a case was brought by The Guardian to force the disclosure of the Prince of Wales's correspondence with ministers.

In 2% of cases bring against is used

Charges were brought against the player but later dropped.

I am sure that you would fully support any legal action brought against them.

With such evidence as was brought against him he could not be convicted of sedition to-day.

These are the actions of people who have no good points to bring against a movement for fairness and equality.

Their troops encamped at Bijuk Anafarta and Koja Dere were brought against the scattered Australians and slaughtered them.

All forms of trumped up charges were brought against individuals for no other reason but for belonging to different political parties.

The Chief Justice recently stirred controversy by issuing a practice directive declaring that no suits may be brought against the King.

No breaches of fundamental rights were alleged, nor were any charges brought against the company in connection with these during the year.

Friday, 27th July, 2012 Among the accusations brought against the vice president of Jamaat-e-Islami, killing of Ibrahim kutti is one of them.

In 2% of cases bring before is used

Person arrested to be brought before Court without delay 81.

Our demand that the Jan Lokpal bill be brought before Parliament in.

The matters brought before either Court are decided by a single judge.

The ' Presidential Order ' killings have not yet been brought before courts anywhere.

When finally the baby girl was brought before him he held her in his lap and kissed her.

He should be brought before justice for enticing hatred and for the killings of innocent lives.

The act dealt with those children who were brought before the courts for vagrancy in other words for being homeless.

Stephen was then arrested and brought before the Sanhedrin, the same court that Jesus had to face during his Passion.

Recently a family was told to bring clothes for an inmate who was brought before the court as the accused came before.

This is far from the reality; nations are brought before international forums on human rights issues as a last resort.

In 2% of cases bring from is used

Oh, and everything brought from the U.

It was specially brought from Sri Lanka.

In the present time the seal of God is brought from the east.

This look can be brought from day to night by just tweaking the gray shadow and liner.

Thus, in 1620, the first of many Human Cultural Importations was brought from Atlantis.

In 1771 a slave, James Somerset, who had been brought from Jamaica to Britain, ran away.

A buyer is claiming a item he has brought from me is faulty &; that he has returned it &; is asking for a refund.

When the British conquered Myanmar and ruled the country, they introduced ceiling fans which they brought from India.

There may have been a sprinkling of books in English too; gifts that relatives and friends might have brought from Guwahati.

The window arches on the gate have been made with readymade moulds of glass fibre and reinforced concrete brought from Pune.

In 2% of cases bring under is used

Later the situation was brought under control.

Sources say the situation is being brought under control.

I would hope that the seizures could be brought under control for you.

It is the hope of many people that AIDS in Africa will soon be brought under control.

Rent controls remain the only means by which the benefit bill can be brought under control.

How can it be brought under control? This is an ethical issue and not a matter of modifying economic incentives.

It was clear from intelligence accounts, provided to The Informer, that the judge was brought under severe pressure.

But the issue is more complex and, many experts say, requires a more sophisticated response to be brought under control.

The added area has been brought under the jurisdiction of the city police, there has been a tremendous shortage in man-power.

In 1% of cases bring along is used

It brings along another problem.

Someone had brought along some bubble mixture and a giant.

I also brought along this jade and three smaller ones in smaller pots.

It would appear that the employee had brought along his post, being the substantive holder.

Obviously, I offered to help and even brought along my colleagues Kevin Doyle and Oliver Chapple.

The Vivobook family takes its cues from Asus ' successful Zenbook, but forgets to bring along the 1080p screen and SSD.

But he keeps the date, and meets her at the magic show -- where he's surprised to see that she's brought along Eun Seok.

In 1% of cases bring for is used

When she returned, a mule was brought for her.

One of stone thrower brought tea for me, which his family had brought for him.

Then, after an hour or so we asked the mahout and gave Rane the treat we had brought for him.

She married Nana Kwabena Owusu and brought forth only one daughter called Nana Ama Serwaa Brakatu.

I acknowledge the value of your art, and the delight that it brings for those who are able to see that value.

Then will be brought forward a man who acquired knowledge and imparted it (to others) and recited the Qur'an.

She had them propped up on a little wooden chair next to a few quinces and apples that she had brought for the market.

The slave soon acquitted himself of his message, and brought for answer that the sultan waited for him with impatience.

For me personally I think I can overcome that by varying the other item I bring for lunch; perhaps I can find some cheap figs.

So between your fantastic live dealer casino golfing and soccer, el born area is usually an enjoyable bring for the sports fan.

In 1% of cases bring upon is used

Aurangzeb was brought upon Islamist based ethos.

Verily, we are bringing upon the people of this town a punishment for their sins.

The new millennium brings upon us a renewed awareness and interest in healing techniques of the ages.

We shall see how subversion of Article I has brought upon us the horrors of which Jefferson had warned.

Then I will put none of these diseases upon thee - That is, I will not bring upon thee any of the plagues of Egypt.

There is no point in blaming the BBC's commercial rivals alone for the problems that the corporation has brought upon itself.

Women should think about who the father is, will he be loyal, does he treat you well? Children bring upon a different kind of stress.

This was quite some news given that we were all recovering from the $100 IDEOS craze that had been brought upon us by Safaricom and Huawei.

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